Feline Interlude: WARMED

Simon Kitty is napping in sunbeams for the first time in months. Autumn must be on its way.

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  • Suze in CO

    Such an artful arrangement of kitty limbs in the sunbeam! Our kitties have rediscovered sunbeams in the last week or two as well.

  • Copy Czarina

    Glad to see another Feline Interlude!

  • Sophia

    Yay for feline interludes!

  • Yes. My big guy has finally left the cool of the floor vent for the warmth of sunbeam through the storm door. They’ve gotta stock up on that solar power at some point.

  • same here! My Siamese eschewed the opportunity to go OUTSIDE this morning and roll on the deck, preferring to sleep in a sunbeam on the carpet in our bedroom this morning, behind a glass door. I took that as a sign that I should make myself a pumpkin spice latte for breakfast =)