Feline Interlude: BAGGED

Just thought you should know that I’m not the ONLY Desigual fan in the house.

More feline interludes here.

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  • My cat prefers paper bags or better yet cardboard boxes.

  • Elizabeth

    I love it when cats do stuff like this.

  • Simon says: #occupy! Desigual should design kittywear!

  • You know I die for kitty pics. My cats are always fascinated by whatever I would rather they not sit on/in : >

  • Robert

    That’s sooo Cute! We no longer have a cat! Our cat had it’s own bed but,prefered the coner of the couch…

  • LK

    haha mine does this with a trader joes bag. So funny!

  • I love kitty’s face – sort of like “What. I’m here. Get over it!” (And also probably a bit of, “You woke me up. Ugh.”) Can’t blame kitty for his/her taste, though. Love those prints.

  • Erika A

    Cute! My partner’s cat likes to sit on top of the pile of fabric bags that are left on the table after groceries. “Did these carry cat food?” she seems to say.

  • Good kitty.

  • All together now: Awwwwwwww! Too cute. Thanks for sharing.

  • sara

    I tracked back to look at previous feline interludes posts and found the one where you list your cats nick-names. My cat is a 1-year-old bengal female named Jasmine. Her nick-names are:
    s**t head
    Jazmanian Devil
    Jazmanian Devil came in a moment of inspiration when I was woken at 5am by her scratching at our bedroom door. (we’re not anti-social, we don’t let her in our bedroom at night time because she thinks it’s fun to pounce on our faces while we’re sleeping, or falling asleep, if she can’t wait that long)

  • Kitty fan, here! Aw, that is just the cutest thing. No cat can resist a bag!

  • Haha! That’s so cute, Sally đŸ™‚ And here I thought I was the only one to post random pictures of my cat…