The Fashion Confessional is Open

When I get home from work, I make HM stop what he’s doing and take my photo IMMEDIATELY. Then I rip off my work clothes and put on my loungewear, so that I can be comfy and cuddle my cats freely. Arrival time: 5:04 p.m. Pajammified by 5:15 p.m. guaranteed.

I think of layering pieces – like tanks, tees, and leggings – as “supplies,” and never feel guilty about buying them. Even when I should be saving my pennies.

I cannot walk in a heel taller than 3.5″. I cannot walk in spindly stilettos of any height.

I feel sexier in an amazing dress, fishnets, and heels than I do naked.

If I had the money and enough symbols that were really important to me, I’d get a sleeve. Or maybe a half-sleeve.

I am LONG overdue for a bra fitting. LONG.

Here in MN, I’ve got about three weeks in the fall and three weeks in the spring in which it is possible to wear mid-weight coats. The rest of the time, it’s too cold or too hot. And yet, I collect them like a maniac. Wool coats, trenches, leather jackets, little faux fur vests … my closet is bursting.

I’ve never had a facial. Or gotten my legs or eyebrows waxed. Or tanned.

Most of the photos on The Sartorialist just irk me, though I can’t articulate why.

As much as I love my perky little breasts, I do pop filets into my bra on occasion. Sometimes a girl just wants more boobage than is naturally available!

I’ve still never seen “Project Runway” or “America’s Next Top Model.” Still!

I love clothing and style and dressing and the art of constructing a gorgeous outfit … but I do, occasionally, daydream about being 85 years old and not caring and wearing the same six sweatsuits in constant rotation.

Care to confess any of your fashion quirks or foibles, kittens? No judgment here, just giggles. Promise.

(First installment here.)
Image courtesy The Style PA.

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103 Responses to “The Fashion Confessional is Open”

  1. Karin

    I admire people with beautiful hands. I think I have pretty good hands myself too, even. They are elegant, with long fingers. But I bite my nails. I can't stop doing that. Every time I almost have beautiful, strong nails, I get nervous or start reading a book (don't ask, don't know the answer to that one) and whoops, my nails are gone.

    I totally relate to you on the feeling more sexy in skirts/dresses/lovely outfits than naked.

    My breasts are uneven after breastfeeding three little ones for (in total) 5 years now and still counting. But I don't care. I do, sometimes, when a dress looks a bit oof because of that, but most of the times I wear the uneveness proudly.

    I have one wiggly toe. Well, I'm not sure it's wiggly, because I never see it wiggle, but somehow, that toe, makes holes in my tights, stockings and socks. Only that toe, the other ones behave nicely.

    I sometimes look forward to being 85 too. But that's mostly because it sometimes sounds fun to me to be able to play bingo every day with other old and cynical ladies. But sweatsuits? Is that common where you are? Here the old ladies all wear dainty skirts or flowery dresses. No sweatsuits in the retirement homes here to be found. I thought wearing sweatsuits outside the gym was a 'flaw' of our generation 😉

  2. thevanishinglake

    I can't bear being cold & my mother is an obsessive knitter – so in the winter I am not ashamed to swathe myself in numerous, voluminous, homemade hats and scarves before stepping outside.

    I love clothes… but I love being warm more. Bring on the spring!

  3. Kate Coveny Hood

    I love this!

    I haven't ever waxed eyebrows or legs either. I'm not that hairy so shaving my legs is nothing, and I think I'm far better with tweezers than any salon specialist is with wax and paper.

    I think the Sartorialist does a great job of capturing creativity in fashion – but it does strike me that many of his man on the street photos are of models…

  4. Tarryn

    you can do a bra fitting yourself, online, all you need is a measuring tape. i was too scared to get it done, so i did it at home and its perfect!

  5. girlxoxo

    Ha ha – here are a few of my confessions.
    * I have small tits and as far as I'm concerned non-padded bras do not exist.
    * never had a facial either or been to a spa.
    * I HATE tight jeans – they are the devil's spawn … but I wear them anyway (soon I will have no need for them) *insert muhahaaa laugh here*
    * I would wear baggy pants and sandals everyday if I could.

  6. Miss Peregrin

    I am obsessed with fashion, but I hate wearing dresses, skirts and high heels. I wear them when I want to look good, and strip back to pants the minute I get home. I also hate wearing make-up.

    I love my small boobs, but I wish I could get them to do that whole 'cleavage' thing.

    I long to have electric blue hair. If only I didn't work in retail.

    I also buy lots of heavy coats, despite living in Queensland, Australia, where we barely have a Winter. I'm lucky if I get a week to wear them.

    I feel sexier now that I'm 10 kilos heavier than I did at my skinniest.

  7. Tina Z

    I feel most beautiful when I'm hot and sweaty on a beach in a bathing suit for hours on end.

    If I could, I would wear a bathing suit and beach dress every day.

    I like the idea of dressing up every day but wear sweats when I work from home, which is often.

    I don't care what else I have on if I'm wearing a fabulous pair of heels.

    I've never had a facial either and am too cheap to pay for pedicures.

    When I travel, I use the hell out of Febreze so I can double up on clothes and use the smallest bag possible.

  8. Kristin

    Yay, someone else who uses the word "pajammified"!

    I also can't walk in stilettos of any size, but that didn't stop me from trying them on or buying them. Until recently. My closet was bursting with dangerous little shoes I don't wear.

    I don't understand a lot of the artistic fashion jargon that goes into reviews or descriptions of designers or fashion shows. But I'll nod my head and go along, and interject my fallback comment when pressed: "That was a bold choice."

    I don't mind splurging for a designer item once in a while, and I'll tell everyone I know what it is. But I HATE HATE HATE any clothing or accessories with branding all over it. It never looks beautiful to me.

    The hubs and I have a semi-ritual on Saturday mornings where I run to the bakery for fresh bagels and we'll snuggle up on the couch with the dog at our feet and watch TV we're behind on or read. I never change out of my pj's for this run, and only about a third of the time do I remember to put a hat on. It's one of the best parts of my week.

  9. Kat

    First time commenting, but I cannot resist:

    I have an entire full sized drawer full of tights in various colors and patterns. Most of them are not appropriate for work and I don't get to wear them nearly enough. I am probably too old for them. I spend too much money on them. But when I spot a pretty pattern I don't have yet, I long to have it.

    I too have never waxed my legs or eyebrows, tanned, or had a facial. Or a manicure.

    My closet is full to bursting with thrifted clothes. But sometimes I still can't find anything to wear.

    I also cannot walk in high heels, and I hate the idea that you cannot be fashionable without them. That is one thing that irks me about the Sartorialist: so many of the models he photographs look like they couldn't take five steps without wincing in pain. Another is that he photographs outfits that are boring or ugly but happen to be worn by very beautiful people.

    I have silver lame leggings. I am not ashamed.

    I can't wait until these high waisted, tiny-bodiced dresses go out of style, because my giant boobs do not fit in any of them and I really love wearing dresses. Also, I have completely given up on button-down shirts.

    I cut my own hair. I don't get it colored, either. It is waist-length, and I look forward to keeping it that long when I go gray.

    I don't need any more fancy dress clothes. But I keep shopping for them anyway.

    In undergrad wore ridiculous ensembles to class. Now I am in a fairly conservative career; my goals involve becoming well-established enough that I can dress as weird as I want.

    ::exhales:: I think that's it, for now!

  10. Rosie Unknown

    I never shave my legs unless I absolutely have to.

    Somedays, I would rather spend all day in pyjamas and not get dressed at all.

    Much as I love delicate silks and fine fine cashmeres, I prefer fabric that is easy to care for.

  11. Linda

    I have outfits for out and outfits for home. My track pants go on as soon as my coat comes off.

    I don't like red lipstick.

    I think most of the people on the Sartoralist are pretentious.

    I have really nice hands, minus a crooked pinky.

    I have never had a bra fitting and my undergarments are kind of gross.

  12. K.Line

    It's amazing how similar we are. I'm with you on the heels, the weather, the Sart (now Garance irritates me just as much, for reasons I can't articulate), the breasts, the TV-shows and never having seen an episode of either. I can't stand shows where people get voted off. It's so mean.

    I wish I could get into a photo taking routine with Scott, but there are just too many variables in our timing and with M. Which is why you don't see many photos of me – I'm in jams by 6:15 (when I get home). How do you manage to make it home in 4 minutes?!


    those filets do wonders, but yet to try them on, I heard it's cold at first…I wonder if one can pop them in microwave for a few secs?!
    Sal, Project Runway used to be more delightful to watch, not anymore, you ain't missing much~

  14. Charlotte

    This morning I woke up thinking about Elizabeth Bishop and what she would say about my thinking at 9am about what I'm going to wear when I go to teach at 630pm.

    I don't have TV so I've never seen anything but a few episodes of What Not to Wear. And I hated them: The goal seemed to make everyone look like the female host.

    My legs are shaped nicely–a gift from my mom–but I also got the other gift from my mom–spider veins. Tights are my best friend.

    2.5 inch heels are as high as I go, and I feel very grown-up wearing those.

    If I ever wear a sweatsuit, I hope someone will put me out of my misery.

  15. Jenniferocious

    I too change into my jammies almost as soon as I walk through the door. I also tend to not get dressed in the morning until I absolutely need to. I really wish I could stay pajammified all day long (and sometimes I do)!

    I'm the opposite of you with my clothing "supplies"… yes, I buy them when I need them, but anything like tights, underwear, socks, etc… I have a certain price range in my mind that I will not break, because in my opinion things like that are "disposable" or potentially get ruined too easily to spend a lot of money on.

    I can't walk in heels over, like, 2". I also discovered recently that I can't even STAND in stilettos.

    In a similar vein, I just don't understand why heels (or flats – sometimes they're just as bad) don't have comfortable insoles like sneakers do. Or at least an arch support.

    I totally agree with you about feeling sexier clothed (in certain clothes) than naked.

    I've never had a bra fitting, nor facial, nor professional waxing, nor tanning session, nor manicure, nor pedicure, nor massage, nor makeup counter makeover.

    I mostly wish my perky little boobies were about a cup size bigger. I don't long for double D's, but the ability to fill out a B cup would be nice.

    I secretly fear that I will be one of those middle-aged women who either A: dresses the same as they did in high school, because they don't REALIZE that they're now middle aged (or they think it makes them look younger), or B: I'll be one of those women who just "gives up", to quote What Not to Wear, and dress frumptastically forever.

    I, like Karin, am constantly trying to grow/fix my fingernails to make my hands look better, but I am also a nail biter. And I, like her, also find them to be the perfect snack while I'm reading a book. How weird is that? And I won't even know I'm doing it if I'm reading, next thing I know I'll look down and have eaten half of my hand.

    My big toes rip holes in socks like CRAZY. I can't buy cute novelty socks for this reason – they have holes in them after the first wear.

    I hate shaving my legs, underarms, etc. My skin is really easily irritated, and my hair grows back really fast, so by the morning after I shaved I'm all prickly. And those said prickles irritate my skin, and then its too painful to shave again until days later, when the irritation goes away. I still shave my underarms on a regular basis, but I usually go most of the winter with furry legs, and just hide them under pants or thick tights. I like to think that the extra layer of insulation keeps me warmer in the frozen northern Maine winters.

    Also, I'm horribly allergic to Veet and Nair.

    I usually go months and months between haircuts, because I hate going to the salon. The last time I got my hair cut was in May or June of last year.

    I'm on a quest to find the perfect shampoo for my hair. And whenever I buy a new shampoo/conditioner, I never finish the old bottle, because I'm so excited to try the new one.

    That's all I can think of for now, but I'm sure there are a lot more! I'm loving your blog, thank you so much for taking the time every day to bring it to us. 🙂

  16. MichelleK

    I never wear real clothes at home. The INSTANT I'm in the door, I'm ripping of clothes and putting on yoga pants, even if I'll only be home for 1/2 hour.

    I only own denim jeans, no other kind of non-yoga pants – mainly because I can't find any that flatter me!? But I absolutely hate the feel of denim on my body and against my skin…

    I buy tons of shoes, but I return most of them. If they don't require a sock, they usually hurt. I've never really waited for a 'breaking-in' to happen…

    I get true joy when I have plenty of time to slowly pick through the racks at stores like TJ Maxx.

    I save all my favorites for a special occasion, they almost never get worn – but I'm working on that!

    I've recently started shying away from bold patterns because I saw pictures of myself in them and they all looked tacky…

  17. Muse for Hire

    I'm an eccentric 60-year old trapped in a 30-year-old body. I want to wear funny velvet wraps and beaded glasses chains and floaty black skirts all the time.

    I really want to have gray hair, but the women in my familiy don't go gray. They just fade out and get coarse.

    I kind of still wish I had pink hair, but honestly, it's just too much maintanence.

    I have to stay fully dressed until I go to bed, or I would do nothing. Lounge clothes make me feel grubby and sleepy, and I can't even clean a litter box once I've put on PJs.
    Exercise clothes are a little different, though they are essentially the same thing. If it is something I have worn to dance class, it is something I can generally clean in. This is completely demented.

    I irrationally love sequins and hot pink. LOVE.

    I adore clothes, but I never have enough energy in the morning, during the work week, to try. Thus, I am lucky that I have a job that doesn't bat an eye if I show up in t-shirts and jeans most days. (Though I do feel a little guilty, and in the warm months, dresses are just as easy.)

    Related to the above. I always purchase "work clothes", but never wear them. I hate dress pants and button-up shirts.

    I think fingernail polish looks trashy, but wouldn't be caught dead without my toes painted in the summer.

    I hate wearing shoes and socks, but I have excesses of them to try and make the experience more enjoyable.

    Thanks! This was fun. 🙂

  18. Liz Lefebvre

    confession time: I am a cheapskate when it comes to buying clothes for myself. I see all kinds of nice things, but won't even try them on because they cost more than I want to spend! I am talking about very moderate prices, too: at the Bay for example. Nothing ridiculous: a jacket, dress or skirt for maybe $100 – $200… no no, I object – that's far too much – I'll wait until it goes on special. Then it does, and they are all out of my size.
    Plus, I hate thrifting – it takes so long, and the shops usually smell like musty-basement.

    So basically, I am not a great clothing shopper.

    I own 8 skirts and only ever wear 4 of them (3 are already 10 years old).

    I still have the first few work-suits I bought for myself a few years ago (on the cheap, of course) but don't wear them anymore either, but can't bear to part with them.

    I love love love shoes… but here again, mega cheapskate… i try them on, tut-tut over the price ($100!! outrageous!) and put them back on the shelf, and wear the same old scuffy black heels I've worn to work for the past 5 years.

    I am 30 years old and only this year learned how to do my hair! Now this is a fashion trick I can hang onto: a little hairspray, a few bobby pins, and I look about 10 times more tidy and sophisticated. Chignons, twists, rolls, buns, braids… I can't believe I never knew about this. before now it was all plastic clips, ponytails, and long loose hair. And it takes 10 minutes maximum, and costs next to nothing!

    Oh and shaving legs? when I remember… and nails? nothing: just clipped short. Makeup: lipstick, mascara, liner, shadow (maybe…) and that's it. Blistex is my main makeup product.

    Thanks for sharing, ladies!

  19. myedit

    These are fun..
    1. I am really lazy about shaving my legs, even in the summer. When I stand in the sunlight, you can sometimes see a fuzzy little halo of hair…!
    2. Yes, I wear my trackpants at home too, they are yellow ans super baggy and pretty gross.
    3. I use a lot of conditioner…a lot!
    4. I love wearing heels but my rule about wearing my scary heels (not high ones, just scary ones) and going out for drinks is true. If I have more than two drinks, I won't wear them because I need my ankles for my work…

  20. Fer

    I never wear earrings. I used to, for a long time (especially because here in Brazil parents pierce our ears when we are just babies), until one day I had to stop wearing them for some time and realized I never liked them anyway, I just did it because all girls wear them.

    I think of myself as a stylish person rather than a fashionista, but I don't mind wearing the occasional "everyone's wearing it" trend from time to time if it really appeals to me. however, the minute it becomes a FAD in my city (like, everyone's wearing it HERE!) it's the minute I start hating it. I'll just wear it again when people get tired of it.

    talking about fashion: I think Fashion Weeks are kind of blah. I really don't pay much attention to these media circuses.

    I hate strapy sandals, clogs, or anything that make my feet feel like they're not tucked in. it makes me really uncomfortable, even when it's really hot, in which case I'm more than happy with ballet flats or bulky sandals. I know, it's crazy.

    I only feel elegant when the weather let's me wear boots. I don't necessarily have to be wearing them, but if they could be worn, it means I'm feeling good about myself. (yup, it means I'm not summer's biggest fan).

    I never cared for lipstick. I mean, I wear it sometimes, but more often than not I just forget about it. and yet I LOVE wearing eye make-up!

    I can never have enough T-shirts. or dresses.

  21. Cedar

    I was underweight for years, and I loathed the way I looked. I was deeply ashamed of my body, and hated being naked. But I loved shopping for clothes. Everything fit me, and I knew immediately how everything would look on me. I bought things without trying them on.

    I now am I size 8/10, and love the way I look naked. I look and feel healthier than I have in my entire life. But shopping for clothes makes me so upset. Nothing fits. A slight gain of five pounds make things look terrible. I can't wear the same things I used to love. I get so upset shopping for clothes.

  22. Cupcakes and Cashmere

    i love the idea of having really dark red hair. i'd be happy wearing only stripes for the rest of my life. i think scarves look great on other people, but i never know how to tie them just right.

  23. futurelint

    I'm 28 and I still bite my nails, even thought I know it is gross and germy.

    I've never been in an Anthropologie. I've never paid full price for a pair of shoes.

    I can't decide if I hate or love having red curly hair. Either way it is thinning rapidly and I'm scared I'll be bald one day!

    My eyes are almost the exact same color as my hair so I wear green tinted contacts so it doesn't look so weird.

    I usually "test" out my outfits at my boyfriend's house the night before I wear them to work… so if something is pinching or an awkward length to sit in or I'm annoyed by my shoes, I can fix it before I take my morning outfit photos.

    I've never waxed my eyebrows, gotten a facial or manicure or pedicure. I've never worn foundation or powder.

  24. Abby

    Too. Many. Frye. Boots.

    Even though I don't do it anymore, I sometimes think fondly of tight-rolled jeans. Paired with xxl plaid shirts. Ah, the '90s!

    Spanx give me bacne.

    I don't/won't own a suit.

    I don't shave my pits.

    I find terry-cloth clothing highly underrated!

    I have created a concept called "the courtesy bra" – the loose-ish and comfy bra you might wear around the house and/or when you've got company to stay looking, um, decent. This concept has been a hard sell to some family members who prefer to hang loose.

    I have different outfits I wear because they remind me of what someone I've never met might have worn – like my Anne Sexton outfit. Probably isn't an exact representation of her style, but I like thinking it.

  25. Kimberly

    I can't wait for my 50th b-day because that is when I feel it is acceptable to wear "holiday" sweaters and I can't wait to toss on a gaudy Christmas Sweater!

    I loathe getting pedicures because I don't like people touching me, but it is a necessary evil.

    I use to color my own hair to save money, but now that I have had it done at the salon I will never go back. It is worth every penny to have someone else do it.

    One of the first things I do when I get home is put on my "comfies" I can only handle dresses, tights and heels for so long!

  26. kjlangford

    I wear clothes multiple days before throwing them in the hamper, but I can't always keep track of how many times I've worn something so when in doubt I smell armpits and crotches before I start a load of laundry… really.. I need a better, less smelly system.

    Whenever I move (which has been yearly for the past 5 years) I feel guilty about all my clothes… yet I still look in my closet and sometimes see nothing to wear.

    I never bought uggs, but really wanted to. probably still do, but I try not to think about it.

    I think booties make my feet look like I'm a cloven animal, but I still try them on at the store, hoping that somehow my view will have changed.

  27. TD

    I hate shaving my underarms…but I do it anyways and keep hating it.
    I like to live in PJ's and I do as much as I can.
    I have never had a manicure, and I don't understand the need for it. It's nice I agree, but necessary…how?? Someone tell me how!
    I have a pair of sweat pants in dark grey that are really well cut kinda like boot cut, and they feel so comfy. I have been known to wear it everywhere rationalizing that since the color and cut of the sweatpants is so similar to real pants, may be no one will notice what I am wearing.

  28. Nina (Femme Rationale)

    i've never had my legs or eyebrows waxed, either. i don't like massages (except foot), i don't like gossip girl, i've been tempted on more than one occasion to donate everything in my closet and start fresh, and a lot of these "popular" style blogs just don't do it for me.

  29. issa

    i too have never had a facial, tan, wax, etc.. although i have had my eyebrows threaded… 🙂

    and sometimes i am boob obsessed because i don't have any 🙁

  30. lopi

    As much as I love clothes, I don't reallt care about make-up. Most of the time, I will leave the house completely bare-faced. Otherwise, I will only bother with pressed powder and some blush. Mascara even less so. Eyeshadow, eyeliner and lipstick get some use about 5 times a year.

    I never paint my nails, mainly because I can't commit to one color. It might compliment my outfit today, but what if it looks like crap with tomorrow's clothes. Too restricting.

    The bigger my undies the more comfy I feel. Granny knickers are even better. But in black, white underwear only looks white for the first couple of times you wash them. Then, it turns off-white grayish yellow. No white underpinnings for me whatsoever.

    Many of my clothes are form Zara. Sometimes I get dressed, only to realize almost everything I wear is from there. I've even had some trolls tell me off about it on the blog. But guess what? I don't care! All my clothes are just tools for me to get dressed in the morning, finding the right length skirt is enough hassle, I can't be bothered to check labels too.

  31. Erin

    I, too, pajamify as soon as possible when I arrive home from being out. I get into my "comfs" in record time—it's almost a superpower.

  32. Una

    So interesting to read all these comments!

    I can't resist buying boots. I live in a winter climate, so boots and coats are a good weakness to have.

    Conversely, I detest high heels – my feet are basically square and look terrible in most styles. Ditto ballet flats. Thanks to Sally and Audi, I am saving for a pair of Fleuvogs, which might solve that problem.

    I long for women to realize how over-rated big boobs are, especially when disproportionate to the rest of your bod. I don't like to show cleavage, and I feel so limited in what I can comfortably wear. Wrap dresses, button-downs, high waisted dresses, low v-necks… all so cute and so unwearable. Not to mention the physical problems. You can buy padded, but you can't unpad!

    I hate shaving my legs and rarely do in winter.

    Reading fashion blogs is my guilty pleasure – where I live, function trumps fashion most of the time.

  33. Abby

    haha kjlangford . . . i totally hear you on the sniff test but i didn't include that in mine since many of mine were bordering on gross and didn't want to be the person people were like "how gross is this gal!?" about. secret's out now 🙂

  34. Rebecca

    Sal! Layer those mid-weight coats over a blazer and you can extend wearing time by a few weeks each season! Trust me, I live in Maine!

    My confession: I HATE most of the trends that are considered stylish right now. I think most of my friends look pregnant when they are, in fact, several sizes smaller than me, because they wear these unflattering trends.

    Also, despite the fact that magazines consider me "plus-sized", I think I look hottest in a bikini and a cowboy hat.

  35. Linda

    I have never had a pedicure and really can't even bear the thought.

    Have also never colored my hair, though I'm thinking about it.

    I don't shave any hairy regions located between armpits and knees. (TMI?)

    I take tights into the shower with me and wash them with body soap. Sometimes bras, too.

    Sorry, I guess I mistook this for the "Grooming Confessional" …

  36. Stephanie

    Its funny I used to change into jammies when I worked but now that I'm home I feel better if I am dressed most of the day.

    I shower and get dressed at the gym most days.

    I love to make clothes for myself but am always a little nervous wearing them.

    When I read your post about wearing your fancies I thought it was a great idea but had to go buy a few fancies in order to try it.

    I will buy everything on sale and take hand me downs for myself but I only wear designer jeans.

    I finally got a bra fitting and it was wounderful. Now I just need to buy more bras in the correct size.

  37. Jenny

    I make retro dresses in fabrics I love, even though I have no place to wear them. I totally believe that a certain dress NEEDS to be made in a certain fabric and the resulting dress DESERVES to be worn in the perfect setting. I fantasize about places and ocassions that are worthy of each dress. Rarely do I actually wear the dresses to those fabulous places, and rarely does my life involve fabulous ocassions. I wear the dresses to un-fabulous places and just look odd but happy.

  38. Faith J.

    Fashion Confession: I HATE the Gap. Hate is not good. But I refuse to shop there. Why? It's a combination of how political they are, the cheapness of their clothes, and the fact that, as a 30s professional, I shouldn't shop there anyways. I'll let college and teen fashionistas shop there, but it's not for me!

    **Sigh** I feel so much better! 🙂

  39. lisa

    I can wear the same thing for 5 days straight if I'm working from home (a hoodie and some twill trousers). I never shave my legs in the summer because I don't there's enough hair to warrant fussing over. I keep my powdered makeup and eyeshadows way past what the experts recommend.

  40. Eliza

    Such interesting comments!

    Every time I watch Mostly Martha I fall in love with Martina Gedeck's eyebrows again.

    I prefer 2 1/2 to 3" heels to shorter heels. Shorter heels disoriente me.

    I recently bought a second pair of my favorite heeled sandals on ebay because I worried that they would wear out.

    I've never owned a bikini.

    I want long white hair when I'm old, but I don't think I'll get it.

    I have not trimmed my hair for two years. I've only had one proffessional massage, for an extremely stiff neck, and I have never waxed or plucked my eybrows.

  41. Kelly

    I have multiple pairs of stiletto heels that I've never worn. I buy them because they're cute, never stopping to think about the fact that my lifestyle rarely allows me to wear them.

    If I love a garment but notice that it's getting too big/too loose/too old/too whatever, I'll usually wear it out just one more time before getting rid of it. Just want to give everything one more day in the sun I guess!

    I'm afraid of looking too "done." If I put effort into my makeup I don't put effort into my outfit, and vice versa (for daily occasions…I do go full-glam for fancy nights!)

    I haven't used my iron in years, except for transferring embroidery patterns. I have a steamer but I only bust it out every few months. In general, if I can't fix the wrinkles with Downy Wrinkle Release, I either wear the item wrinkly or don't wear it at all.

  42. orchidsinbuttonholes

    Oh I love this post and all these comments! Here are three of my confessions:

    It's also been awhile since I've been to a bra-fitting.

    I lose about one sock a month – I don't know where they go, but I pair up the newly-single socks and wear them around the house and to bed.

    I am addicted to lip balm. I have about four in my purse, three in my nighttable, extras in my makeup bin, and one in my pocket at all times. It's sick.

  43. Work With What You've Got

    I have never had a facial (I'm afraid it will break me out) or a professional massage (I am scared it will be weird!)

    I hate getting pedicures.

  44. Allie

    Such interesting comments!

    I've never tweezed/waxed my brows. I just don't have much!

    During the day, I only have brows on. No other makeup. NONE.

    I wear heels because I love being taller than everyone else. People in Hawaii are short.

    The only reason I stopped biting my nails was because of nail polish.

  45. Anonymous

    Well, I'm allergic to latex so I rarely wear a bra (luckily, I'm a 32 A and hardly anybody notices). My underthings are utilitarian rather than pretty because I have to avoid exposed elastic. I wear my panties way past the point I should retire them because they are expensive and I figure I'd rather spend money on things other people will see.

    I hate wearing leggings and sweatpants in public because it feels like I forgot to put my pants on. I also have issues with jiggle on my bottom half and like all my bits to be contained in non-stretch fabric. This extends to staying home and getting anything done; I have to be dressed for it.

    I've never had a facial or a massage. I don't like mani/pedis because they tickle, but I'm not a fan of painting my nails myself either. I had my eyebrows waxed once, for my wedding, but nothing else. I shave a lot since I'm pretty hairy with sensitive skin. I even shave my face because hair bleach became too irritating and I'm too cheap to wax.

    I love wearing earrings but always forget. I forget to wear my wedding ring sometimes too, since I sleep on my hands and MUST take it off before bed.

    I hate any type of pants that are not jeans and will not wear them outside of a work uniform, and this antipathy extends back to childhood. I can not figure it out — was I once insulted while wearing slacks? Who knows?

    Hate shorts but like short skirts. My shoes are mostly Docs and Converse with insoles, due to bad feet. I wear heels so rarely that I only buy them when I change sizes or they wear out.

    I also want to be old but I think I'd end up in baggy skater clothes instead of sweatpants. That should be an interesting development.

  46. La Belette Rouge

    This is one of my favorite posts. Love it. I especially love that you are pajammified by 5:15. My pajammification also comes really early.

  47. Suz

    If my hair looks bad, my whole ensemble looks bad to me, no matter how great an outfit I have on. Also, the instant I put on makeup, I feel like my hair looks better. I do not understand why.

    I love how I look in heels but I wear comfortable shoes 99% of the time out of desire to be non-fussy and practical.

    Immediately after a workout, I feel like I look sexier, fitter, and more fabulous. But I'm pretty sure I just look the same as before the workout.

    I have some underwear from high school still.

    I also have "good" underwear and "period" underwear. And when I accidentally ruin some good underwear, it becomes period underwear. Gross huh?

  48. Jane W.

    I buy a lot of clothes at thrift stores, but pony up for quarterly facials, Kiehl's skincare and expensive cosmetics.

    My biggest fashion dilemma is identifying what level of "quirk" works for my age (41). I do not want to be MDAL!

    I own "shapewear," which my husband washes for me along with the rest of our laundry.

  49. Almost 40

    LOVE this thread, sweet Sal!

    To those of you who have NOT had a facial: I swear by them! I am a slave to the monthly facial. I believe it will ward off any other kinds of procedures in the future. My skin looks fresh and I LOVE it!

    My secrets: In addition to regular facials, I get a monthly massage, monthly (to 6 week) eyebrow waxing, a haircut every 6 weeks and color every 12 weeks. I. Am. High. Maintenance. But here's the thing, I mostly look pretty natural despite all the "work" I have done every month or so. I have plenty of makeup, lotions, creams, etc. BUT I don't appear to. I joked to DH – it takes a lot for me to look this natural!

    I have an unnatural addiction to evening wear despite the fact that I'm not a fancy kind of person. I purged my closet (finally) of lots of stuff.

    One last secret: I have not worn the same outfit since the beginning of January. I'm proud and ashamed all at the same time. I've been trying to wear everything in my closet to flesh out what I needed to get rid of and what I really love. Mission accomplished. I took BAGS of stuff to goodwill this past weekend.


    Good to get it all off my chest.

  50. Jenny

    I am on a super tight budget, so I literally can't remember the last time I bought something full price. Shoes, socks, underwear, a white T-shirt, nothing. Everything on sale. If it's 90% off I will consider it, even if it's ill-fitting or not my color or style (not that I am completely sure what "my" style is yet — working on it, thanks to Sal here!)

    I only started wearing makeup about a year ago, because I felt that my skin had stopped looking as nice as it did when I was in my 20s and early 30s and that I actually did look better with a tiny bit of lipstick. But not every day. After all, I am already pretty.

    I feel completely defeated by the idea of thrifting or vintage shopping because I'm plus-size. I have no idea whether it's true or not, but my idea is that there would be nothing out there in my size, and I don't want to feel more defeated by shopping than I already do.

    My feet hurt in even very low heels, and I'm very prone to blisters, and I had tendonitis for years. If shoes hurt, I don't wear them. Why spend money on (admittedly adorable) shoes that will gather dust in my closet?

    If I had the money I would get a massage every week.

    I wish I didn't look so schlumpfy all the time. But I do love the way I look naked. So there's that.

  51. Anonymous

    I have really high arches and flats are super uncomfortable for me. But I love how they look & wear them anyway!

    I don't always wear underwear under tights (neither did my mother or grandmother). But I promise I wash them after each wear!

    I LOVE to be creative with fashion, but sometimes feel I look best when in a suit or other outfit which requires little creativity.

    If bored, I'll stand in front of my closet and try on different combinations of outfits. For like, an embarrassing amount of time.

  52. aurelia

    I find most "you must own" lists to be useless.

    I don't get why most people like iconic handbags

    I hate suits on women.

    I think Garance/ The Sartorialist starting to believe their own hype.

  53. Beatrice

    I only own one pair of flats, a cute pair of pony-hair leopard print. But I rarely wear them because I am short and I don't like how FLAT they make my feet look! With the other exception of boots, I do not own a shoe lower than 3.5". My highest (and most beloved) heel is 5", and I got accustomed to it quickly.

    I do not wash my nicer clothes very often. When it is laundry time, I must go through a special ritual of separating, handwashing, strict drying times and settings, folding, etc etc. It's exhausting.

    I prefer stockings and garter belts to tights. More comfy, less static cling.

    I make it a point to accentuate my 36AAs. I obsessively preserve my small perkiness by wearing sport bras at work. In the summer I wear a triangle bikini as a bra and can walk around with my shirt unbuttoned to the first 3 buttons and no one notices. I equate small breasts with a ballerina-like gracefullness.

  54. Law Girl

    I love this!

    I truly like being a 34B. I think it fits me and I just bust out the padded bra whenever I want to look bigger. However, sometimes I wish I had more up top!

    I'll be 26 in two weeks. I can still wear clothes I bought sophomore year of high school.

    I've never had a facial and I've never had my eyebrows waxed. No interest in either.

    This is the first time my hair has been its natural color since I was 19.

    I shave everything in most areas (more TMI?!) but I put off shaving my legs for as long as possible. I have light hair and I'm lazy.

    Although I like comfy clothes when I'm hanging out at home or going to school I will definitely take fashion over comfort when it comes to work or play. I'll totter around on 4 inch heels for 8 hours if I love them!

  55. tiffany

    Too much fun.

    Sart bugs the bejesus out of me too.

    Although I live in a climate where it never gets properly cold (Sydney), I collect winter coats …

    I hate people to touch my skin, so no facials, no massages, etc.

    The small-of-boob can fake it when we feel like it – if you're naturally gifted (!) you can't opt out of them from time to time 🙂

    I hate shaving my legs, but since it allows me to wear dresses and skirts, I do (sometimes).

    Yoga pants are my slob couture of choice, but never outside the front door (unless in yoga class).

  56. Lorraine

    I, too, have a coat fetish. I have at least 30 vintage coats, some from my mother and grandmother, others thrift shop finds. I wear them all.

    The Sartorialist sometimes annoys me as well. People look too perfect.

    Lately I've been inspired by Advanced Style. It's thrilling to see certain age women looking fashion forward in pink hair and fabulous clothes put together with originality.

  57. What Would a Nerd Wear

    mine? i never wear heels. i buy things and then let them sit in my closet for weeks before they start to grow on me. even though i laugh at people who wear leggings as pants, i secretly want to do so.

  58. All Women Stalker

    Aha! I feel like making a long post just like this now.

    I can never resist buying shoes. Tsk tsk.

  59. rb

    I love summery weather but hate summery clothes.

    I hate being cold but love winter clothing season.

    I love coats of any kind and have too many.

    I wear too much black.

    There may not be any such thing as wearing too much black in San Francisco.

    I only recently started liking boots.

    I hate my arms and never wear less than half sleeves.

    I dress fairly plainly and wear interesting shoes.

  60. Betsy

    Haha, so interesting and funny to read people's confessions!

    The Sartorialist also bothers me… So do most similar blogs, actually.

    I haven't shaved my legs in months.

    I feel weird wearing boots for no identifiable reason.

    I am terrible at doing my hair. TERRIBLE. Most times I don't even try. But I like to believe it gives me that nice, purposely unkempt look.

    I live in Minnesota, but I grin and bear it and go outside wearing completely weather inappropriate coats and jackets during the winter.

  61. Frances Joy

    I want a half sleeve except that I don't have enough symbols that are important to me, either.

    I love being short because I can wear heels of all heights. I started wearing heels almost all the time when I was fourteen and I haven't looked back since.

    I never, ever do my fingernails, but I always do my toes. I find nail polish inordinately distracting.

    I love my shapely legs. Love them. Which is big because for most of my adolescence, I HATED them. That said, I still hate wearing shorts unless I'm working out.

    Ponty-toed shoes and peep toes are my favorite.

    I also look forward to being 85, except that I plan to wear muumuus like my grandmother. Every day.

  62. Leah

    Love these comments! Don't you just love girls sometimes?!

    Fingernails: clipped short.

    Hair: cut by self, and none too expertly.

    Makeup: never learned how to do it, so look clownish if I try.

    Breasts: extremely tiny (I wish I could fill up an A cup), so I don't bother with bras.

    I'm very tall, so I my mantra is "don't slouch, don't slouch."

    Skin: very fair, constantly covered in sunblock.

    Heels make my back hurt, even short ones.

    I hate being cold, so I wear endless layers all the time. I live in the South, so layers are necessary even in summer (air conditioning).

    I don't mind shaving, but I only do it in summer.

    I forget to wear earrings, so I just leave the same ones in for months at a time.

  63. ebinbaby

    I'm a waxer and I love it. I actually hate having someone else wax my legs/eyebrows as I find it hurts more than when I do it myself. I secretly fear that my love of waxing will get out of hand and one day I'll feel compelled to do my arms… and then who knows!! Eeep! 😛
    I also dye my own hair. I've been enjoying it a bit too much lately and now I've got LOTS of highlights in a variety of shades of brown. Hmmm this might be verging getting out of hand as well…
    I had a bra fitting about 5 years ago and it changed my life. My bras used to make me cry by the end of the day but now that I'm wearing the correct size I find them comfortable for much longer periods of time. I recommend everyone go. Sometimes I tell people they should go (ever so kindly)!
    I almost never wear undies under tights – lessens the segmented worm syndrome.
    I always wear a thong when I wear undies except for when I play soccer due to the chance of exposure if I fall! Everything ends up as a thong anyway so I gave it and just buy them.
    Like Jane W my biggest worry is identifying what level of "quirk" is acceptable for my age (soon to be 45 – yoikes!). I can't imagine what no quirk would look like. Even in the most conservative suit I like to throw in some crazy Fluevogs to show I'm unique.
    I love thrifting and eBay. It is my Olympic event. I am a gold medal thrifter and eBayer.

  64. blueheron

    i love the idea of wearing dresses and skirts, but find that my reality is pants.

    i don't wear makeup and, though i will be 30 in 3 months, i don't even know how to do my hair.

    i find it hard to shop for clothes because stores seems to either be aimed at my high school-aged students or my mother, and i don't really want to dress like either one.

    while i read a plethora of fashion blogs, i still haven't been able to translate the things i love onscreen into a wardrobe for myself…i keep thinking "I want to look like that when I grow up" (sigh)

  65. Diana

    Ooo, this is fun! Let's see…

    I didn't own a pair of knee high leather boots until about six months ago.

    I once stopped shaving my legs for several months as an experiment.

    I'm happy when people think I'm older than I actually am.

    I have worn the same pair of tights several days in a row on multiple occasions.

  66. Sam

    This is the greatest! Agreed on many of yours Sal.

    Often the items I want are those that would much better suit a woman who is 20 years older than me, and has the wallet to match.

    I loathe pants. I find pants hard to buy and hard to style, so unless they are trackies or exercise gear the closest I get is leggings/tights (not worn as pants though!).

    I am always unsatisfied with my haircuts, but yet I never know what I want. But then they grown on me.

    Bra shopping is one of my worst nightmares. My mother now refuses to go anywhere near a lingerie store with me.

    I would love to have a pixie cut hair style, wear thick rimmed glasses and bright red lipstick.

    I often complain about the prices of common everyday items but when it comes to shoes I don't bat an eyelid.

    I am slowly collecting the wardrobe of a more sophisticated and older me. Hopefully I will hold onto it for years.

  67. andrea lynne

    I will do absolutely nothing to make myself presentable for work, but I'll still put on mascara. My eyes are pretty, I want 'em to pop. So what if my hair is wet and scraped back in a messy bun?

    Pretty underwear cures all.

    I have no problem admitting that if it were socially acceptable, I'd wear sweatpants, tank tops, and flip flops everywhere. All the time. Maybe add a hoodie and sneakers for the winter…Michigan is cold.

    I have about 20 pairs of heels I can't wear right now because my feet are getting deformed or something. I keep them, because I don't want them to think I don't love them anymore. One day I'll be able to wear my kelly green patent leather pointy-toed pumps again, and it will be glorious!

    I have a secret obsession with wedding gowns. I am not engaged. I don't plan on getting married anything soon (or maybe ever) but I love the dresses. I would love to go to David's Bridal and try them all on one day. I'm sure there's something psychological that could be pulled from that.

  68. Kara

    Awesome post.

    I only wear cotton tops. Or at least if it's not cotton, I have to have a cotton undershirt between me and any other fabric.

  69. enc

    Thanks for this post, Sal. I saw myself in many places. For example, the first one.


    Here's one from me, that won't come as news to you: I spend most of my time in workout stuff. I spent almost no time in street clothes. So I buy less and less "real" clothes, and more and more "gym" stuff. However, I find I can sneak Helmut Lang, J.Crew, and other stuff into the gym and look much cooler than I ever thought I could.

  70. E

    I always have to wear socks in the house. Never barefoot, even to bed. And I'm all about the loungewear when i get home, too, though I do love to dress up in the evenings since my work-wear is so constricting.

  71. Marie

    This is fascinating!

    I would be happy to wear just black and white for the rest of my life, and could pick one outfit if I had to.

    I make poor decisions when shopping and buy too many things that aren't quite right or don't fit my lifestyle. I think I'm getting better about that…

    Shoes with a hard heel that make noise when you walk make me feel sexy.

  72. jswittwer

    i really enjoy your blog. every day. thank you for what you do! you are an inspiration!!

  73. Anonymous

    I have purchased at least 15 pairs of Birkenstocks in the past 15 years. I once wore a pair of patent leather Birkenstocks to a wedding. I no longer wear Birkenstocks, but I cannot bear to give them away, so now they are piled in a corner in my basement.

    I own too many purses and bags. None of them are just right, which is why I keep buying more.

    I have had the same basic hairstyle for 25 years.

    I don't shave my legs from October to May.

    I dress for the weather, always, no matter where I am going, because I hate being cold or wet. Comfort trumps fashion every time.

  74. Sarah

    Like Kara, I prefer cotton. Cotton everything (except bras).

    I feel really good about myself when I get "dressed" even for a day of taking care of kids or sitting at the sewing machine.

    I have recently learned that I do not like pencil skirts. I do a lot of sitting – most often on the floor, so flared skirts are better.

    I wash my hair every four days with a tablespoon of baking soda made into a paste and massaged into my scalp.

    I love shoes by Naot. I wonder why more people do not wear them.

    I really want to have wild highlights in my hair, but I am nervous to do it. (I would also rather spend the money on shoes.)

    My word verification word is ephing. This makes me giggle.

  75. Kari

    Oh, I'm so glad not to be the only one who often strips off my work clothes in favor of pajamas when I get in the door. I don't really do loungewear – it's real clothes that I'd leave the house in, or pajamas. No in-betweens.

    I rarely stay crisp and clean throughout the day. Wovens get rumpled, tights get snagged, makeup rubs off on collars, and yes, I tend to spill things. I've thrown cans of V-8 all over my work clothes on more than one occasion.

    High fashion, even including some of the brilliant commentary from bloggers during fashion week, really doesn't ring my bell.

    In spite of hating the inconvenience of large breasts – particularly when I'm shopping for bras in my unusual size, or trying to find a woven shirt that fits, my breasts are one of the aspects of my body that I really like.

    I've suffered from acne for 15 years with no signs of tapering, and at this point I'm just resigned to having awful skin. I can't remember the last time I went out in public without at least minimal foundation and concealer.

    I tend to buy items that are near-clones of a very similar piece already in my closet. I guess I need one of those virtual closet phone applications to refer to when I shop, except that I'm too cheap to invest in a Smartphone.

    I've never had a facial or leg/brow wax, either. High five!

  76. hard_g_gillian

    A quick response to Sal's original list:

    -I wish I had a regular photographer. I think it would improve my motivation.

    -I loathe buying necessities because I think they're boring, useful as they are. I'd rather buy dresses!

    -I don't wear them often, but I can walk and even run in heels if need be. I prefer mary janes and strappy styles to pumps for walking safely.

    -I love being nude, but sometimes fancy lingerie feels sexier than buck nakedness.

    -I like sleeves on others, not on me, but would like a few tattoos. Thinking right shoulder blade for first one.

    -I am skeptical of a bra fitting's use for the small-of-boob like myself. Could it be worth it?

    -I sometimes wonder whether it would be silly to move somewhere purely based on the outfit-related potential of the climate. It sounds tempting.

    -No facials, wax, tanning, etc for me either. I am addicted to tweezing though. I love tweezing my eyebrows and will move on to my legs and anyone else's eyebrows that lets me. I'm a little OCD…

    -I liked the sartorialist more before it seemed to become as much about him as a persona as it was style photography. I like his book much better than the site though.

    -I stick to H&M's push-up bras for such occasions.

    -Project Runway used to be SO good. If you ever watch it, watch the first few seasons.

    -I daydream about outfits I want to put together more than I actually wear/enjoy said outfits in real life. When I'm trying to fall asleep I plan outfits. Also, I second a previous commentor's recommendation of Advanced Style!

    Originally I wrote a novel of a fashion confessional that was too long to be posted in the comment box. I'll do something with it eventually!

  77. sweet.hereafter

    I have never liked the feel of nail polish. The few times I have worn it (like for my wedding), I took it off the next day. Clean nails are beautiful enough for me.

    If I had money to burn, I'd buy myself a couture dress, if for no other reason than to frame it and hang it up on the wall.

    I always thought huge handbags were silly until I moved to a big city. Now that I spend most of my day away from home and without a car, I find that the bigger then handbag, the better.

    My bra and panties must always match. They don't have to be fancy, but they have to match or I feel a bit unsettled for the rest of the day.

    The bane of my fashion existence is my freakishly long waist/short legs combo. Most of my fashion thoughts revolve around ways to disguise this problem.

    I would rather appear on Advanced Style's website than the Sartorialist's. I will consider it a fabulous achievement if I'm ever featured on Advanced Style one day.

  78. Kellies

    I love winter because I can cover up. Summer feels like fashion prison because everything is more exposed. Ironic?

  79. ~Hurricane B~

    Wow. I loved reading your confessions and everyone elses. I guess all of the lil dark habits are very common. Lol.

    I hope you do not mind if I kinda copy this theme? If you do I will delete my post, I linked too and gave you the credit. I just really liked that idea.

  80. Marlein

    What a cool post! I've been following your blog for a little while but this one calls for a comment!

    First confession: I'm totally obsessed with shoes.

    Last month I brought 3 pairs, 2 were on sale though 😉 and I kinda hid 1 pair so my boyfriend wouldn't see I brought 3.
    I took a picture of my favorite new pair with my phone and use it as a background image on said phone.
    I also sometimes "secretly" put on a few different pairs of shoes before I go to bed when I'm already in pajamas's, just because I want to wear them all but obviously can't really change shoes 20 times a day lol so I just look at them on my feet in the mirror.
    But I don't like stiletto's, I can't walk in them and I really don't think they look that good. I loooove chunky heels or wedges best. My favorite brands are Irregular Choice, Miss L Fire and Poetic License 🙂

    Another confession…I live in The Netherlands but I buy all my clothes from the UK…I'm a total internetshopping junkie! I hardly ever go shopping "in real life" anymore because I hate the busy shops, annoying people and that I have a hard time finding anything I want.
    I also think it's a sport to get as much discount as you can…getting discount is much easier when shopping online 😛

    And last confession…I'm too pale to wear pastels….but I do it anyway! ha!

  81. Jo

    I love clothes, my philosophy has always been quantity over quality but go off them or look at my wardrobe and feel I have nothing to wear. Despite buying plenty of 'what not to wear' bibles.

    I've loved 'thrifting' in UK charity shops since I was at school, and still love a good rummage for bargains.

    I struggle to leave the house without makeup on, in fact I am not sure I ever have! even if I am poorly or going to the gym, concealer, mascara and lip gloss at the VERY least. Get it from my Mum who always looked immaculate.

    I'm a coordination queen! things have to match or compliment, and I get quite giddy If I buy an item of clothing separately to find it EXACTLY goes with something in my wardrobe. I have quite a good eye for colour shades.

    Fishnet tights have been a very good friend, the ones with a small fishnet pattern. Very elegant and a bit quirky with heels.

    I'm not very good at casual, or flat shoes. Rather a necessity though now I am a mummy. I found my year off work very frustrating after 10 years, I missed dressing up and got completely bored of wearing jeans and felt I had utterly lost any degree of style mojo I may have had. Since being back to work part time I've really mostly worn dresses where I was a trousers girl before. This has something to do with my shape having changed post baby, and they feel more flattering and comfortable.

    I LOVE shoes. It doesn't matter how you are feeling, your feet will always look good in a nice pair. Pink suede heels today = happiness!

    A few years ago i decided I had too much black in my wardrobe, I worked hard on figuring out the colours that suit me, and now never buy anything in any shade of blue, yellow or pale pink or beige and stick to earthy tones, purples, greens, greys and the odd very hot pink which is the only pink I can wear. In fact it has been a purple-tastic winter clothes wise.

    I still don't think I have really found my style, although I do wear alot of tunics & dresses over jeans/leggings. Mostly I have been relatively classic in my approach to trends, I'll follow them within reason and what my body shape 9and age) can get away with.

    I have shapely, but *generous* legs*. Possibly as a result of ballet in my younger years. Until footwear retailers caught on, I could only ever buy stretchy material long boots in the winter that would go over my calves. Now I can find wider fit styles in certain places and have numerous pairs.

    I always blowdry my curly hair, I used to wear nail extensions, too expensive now plus my nails are vastly improved since my son came along. I love pedicures and facials but have them very rarely.

    I always paint my toes, winter and summer and change the polish the moment they start to chip.

    Eyebrow threading is the way forward.

    I absolutely change into tracksuit trousers when i get home from work.

    I've been knitting for 4 years and hope to make more of my own clothes, the sewing bug is creeping up on me too!

    I hope I grow old gracefully and elegantly, I don't feel 37 this year, I'm not sure I necessarily look it, my parents are in their mid sixties and don't look their ages so I hope I inherit their good genes!

  82. Meli22

    OK, here's a few confessions!

    I've lost weight recently, to the point that I am no longer fitting in my bras- by quite a bit. And I have done nothing about getting the right size for me now, despite the fact that I am uncomfortable.

    I desperately need a new pair of boots, but instead got two pair of pumps and can't spend more $.

    Every time I am on a shopping ban, I 'shop' more. And I inevitably end up making at least a purchase before it's over.

    I am in the middle of a style identity crisis. And I don't know what to do abot it.

  83. Stephanie L.

    OK Here goes:
    My bras and underwear don't always match. I long to be the girl who always wears sexy little sets, but they are usually itchy and not confortable enough for my life.

    I love flip flops…there, I said it.

    I hate high heels…they are uncomfortable, and make me over six feet tall so I feel like Ginormica.

    I don't have a little black dress.

    I still love to wear a graphic tee and jeans and can accessorize and rock the hell out of the look.

    I look ridiculus in anything frilly, ruffly, floral, chiffon-ey, floaty, empire waisted, button down, or "man-tailored".

    I love boots..big ones, short ones, shiny ones…you name it.

    I occasionally do leave the house in yoga panys and sneaks even when I'm not going to the gym.

    I pluck like a maniac but still bet my brows and lip waxed every so often to remind myself I'm worth a little extra grooming.

    I have been coloring my hair myself since I was 14!

    I wish I was covered in tattoos and had pink hair (stupid retail job at a conservative middle aged womens wear chain).

    And I like the way my boobage kind of peeks out when I wear tank tops! 🙂

  84. Hannah

    I am consumed with always being nicely groomed. Everything from Brazilian waxes to pedicures to going to a local salon to get my hair done.

    I love shopping for clothes but often grow bored of what I own in a short amount of time. I hate flats. I could live, die, swim, and ride bikes in heels.

    I want to be a personal shopper because I love the feeling of looking good and knowing it … and to help someone else feel that good would be awesome.

    I don't lounge in anything but lingerie … though, I have learned to keep something near by when company decides to drop by.

    I also clean house in nothing but matching lingerie in heels. Not exactly the typical way to exercise but fun!

    I have two sons who may end up as fashion plates because they don't care what they wear as much as I do.

    I hate reality shows except The Real Housewives of Wherever. Those women make my life seem so easy. I read/watch/listen to Fashion/Style advice but usually find my own path on what to wear.

    I don't feel ready for the world unless I have everything looking decent. I can't do my own hair to my own satisfaction, so I go weekly to get it done. I wish I was French as they seem to have the maintenance thing done.

    After looking at all the money I spend on clothing, grooming, and shoes … I could afford a nanny, housemaid, and a second car. But I would prefer to look good and do the fun stuff myself. 😉

  85. Kate

    I LOVE these comments. I feel so…not alone!

    Here are mine:

    I would literally wear boots year-round if I could. As it is, I wear them every month except June, July, and August.

    I've never had a professional massage, facial, or pedicure. Not even on my wedding day. The only manicure I ever had was in 8th grade with my best friend to celebrate her birthday.

    I only wash my hair every other day, and sometimes if I'm just gonna be at home I throw a scarf over it and go for 3 days.

    I have my morning makeup routine down to 4 products (concealer, mineral foundation, powder and mascara) and 2 minutes, and am perfectly happy with it – makeup's not even on my radar.

    I have more earrings than one person could possibly need, yet I can't stop acquiring them! And yes, I wear them all 🙂

    I spend way too much time hitching up my tights.

    I've been known to pull footless tights down and over my toes so they look like footed ones.

    I hate pants. I like skirts. I LOVE dresses.

    I'd wear Levi's (jeans don't count as pants :-P), cowboy boots and a plaid shirt every weekend day, if I could.

    I'd wear a pretty dress, moderate heels and girly jewelry every weekday, if I could.

  86. Christina F.

    This post and comments have totally sidetracked my morning — what fun it is reading these confessions…Here are a few of mine:

    My daughter and I adore Project Runway but agree that past seasons have been better. We still watch, though, just to see Mr. Gunn! I'm a fan also of What Not To Wear and love when they make over frumpy moms (since I was once in that rut, too).

    I must shave daily. Pedis make me feel sexy and happy. Manis are a waste of money for me since I have hobbies that destroy polish and colored nails distract me.

    I'm a neat freak. I fold underwear, for goodness sake. My fantasy is to someday have a walk-in closet that has a place for everything, including a corner for lounging while I contemplate my daily outfit. Silly, I know.

    I'm trying really hard not to "save" clothes so when I buy something, I force myself to wear it right away.

    I've been searching all my life for a concealer that works. There is one I'd like to try but the $70 price tag is holding me back. I realize that if I added up all the money I've spent on ones that didn't work, I could have bought several the expensive one I've been avoiding.

    I started going grey in my late twenties. My hair grows super fast so I have my roots retouched every three weeks. Thank you, beloved hairstylist, for giving me a price break because I visit so often.

    I have rediscovered casual dresses. I would wear a dress, cardi, tights and boots every day if I could. I have a ridiculous number of summer dresses, too.

    I have paid $200 for premium denim. Price per wear formula makes that particular pair a bargain.

    I love clothes, shoes, handbags and accessories. I've had unpleasant people tell me this is frivolous. If anyone knows of a clever comeback to this, let me know.

    I window shop online almost daily. It's fun, informative and I'm learning not to feel guilty about it. I probably average one online purchase per week and when it arrives, it's like a holiday. My personal rule is never to pay full price and I hate paying for shipping.

    My love of bargain shopping does not extend to "disposable" clothing. Nothing gripes me more than cheap clothes that fall apart after one wash.

    My version of "pajammification" is this: my Old Navy lounge pants, a sport bra, tank, and a soft sweater. Seeing people wear outfits like this in public, however, makes me cringe.

    My fiance thinks me + heels = too much height. He needs to deal.

    A fantastic, well-fitted bra will totally change your look. I have been fitted a couple of times. Totally worth it.

    And finally, my current size is probably the largest I've every been (I'm a 10-14) but I am learning to enjoy it. Curves are sexy! I have looked undernourished in the past and that wasn't pretty.

  87. SarahN

    Late to the party, but I had to take my time with this one! Great post, Sal.

    I’ve never had a facial.

    I’ve never had a bra fitting.

    I’ve never watched American Idol.

    If I wear undies with tights, I sometimes wear the tights again without washing them. They always get a good airing out, though.

    I constantly pick at my cuticles and nails. It’s my worst habit. I’m embarrassed by their awful condition, yet I can’t seem to stop. I never get manicures because I’m too ashamed to have someone focus on my hands so closely. I envy women their perfect hands and nails.

    I wish there was something for us enbooben-ed girls that would be the opposite of the filet. Other than a good Yentl-esque breast binding, I mean. I’ve never found a comfortable minimizer bra.

    I put on comfy clothes as soon as I’m home, too. My husband and I call them “softies”. Good thing no one ever rings our doorbell because I would barely be presentable.

    I can’t wear socks to bed. They make my whole body overheat.

    High heels, always. Today: Navy plaid satin Cynthia Vincents.

    I’ll spend $200 on a pair of shoes, but never more than $2 on a pair of underwear.

    Ninety percent of my wardrobe is from Banana Republic.

    I have a serious shoe addiction, which goes hand in hand with an online shopping addiction. I could have cured cancer with the hours I waste browsing online.

    Because of all that online shopping, I now hate going into brick and mortar stores. I used to be able to shop in the mall for hours, but the loud music, the crowds, the parking lot and the dressing rooms all annoy me. I have become a surgical-strike shopper. Park as close to Banana as possible, head to the sale racks, and get out fast. Save for TJ Maxx; I could spend all day in there.

    I do the laundry in our house, but my husband cooks and does the grocery shopping. If it weren’t for him, I would eat out every day and keep shoes in the fridge.

    Garance takes lovely pictures, but she sure can’t write. Maybe it loses a lot in the translation.

    I discovered shapewear last year and it changed my life. I shudder to think of all the years I walked around with my back fat and stomach rolls showing through my clothes. I’ve lost count of how many times people have asked if I’ve lost weight. I lie and say yes. Who cares if it’s by artificial means?

    Inspired by What Not to Wear, I found a great tailor near my home and she has also changed my life.

    I’ve used Noxzema on my face every day since I was 12.

    I don’t shave my underarms in the winter, and only rarely in the summer. I don’t like my plump arms so I’m always in sleeves (and not the inky kind).

    I have three giant binders filled with looks I love that I’ve torn out of magazines. Combined with great blogs like this one, they’ve really helped me raise my style quotient.

    Whenever I received a compliment on my clothing, I used to reflexively reply with where I bought it and for how much: “Banana Republic; a steal on eBay at $25!” Eventually I realized that it’s uncouth to blurt out the price of things. Now I just say thank you.

    Abby: I have a couple “courtesy bras” myself! Great for exercising at home or running out for some cat food.

    Lopi: Granny panties are the best.

    Gillian: Wherever the climate has a high of 70 and a low of 30 is where I want to live.

    Marlein: Glad to know I’m not the only one who walks around the house in pajamas and fabulous shoes.

  88. The Raisin Girl

    Up until I was 16, I had never waxed my eyebrows, dyed my hair, or intentionally gotten a tan. Now I'm 21 and I wish I'd NEVER touched my eyebrows (they're woolier than they were before I started plucking). I will never dye my hair again. And I am a member of the Freckle-and-burn society.

    My grandmother used to tell me I had all the features that actresses and/or models would go out of their ways to obtain: a widow's peak, chesnut-colored hair, pale skin with little to know blemishes, big eyes, a proportionate figure. And I hated all these things about myself (well, except for the lack of blemishes). But now, I'm secretly proud. I'm a little overweight, and I don't always like my body. But I walk around a little bit smug even on my worst day, because she convinced me that I'm carrying around the Perfectly Beautiful Girl's list of features, and nobody knows it but the two of us.

    I don't know if this is fashion, but it's definitely body and esteem. When I was in middle school I used to fantasize that by the time high school prom rolled around, I would have brought that Perfectly Beautiful Girl to the surface, and all the guys who had been mean to me would be begging for a date. And of course, I'd laugh and turn them all down.

  89. mamichan

    me too with the pjs! that's the real reason why i hate unexpected guests, they catch me in ratty loungewear.

    i'm also the same with midweight coats in MN.

    in the last few years i realized that i don't enjoy clothes shopping. but i love clothes.

  90. Katie K

    I love other people's noses; I love interesting, big, crooked noses but I despise my own nose, which I think is huge and horrible (it's really not.)

    I dread the idea of wearing sleeveless dresses and bathing suits but after about fifteen minutes of "oh I'm so huge and lumpy!" I stop caring. It's nice but I'd love to just be right at that not caring point.

    I think I have beautiful hands and wrists.

    I spend a lot of money on my hair: highlights, expensive haircut, good high quality shampoo. I turn right around and spend as little money as I can on my clothes. My hair is something that everyone always sees and notices. My layering shirts from Old Navy? Not so much.

    I live in a very small town and most mall-like shopping is at least 1/2 hour away. So, in an attempt to not waste a trip, I shop online before I go. I make a list of items that I think will work well for me. Then I go to the store, try said things on and they look HORRIBLE. And I end up buying something really cute that I dismissed as unflattering when I saw it on the website. This leads me to believe that I need to work on understanding my body's shape.

    I really need to clean out my closet. It's getting overwhelming.

  91. Emily S.

    I've collected photos from my all time favorite runway collections (via, organized them by designer and season, and saved them in a designated folder on my desktop. This is a time-consuming, Type A, "labor of love" project that I'm still not sure why I started. It's not like I'm making a shopping list.

    But clicking through that folder still makes me a little giddy.

  92. Nadia

    This sounds fun. 🙂

    I don't have much in the way of loungewear. I usually feel gross and dirty if I wear my pjs all day. If I do, I sometimes get dressed nicely and put my makeup on in the evening so I look good for an hour or so.
    I hate sweatpants, especially Lulu Lemon. I wouldn't wear them if they were given to me for free. (They might make good chamois though..)

    I cannot walk in heels. They cause me horrible pain.I recently found a pair of little kitten heels that I can wear for short times. My two standby pieces of footwear are my brown knee boots with no heels and my black and silver fashion runners. I wish I could wear heels because I think they look more adult.

    If I had the money, I'd get my legs lasered and maybe the armpits too. I hate shaving with a passion and avoid it when possible. Unfortunately I'm really white skinned with major dark body hair. I don't wax, never have and never will. My skin is way to sensitive for that.

    Bra fitting? No way. Other people can keep their hands to themselves. I can figure out the sizes on my own, thanks. 🙂

    I buy way too many clothes because I'm a sale/cheap clothes addict. In one month last year I spent over $400 on clothes. Most items were less than ten dollars and definitely no one item over $30. Don't ask me how I managed it. An unfortunate side effect of this addiction is lack of space to store things. I have a closet that's an entire wall long, as well as a tall dresser, and I can't fit all my clothes in them. I still sometimes don't have anything to wear.

    I've never had a facial and I certainly do not tan or ever intend to. I'll take a pass on the whole skin cancer thing.

    I check out the Sartorialist sometimes and occasionally see something I actually like. I get peeved with the women wearing shirts as dresses. Obviously they live in a city with no wind. Yikes.

    I have little breasts as well and have never understood how some small boobed people don't need padding. What about getting "cold"?

    I don't watch un-Reality TV. It bores the crap out of me.

    I have plans to completely change my look when I get old. I want to grow my hair out really long and do it up in fancy old-fashioned hairstyles or braids. NO WASH AND WEAR PERM FOR ME! I'm hoping I go completely white because I think it looks really beautiful. Not too soon though, since I'm still in my mid twenties. I was so excited to find my first white hair in 2008 that I danced around the house. When I'm old I'll wear exotic long twirly skirts and pretty silk blouses.

    Speaking of hair, I usually don't do the back of my hair. I brush it all, curl or straighten the messy bits up front, and then I'm good to go. I can't see the back, so who cares? 🙂

    Like Linda I also have crooked baby fingers (though I don't know if she had just one), but mine are particularly weird. The last joint of the baby finger points in towards the next finger but the fingernail keeps pointing straight up. It's not an injury- it's a quirk that runs in my Dad's side of the family. I like the uniqueness of it.

    I do not wear thongs of either type for the same reason: wedgies. Why would I want to cause my toes/backside that kind of discomfort? Plus, I think thongs (the undies kind) make people's butts look long and saggy. Boyshorts work just as well for avoiding underwear lines with dress clothes.

    I wish hats were still required dress for women. I love hats but don't look good in the few modern varieties available. (except for newsboy caps but I'm tired of them)

  93. Holly

    You think your penchant for coats is bad… I live in California! My friends think I'm crazy! Every time we go shopping they say: No more coats!

  94. - tessa

    I have had 3 professional bra fittings at 3 different stores and not been happy with any of them. I find just trying everything on works the best for me, and approach those days just like hunting for the right jeans – with lots of patience, sustenance, and COURAGE!

  95. Nadine

    OK, this is hilarious.

    I don't give a fat rat's about handbags and heels.

    I am super-smug about my naturally blonde hair.

    My naturally blonde eyelashes mean I am committed to eye makeup, but I hate foundation.

    Summer dressing is a no-brainer: knickers, bra, dress, done.

    I have to rotate my clothes and wear whatever is at the front of the queue, otherwise I would wear my 3 favourite outfits ALL THE TIME.

    I shave under my arms every day (dance teacher), so I never wear deodorant, because OW it stings.

  96. The Barely Tattoo'd Artist

    Longtime Reader, Some Commenter:

    I consider myself very hairy, but I only take care of my 'stache, my pits, and my legs…

    I once had my eyebrows waxed on a dare…didn't care for it, but I got $50 out of the deal…

    I always am commented on how awesome my ass looks and who wants one like it…it makes me uncomfortable that people look, considering how self conscious I am about it…but I do have fun from time to time acting a bit like J.Lo or Kim Kardashian with the curves (my hubby is an ass man, btw)…

    I spray on tons of body spray all day…I have a fear that people can smell my B.O., so I'm always sniffing and spraying…

    I've only recently (since I got hired into my current job) paid more attention to my appearance…I was a tomboy all around and lived in jeans and t-shirts…but shoes were always my thing…

    I look forward to being older and am curious how my style will evolve…will I go longer with the skirts or shorter? Will I end up wearing pants all the time, or stick with dresses? Exactly how many shoes will I own when I finally kick the bucket?

    When I have to fart and belch, I just let loose…though I do give warning when I'm around co-workers and friends…this goes hand and hand with the body spray thing in the sense that I don't think they'd want to smell ANY of my odors…

    Eye boogers…I can't stand them! Whenever I see someone with them, I try to ignore them the best I can, even when I just want to reach over and get it out for them…my hubby unfortunately gets that treatment…

    I get straggling black hairs on my neck and chin as well as the lower sides of my face…I do pluck diligently, but I fear when I'm old, I'll have a full beard…

    Whenever I see a woman with a 'stache, I just want to hold her down and wax/shave/pluck it…I take care of mine, she should take care of hers, damnit…

    Well, that's about all I can think about for now…anymore, I'll plop on by…

  97. Jennifer

    "When I get home from work, I make HM stop what he's doing and take my photo IMMEDIATELY. Then I rip off my work clothes and put on my loungewear, so that I can be comfy and cuddle my cats freely."

    This is me, EXACTLY. Except that my husband takes the photos and my cats are dogs 🙂

  98. firefly

    I am really short.

    Undergarments are really annoying sometimes if the fabric is not good (cough bra band cough).

    Yes, one of my toes is inexplicably dexterous.

    Whenever I buy shoes, I make sure they cover this one spot on my foot, a (non cancerous) birthmark. People always ask if it is a bruise, so I don't wear flip flops.

    Because of this, like the word verification, buying summer sandals is "messed" up.


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