Dressed for: Teaching a Lesson

Already Pretty outfit featuring orange cardigan, magenta knit sweaterdress, ECCO boots, turquoise bib necklace, vintage bracelet

Cardigan, J.Crew Factory
Dress, Moon via Skändal – similar style
Boots – Sculptured 65 Tall Boot courtesy ECCO
Necklace, Patinasame shape/style
Bracelet, thrifted – similar
Earrings, thrifted – similar

I wore this to teach my community ed class on Monday, and had a blast chatting with my lovely students. Thanks to everyone who came out!

The dress is a new purchase from my recent Chicago trip, and hails from an amazing boutique called Skandal that specializes in clothes, shoes, and a few accessories from Scandinavia. AND the proprietor is a Minnesota native, so we ended up chatting and bonding and plotting to grab coffee and talk fashion next time I’m in town. A great experience, and a fantastic purchase. This comfy, flattering sweater dress is bound to become a fall and winter staple.

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  • Eleanorjane

    This is more like it! Great colours, great shape… I couldn’t understand people liking those purple pants, but I guess you’re in a different context…

  • Aoibhe GinandTonic

    I love your dress!

  • shebolt

    That is such a perfect sweater dress!

    And, in reference to the patterned tights post, don’t ever try to wear sweater tights with a sweater dress, unless you want to spend the entire day feeling the two rub and pull and otherwise make you feel like you are moments away from a wardrobe malfunction.

    • A slip might solve that.

      The dress is gorgeous.

  • Oooh the dress makes me swoon – I can’t figure out, does the shop sell online?

  • Oh wow, I adore everything about this! The color, the fabric, the silhouette, the red-on-red, the baby blue statement necklace. You’ve outdone yourself, Sal!

  • That sweater dress is just beautiful. What a great find! I’m heading to the website to check it out, thanks for sharing!

  • Cheryl

    Loved the class on Monday and I am looking forward to reading your book. I would be interested in another class, maybe a bit more advanced? I learned a lot and now want to learn more. Btw I found the fleece tights we were talking about at Bed Bath and Beyond of all places!!! They were around $20.

  • What a beautiful dress! And that necklace is like candy.

  • Misty

    I’m still reading your book; does it cover things like color-on-color? I have always thought I couldn’t do colors which were close together but not quite the same.

    I love your blog–thanks a bunch for all the work you do!

    • Sal

      Hi Misty – thanks so much for purchasing my book! I touch upon flattering colors, but don’t dig into color pairings or color theory. My favorite resource for those things is the now-defunct but still readable blog, Academichic: http://www.academichic.com/tag/color-wheel/

      Hope that’s helpful!

      • Misty

        That looks very helpful–thanks a bunch!

  • Wow! What a knockout combination. I love this, Sal!

  • Alexandra

    What a perfectly delicious outfit! Colourful, chic AND polished–splendid!

  • SamiJ

    Love the colors — but everytime I see a bib necklace it reminds me of this — I’ve got to buy some beans.


  • oh my god. i am IN LOVE with that dress. makes me feel like i need to hop on a plane to chicago stat. too bad i live in vermont.

    also, love that you paired it with an orange cardi. gorgeous.

  • One more applicant here for the fanclub of that dress!
    Would you mind sharing its brand? I am as likely to find Scandinavian labels here as the US based ones.

    Thank you! :flower:

  • BelindieG

    Love the dress, but not with that cardigan. What’s it look like without it? Is it sleeveless?

  • eli

    Lovely – that looks like an orange-based red in the cardigan, paired with a blue-based red in the dress? I love it!