Dressed for: Subtle Matchiness

Already Pretty outfit featuring gray boat neck, pink full skirt, vintage silk scarf, red suede pumps

Scarf, via Rice and Beans Vintage
Boat neck top – Old Navy
Skirt, thrifted – similar items
Tights – SPANX Tight-End Tights
Pumps, Amset courtesy Tsubo (no longer available) – similar
Earrings, Karin Jacobson
Bracelet, gift – this is the one

That snow is long gone now, but I just had to share this outfit from late last week.

I’ve had these tights for several years and they’re a weird shade of gray. A little warmer than most, a little darker than many. When I ordered this shirt and found that they match almost perfectly, I felt compelled to assemble an outfit around them.

And, once again, this vintage scarf has served as a unifier. I had no idea it would become such a wardrobe staple when I bought it!

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  • Love what the accessories are doing here..the scarf and the shoes are just great! Fun look!

  • Eleanorjane

    Love it! Great colours on you. But I still don’t get how you can stand out in the snow wearing so little. I take it you usually go about in a big coat and scarf when you’re outdoors?

  • eek

    once again, great pops of color 🙂

  • Yes, I can see why that scarf is getting a lot of attention! you look marvelous in this outfit Sally – the bright accents follow you all the way down.

  • I just love those kinds of accessories, the ones that bring a whole look together. The scarf really makes the difference between just wearing clothes and wearing an OUTFIT.

  • LOVE, SUCH a fun outfit!!!

  • wow. Those are like the most MATTE tights I’ve ever seen! In a way, your legs look kind of like flat cut-outs here; the light and shadow and contouring I would normally expect to see is not there.I realize this might not sound at all complimentary – but I totally dig it. It’s SO visually interesting; the effect is very boldly graphic – I think it makes the heels pop even more! Does that make sense?

    • Sal

      They are SUPER matte. And for that I love ’em. 😉

  • I *love* this outfit… the tights/shirt combo set off against the red looks perfect.