Dressed for: Sleeveless Stripes

Already Pretty outfit featuring yellow boyfriend cardigan, striped top, skinny jeans, Rebecca Minkoff MAB mini

Cashmere cardigan – via Opitzsimilar
Tank – thrifted – similar
Skinnies – courtesy Karen Kane
Boots – Frye Vera Slouch
Bag – Rebecca Minkoff Studded Mab Mini – via eBay
Earrings – art fair – similar
Necklace – Fossil (no longer available) – similar

It turned bitterly, BITTERLY cold over the weekend, but this relatively lightweight outfit was worn before the arctic blast hit the Twin Cities. This cardigan is such a lively, fun color but the knit is ridiculously thin. I tried a long-sleeved striped tee, but looked like I’d sent my arms to jail. So, on a day much warmer than this (-8 windchill, ugh), I went for a tank. And might’ve suffered a little to make the look work.

How do you style lightweight knits for winter?


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  • Eleanorjane

    You’re insane! (In a stylish way, I guess, but still…).

    I’d put a similar or lightish coloured (i.e. mustard yellow, cream, warm grey) long sleeved top underneath. Or you could go contrasting with something like a rust colour (to go with the autumnal theme) or a mid-grey (for some reason I like grey and yellow). I’d probably belt it or use a brooch to close it for more warmth too.

    Being me, ideally the top underneath’d be merino or something thermal and I wear thermal singlets about 60% of the year. And outside there would be a coat, scarf and gloves (the hat goes on and off depending on how cold it is).

  • Laughing at this: “looked like I’d sent my arms to jail.” : > Your solution looks fab, although perhaps not suited for your upcoming weather! Love, love that red bag.

  • Love this look! It’s so simple, yet so chic. I love the stripes with the long cardi! And I’m loving those boots and that chain necklace! Cute!

  • @somerskys

    Hello i love love love ur blog it is sooooooo inspirational! i will buy ur book as soon as i can thanks so mch, girlfriend:’)

  • Aw, the poor innocent arms, they was framed! Glad you sprung ’em from the klink!

    You are the superstar of alternate primaries, Sally. As for lightweight knits – I avoid anything that seems unintentionally sheer, but I like the ideas already offered here.

  • cecelia

    I probably wouldn’t even try to do light knits unless they are silk or merino- cotton just doesn’t cut it in January.

    • Ditto this. Even where I live, I save lighter knits for layering in the middling months.

  • Andi

    Love the bag!!

  • Lauren

    Lovely! This outfit reminds me of a question for you, Sal: how do you keep your jeans tucked in neatly & cleanly to your boots? I love this look when I first put it on but after walking & sitting the jeans get pulled out and wrinkled. This is why we had stirrup pants 20 years ago, I guess…but what do you do to prevent this, Sal & wise readers?

    • Ahhh, Lauren, good question! I have the same issue when I attempt this look with straight legs and even some skinnies. I generally stick to denim leggings and knit leggings when tucking because they are tight to my calves and don’t bunch as much. They creep up a little, but not nearly as much as other styles. Karen Kane also makes skinny jeans that are tight and very stretchy and stick to me like glue!

      There are tutorials out there about how to get non-skinny jeans to tuck (like this: http://www.sheknows.com/beauty-and-style/articles/977647/how-to-tuck-non-skinny-jeans-into-boots), but they generally involve pegging the cuffs and hauling tall, tight socks over the bulge. It kinda works, but if your boots are fitted you end up with this packet of denim pressing into your ankle. Not ideal.

      So I stick to denim leggings for the most part! Sorry I don’t have a trick or workaround for ya.

    • mollx
  • Dee

    Cute outfit Sal. Like some of the others said I would probalby not wear this cardigan until perhaps early spring and then be careful with what top I put underneath, due to the pattern showing through. But because we have had some mild days this winter (and I tend to have my own “personal summers” these days) I might wear it with a solid tank or sleevless turtlenck. A pretty colorful scarf to tie all the colors together and keep me warmer. I do have quite a few middle to light weight knits and I wear them in the winter if the color is darker (most of mine are) and/or the pattern is not too summery. For instance I have a couple cotton cardigans that are all florals – I usually only wear them in the spring or early summer.

  • Emma

    I like the color of the cardigan quite a bit and it looks nice with the reddish boots. Is the cardigan fastened to your shirt? I notice that the wind is blowing it open but it appears to be stuck to your top.

    • Nope, just fibers clinging to each other – cashmere on cotton.

  • Red and yellow is one of my fave combos. Looking good lady!