Dressed for: Rugged Ruffles

Already Pretty outfit featuring ruffle jacket, orange slub knit tee, jeggings, Born Tessa Boots

Jacket – thrifted – similarmore ruffle jackets
Tee – Gap (no longer available) – similar style
Jeans – courtesy Karen Kane
Boots – Born Tessa
Necklace – Sashsimilar
Earrings – thrifted – similar

Ruffles are trending for spring, and although I’ve got a few pieces that boast a ruffle or two I’m not a huge fan of this look overall. Too voluminous and fussy for my figure and taste. But this recently thrifted jacket has some ruffle-like aspects without getting to floofy. Plus it’s cozy enough to wear now and lightweight enough to wear into spring. Super score.

Do ruffles work with your figure and personal style? Which of your ruffled pieces get the most wear, if any?


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  • I love me some ruffles. Fortunately I still have quite a few from the last time they were “trending” (a few years ago, I guess). I’m so untrendy I’m ahead of the trend!

  • Sarah

    Ruffles are really tricky on me too – I don’t like adding bulk to my figure, and ruffles tend to be bulky. I’ve found that small ruffles at the neckline are flattering on me, and not too flashy or over the top. I have a black tank with a ruffled neckline that is very understated, which means it gets a lot of wear! I love your jacket though – so adorable! I would love to find something similar in my size!

  • AnnR

    I guess the collar of your jacket is ruffled, otherwise I’d call the gathering ruching. Aren’t ruffles open on one side?

  • You reminded me of a ruffled vest that I made ages ago. I think I’ll wear it tomorrow.

  • Swooning over that jacket, love, love, love! What a wonderful thrifting find! I love mixing feminine styles with an edge and you pull this mixture off beautifully! As a newer blogger, I am looking forward to how you create that style for Spring and Summer!

  • Aging fashionista

    Love rhe outfit, the boots and jacket and pop of color in shirt. I comsider this ‘ruching’ rather than ruffles, which I have to say I am so over from the
    Last couple years. That works with many vodt rypes depending on where it falls and how much. Nice!

  • VaMarcy

    Ruffled tops make me nervous…I have enough going on, top-wise, without adding extra volume!

  • Yes, I am still a big ruffle fan and like to pair a ruffled top with a denim skirt, or vice versa. Very cool jacket!

  • Dee

    I like ruffles but just not on me. Even ruching, while I like seeing it in fashion it adds to much bulk to my frame. The jacket is cute and looks great on you however! I think small ruffles and minor ruching will work for me, they can camoflage at times. I have found if the ruffles are too big its just adds too much volume where I don’t need it.

  • Andi

    I love ruffles but not on me and not on just anything or anywhere.

    But, this jacket is cute and I love the gray with your poppy tshirt.

  • I love the jacket! It looks fantastic on you–you styled it beautifully here.

  • Mary

    I love your ruffles! This one is such a great look on you!

  • Agree! This is a great look on you. Flattering, comfy, fun, stylish, approachable.