Dressed for: Neutrals and Neon

Already Pretty outfit featuring military jacket, polka dot dress, neon ballet flats

Military jacket, thrifted – similar
Dress, Garnet Hill (no longer available) – similar (in black)
Flats, Old Navy (no longer available) – similar
Bracelet, gift – this is the one
Necklace, Karin Jacobson
Earrings, Noir via Ideeli – similar

Husband Mike maintains that these flats are NOT neon. They certainly don’t look it in these photos and I’ll admit that they’re not quite as bright as some neons, but they’re closer to highlighter orange than orange-peel orange. I swear.

I’ve loved the look of neutrals paired with neon for months, but struggled to re-create the look myself. My neutral jacket and “neon” flats are pretty far apart in this outfit, but I’m still counting it.

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16 Responses to “Dressed for: Neutrals and Neon”

  1. sarah

    maybe it’s just my monitor. They look bright but not quite neon to me … but who cares about whether or not it’s neon, it’s FAHbuLOOOOUUUSSS (she sang out, like Oprah). That dress is amazeballs. The fit, the flare of the skirt, the polkadots – you look like you belong in some lovely dream about indian summer, lady, yes you do.

  2. Carolyn

    I have to agree with Mike and say they aren’t neon, but I’ve been trying to find the term to describe the current color trends for months. It’s lighter than jewel tones, but darker than pastels and softer than primary colors. Will someone please come up with a word for this trend?

  3. Megan Mae

    I’d call them neon. Maybe not 1980s neon, but modern neon, which is more saturated, but just as eye-searing.

    I really love the shape of the flats. I wish there were more like that on the general market with the cute toe-cap and shapely foot. The average ballet flat just doesn’t cut it imo.

  4. Marla

    I’m in love with this dress. Finder’s fee for anyone who knows can find it in white. (the fee is of course the sense of satisfaction in finding a wonderful dress… ;p )

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