Dressed for: Minor Adjustments

Already Pretty outfit featuring black blazer, Desigual skirt, black booties, Rebecca Minkoff studded MAB mini, red bib necklace

Blazer – thrifted – similar
Tee – Target (old) – similar
Skirt – Desigual via Ideeli – more Desigual
Tights – Commando courtesy Peek Brooklyn
Booties – Maxstudio (no longer available) – similar shape
Necklace – eBay – similar
Earrings –  HSokol
Bag – Rebecca Minkoff Studded Mab Mini – via eBay

I wanted this skirt to work with loads of red, but it just didn’t. So I reverted to black, as I did back in December of 2012, and made some minor adjustments to the formula, adding a blazer for warmth and black booties for a slightly different silhouette. Hey, if it ain’t broke …

Are you likely to riff off of old outfit formulas that worked in the past? It’s a great way to build on pre-tested ideas!


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  • Emme

    I have a totally identical necklace in blue!

  • Very pretty, Sal!

  • Collanne

    What a lovely outfit!

  • Nebraskim

    I think the black works because it moves the skirt to a soloist star status rather than a player in the all-red orchestra, if you get my metaphor. Also, you now get to showcase the necklace, which would have been lost in a column of matchy reds.

    I started to wear a black jacket today with a pair of pants and realized that the reason I had never thought the look worked well, was because the jacket is the wrong length….it’s a skirt jacket, not a pants jacket. Thanks to your great tutorial post a few days ago, I found a better topper for today’s outfit.

  • TexasAggieMom

    This outfit works so well! I love the way the colors pop against the snowy background, and it looks very “classic Sally” to me. What a great way to break up the monotony of winter clothing; something I am trying hard to do, but black and grey just say “February” to me. I tried wearing red every day of Valentine’s week, but it was too cold for several outfits I had chosen, Oh well, I now have five good ways to wear red that I had not previously thought of.

  • Oooh, I love Desigual and you’ve styled it perfectly–with pared-down items that let the skirt shine so it’s not too OTT, as Nebraskim said.

    As for old outfits, I not only riff off them but I repeat them frequently. Working from home, no one is the wiser. If it ain’t broke….

  • That skirt is amazing. You could wear it with almost anything and it would steal the show…! Maybe you’ll create a summer outfit with it and show us in a few months…

  • Ruth

    How interesting to see this. You look great and yet in principle I hate three of the key pieces – I don’t just mean hate them for me but, I would have said, for anybody. The skirt because I think, despite its high prices, Desigual looks cheap. The necklace ditto. And the bag because although I love the colour I hate the basket weave effect. I would sneer at all those in a shop. And yet you look great and classy in them. Definitely clever dressing.
    Mind you, I do worry about you slipping on the ice in those boots…

  • Vildy

    I’m not into brightly colored outfits but this I would wear in a heartbeat. Saved the pic for inspiration, I like it that much!

  • That’s a really cute bag! I like the pops of colour on black.

    And yes, I re-wear outfits all the time and tweak outfits all the time? Surely everyone does?