Dressed for: High Drama

Already Pretty outfit featuring Gr.Dano top, wide leg high waist pants, flame orange scarf, platform pumps

Striped top, Gr.Dano via Wonderland SF
Wide leg pants, thrifted – similar
Scarf as belt, thrifted – similar
Pumps, Nine West (no longer available) – similar
Earrings, The Wellington Boot
Wrap bracelet, Quince – similar

I have a few dramatic pieces in my wardrobe, and when I trot them out I generally do it one at a time. But this unique top and these voluminous pants just seemed made for each other. Plus I’d been looking for a way to combine black, white, and orange in a single outfit, and since these pants beg to be belted they seemed the perfect choice.

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  • You had me at “High Drama.” High drama being my favorite type of drama. I think I need to wear more dramatic stuff to work – this outfit of yours and a recent outfit of Serene’s have both convinced me.

    You look amazing.

  • I love that top and the scarf/cummerbund. Very chic.

  • I love the pants and an excellent look. Red, black and white would be one of my favorite color combinations.

  • Those trousers are always incredible, but the top just takes them to a whole new level of gorgeous. This is an outfit that would look right at home in the pages of Vogue.

    • elin

      So true, Megan! A Vogue ensemble is *exactly* what I see here. Gorgeous, Sal!

  • Awesome outfit, Sal! Those pants just scream “authority” in the most badass kind of way. Love the striped top.

  • So, so chic! Dramatic, and so flattering too.

  • nicky

    You look fierce!

  • I always love wide legged pants, and that pair is no exception.

  • High drama indeed! That striped top is amazing. You look fabulous Sally!!

  • I adore the proportions that you have going here Sally! This outfit is very flattering on you. I love the stripes and pop of red!

  • Sonja

    Oh, love, love, love!

  • Erika A

    This outfit reminds me of Katherine Hepburn. 🙂 Love it.

  • Sophia

    this outfit makes your waist look tiny… and oh so cool with short hair.

  • Lisa

    You look exceptionally artsy in this outfit. Heck, you could be a Broadway actress! 😀

  • Wow! Drama indeed! Those pants are fabulous and how you pulled off orange-and-black without even a whiff of Halloween is beyond me!

  • Bubu

    Fantabulous. Wow. You look like tango and Alvin Ailey and the 1920s and just everything cool and chic all rolled into one.

  • I think wide pants are so glamorous.

  • A.

    you already have an amazing waist, but this outfit makes it look itty-bitty. i generally cannot stand pants like those (too much fabric around each leg, i would rather wear a maxi skirt and have half the fabric to deal with) but i love this look on you.

  • I love this look on you! It’s different than your normal range of dresses but it speaks volumnes! Drama is right in the best possible way- I love the fullness of the pants, the classic slim lines of the top and the very classic stripes in the perfect for any occasion red/black/white combo. Lovely!

  • Sam

    That blouse. WHAAAAAT.

  • Angela

    This outfit is PERFECTION. You look like a million bucks!

  • This is so striking, Sal! I love it!

  • Denise Greenberg

    LOVE this outfit, and love the way you’re wearing it. I adore orange, but prefer to wear it in accessories, not at my face – this is a wonderful way “orange,” and I plan to steal your idea ASA humanly P.

  • Audi

    Wow, this look is stunning, Sal! Every single element is just perfect.