Dressed for: Getting in the Spirit

Already Pretty outfit featuring black tulle skirt, red statement necklace, red patent belt, black Coclico boots, rhinestone bracelet, vintage Nanette Lepore blazer

Blazer, Nanette Lepore, a gift from Audisimilar shape
Tee – Target
Black tulle skirt, via eBay
Boots, Coclico via eBay – more Coclico boots
Belt – thrifted – similar
Necklace – eBay
Bracelet – J.Crew via eBay
Earrings – Noir via Ideeli – similar

I haven’t done a Halloween costume in years, but this outfit felt somewhat in the spirit of the day. I wasn’t LOOKING for a black version of my dusty pink tulle skirt, but stumbled across one on eBay a few weeks back. In my size. For super cheap. Lo and behold, it is now mine. We’ll see if it turns out to be as versatile as its cousin. (Brand is Odille, an Anthro brand, if anyone is interested in setting up a saved search.)

After we’d done these photos, I thought, “What could be more Halloween-y than a black and orange kitty?!?”

And then I remembered, Rowan HAAAAAAAATES being photographed. You’d think she had her own personal herd of obnoxious paparazzi chasing her down, the way she hides from the camera. Ahh, well. She’s 17, so I’ll cut her some slack for being so shy.

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  • Tamsin

    Great skirt and the belt really pops!

  • That skirt is amazing; I’d be surprised if it were anything less than versatile. This outfit is great; it’s Halloween-y and still professional.

    Also, I adore your angry cat.

  • Of course I *love* this outfit! And cute kitty (tho’ I get that she hates photos — one of mine loves pictures while the other runs in terror when the camera comes out).

  • Aziraphale

    Great outfit! That jacket makes your waist look really small.

  • Professional-Halloween! I like it.

  • Aw, Rowan is adorable, and looks much younger than her age! I love your tulle skirt and own a similar one. Great jacket too by a favorite designer! Happy Halloween : >

  • Susan

    The jacket was MADE for you. I can’t wait to see what you can do with the skirt. Great outfit.

  • You look super classy, yet spooky-festive! Awesome!

  • bubu

    I love this look – it’s almost like a goth Mary Poppins!

  • I love everything about that outfit.

  • Lovely outfit – I adore the tulle skirt. Aw, Rowan is so pretty.

  • I love the tulle skirt! And your kitty is adorable. 🙂 There’s a similar-looking cat who lives on my street, and she’s super-friendly.

  • Aww Miss Rowan is such a pretty girl. Sending her lots of thanks for putting up with the camera for a few snaps. I always love seeing her. She reminds me of a kitten I only had for few short 6 weeks. Fostering momma cats is fun, but also a little sad when you fall in love with the babies.

  • Mary Anne

    very victorian! fetching.

  • I love your skirt. I can see the judgement and scowl on my 21 year old daughter’s face if I attempted this.. not that I dress at all according to her preferences….

  • That jacket looks great on you, and I’m happy to see it getting some love after sitting neglected for so long in my closet! I foresee that tulle skirt getting a lot of use.

  • Killer silhouette!


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