Dressed for: Early Valentines

Already Pretty outfit featuring red cashmere cardigan, pink plaid shirt, camel Maxstudio skirt, Marc by Marc Jacobs Hillier Hobo, garnet bracelet

Cardigan – gift – similar
Plaid shirt – courtesy CAbi (more on CAbi here) – similar
Belt – Amazon (no longer available) – similar
Skirt – Maxstudio
Tights – Express (no longer available in this color) – similar
Boots – BCBGeneration Doris (no longer available) – similar
Bag – Marc by Marc Jacobs Hillier Hobo via eBay
Bracelet – now-defunct Etsy vendor – similar
Earrings – gift – similar

I’m not big on dressing up in holiday colors, but when I wore this a few weeks ago I felt like I was celebrating Valentine’s Day early. And I hadn’t even meant to go all pink and red! That’s just how it came together. So I stashed the photos knowing that my unintentionally festive outfit could serve a secondary purpose on the upcoming holiday.

Are you a holiday dresser? Wearing pink or red today? On purpose or by accident?


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  • D

    Cute outfit, I really should try pairing a cardigan with a pretty buttoned shirt sometime! I wear a lot of pink and purple and red anyway, but today I intentionally didn’t- I’m wearing a black dress with a bright green cardigan and checkered tights. I don’t actually have any issue with Valentine’s Day, I just wanted to stand out and feel fabulous.

  • Mia

    I put on a hot pink layering tee without even thinking about it this morning–but I’m also wearing black and brown and a bunch of other colors, so the effect isn’t very Valentiney anyway.

  • I do enjoy taking guidance from holidays when it comes to color. Today I’m in a bright red top with black skirt, belt, and shoes. And I’m someone who *never* wears makeup, so I decided to switch it up and rock the bright red lips to match the top. It’s fun precisely because it’s so out of character, in this case.

    My coworkers are a little weirded out, but I think it looks great!

  • I am so *not* a holiday dresser (not even a splash of green on St.Patrick’s Day), but I always love a great color combination like this. Pink and red with neutrals looks fab.

  • France

    wonderful combo Sally and it is fab on you too, happy valentine!

  • I wore red/black today- but I wore the dress yesterday and the day before. It’s easy for me to dress V-day, but come St Paddy’s, we shall see.

  • It’s exactly the kind of outfit I love. Really nice.

  • yesterday was “wear red in support of humanism in medicine” day, so tons of people on campus were dressed in red. i would’ve dressed for the holiday anyway, so i feel like the humanism thing may have been more effective were it any day *other* than february 14th. =)

  • I come here to ogle all your cute boots…alas, I live in the South and I just can’t bring myself to boot up if it’s 50 degrees outside! I know, i know…quit’cher’bitchin!