Dressed for: Colorful Brackets

Already Pretty outfit featuring black cardigan, black and white spot dress, Dana LeBlanc multicolored necklace, yellow peeptoe slingbacks, Skagen ceramic watch

Black cardigan, thrifted – similar
Dress via eBay – similar
Necklace, Dana LeBlanc
Peeptoes, Aldo (no longer available) – similar
Watch, Skagen
Earrings, White Sands Glass 

I love juxtaposing contrasting elements within a single outfit, but I also love to echo. The round and oblong beads on this bold necklace seem to echo the slightly abstract polka dots on this dress. I opted for bright heels so that my black-and-white middle was bracketed by color.

HM calls this my gumball necklace. Anyone else craving Bubble Yum?

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  • I love that necklace!
    It looks like candy! 🙂


  • Chelsea

    Sal, that necklace reminds me of the candy necklaces I wore when I was a kid.

    • Sal

      Yes! Those, too. But they were all pale and Smartie-like, weren’t they?

  • I always love seeing how you add pops of colors to your outfits! that necklace is too fun!!

  • Anne

    Sally, what I love most about your outfits is that they are always clever. They don’t scream, “I’m a slave to fashion.” They declare, “Hey, I notice the details.” It is always fun to see what elements you bring together.

    I have a few wooden bead pieces of jewelry that we refer to as the Necco-wafer collection.

  • Such a cute idea for brightening up a black dress. I agree, it does look like gum from a gumball machine!

  • Kris

    I was going to say that the necklace looks like candy too! I think its a little TOO busy in my eyes… could use a simpler beaded necklace like this one:


  • Erika A

    Love this one. The necklace totally reminds me of gobstoppers.

    I’ll have to remember colorful shoes with black-and-white patterned dresses…I have a dress that needs those citron shoes. 🙂

  • vibgyor004

    This is such a beautiful outfit Sal! One of my favourite ways to dress up… <3 it!

  • Carbon Girl

    Love it! Definitely one of my favorite recent looks!

  • beautiful dress and beautiful necklace …

  • Oh that dress is fab, very flattering cut!

  • LaChina

    I love this outfit, especially the necklace. I wear a lot of black and white and this such a fun way to add color.

  • It does look like gumballs! I have a red shiny heart necklace that looks like candy, and I’m always tempted to bite it! Love the variation on polka dots!