Dressed for: Color in the Gray

Already Pretty outfit featuring Krimson Klover red drape cardigan, Marimekko top, Karen Kane skinny jeans, black suede boots

Cardigan – courtesy Krimson Klover
Tee – thrifted – more Marimekko
Necklace – Patinasimilar
Skinnies – courtesy Karen Kane
Boots, Envy Footwear Katima via Piperlime (no longer available) – similar
Earrings – they came with another necklace – similar

Sometimes cold, gray weather makes me want to wear soft neutrals, but I prefer to rebel against the gray with bold brights as often as I can. It feels good to inject some color into a dreary day with a lively, color-packed outfit, and this bright cardigan and printed top fit the bill.

If it’s gray and cold out, are you more likely to reach for neutrals or colors?


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  • You look amazing in these colors and the fit of all the garments is perfect! This is a great look for you, Sally!

  • I go for the neutrals on a gloomy day, with maybe a colorful scarf. But this bright cardigan is really terrific, Sal!

  • shebolt

    Color! There is no better antidote to a dreary day than bright, happy colors.

  • Awesome t shirt! I love the colors. I flipflop on whether I want bright colors or not.

  • I really like those boots. They look fab, plus I bet they are comfy as heck.

  • Marsha Calhoun

    You look charming in these colors and shapes. I tend to reach for whatever is warmest; if it’s on the duller side, a scarf will brighten it up, or perhaps a vivid necklace or earrings. Of course, where I live in California, we have fewer grey days, so I rather relish them.

  • Aziraphale

    Neutrals, but I very don’t often for colour, no matter what the weather. My winter wardrobe consists of black, gray, navy, white, camel, burgundy and military green. I have one long sleeve top with red and navy stripes, and several pairs of red shoes and boots (that get a lot of wear), but other than that, it’s neutrals only for winter. I like the bleak backgrounds and desaturated colour palette of the city in winter.

    My summer wardrobe contains some splashes of colour — kelly green, hot pink, teal, red — because when it’s sunny out, I feel like bright colours “go” with the world, and it makes me feel more like wearing them. Bright colours seem right at the beach, too, or on a ski mountain. I still prefer neutrals in general, but if I’m ever going to sport a brightly coloured item that’s not an accessory, summer’s the time.

  • cecelia

    I tend to reach for the comfort foods of clothing- oatmeals, chocolate browns, etc. Warm soft things.

  • Stephanie

    Wasn’t it like -9 in Minneapolis today? These must have been some fast/hurry up so I can put my parka on photos!

  • That top & boots together are amazing.

  • Yes to color on gloomy days! That tee is lovely – I’ve realized that I need a little Marimekko in my closet. 🙂

  • jamie

    lovely, the outfit is super slimming and much better than a HUGE parka and big boots that most would wear on a day like today!

  • Kristin

    I love this outfit; so slimming and cheery! For myself, I don’t really give it a lot of thought, but I suppose I am more inclined towards neutrals if the weather is dreary.

  • My mom encouraged me when I was young to pick cheery brights for dreary days. This post makes me think of her. (And I still reach for bright clothes on grey days.)

  • Linda L

    I pick bright colors on most days – rain, gloom, shine, whatever. It’s a rare day that sees me in all neutrals or darks.

  • Anat

    You look fantastic! Great combination!!