Dressed for: Cat Shunning

Already Pretty outfit featuring burgundy sweater, pink tulle full skirt, burgundy tights, Tsubo Acrea, rhinestone bracelet

Burgundy sweater, thrifted – similar color
Tulle skirt, thrifted – similar items
Tights, Target (no longer available) – similar (deep burgundy color)
Pumps – Tsubo Acrea courtesy Tsubo
Bracelet, vintage – similar stones
Earrings, gift – similar

We had some lunatic weather here in MN overnight, so this is a weekend outfit. Husband Mike and I did a quasi-fancy dinner out, so I got quasi-fancied up.

As you can imagine, this skirt does not play well with my cats. Luckily, it was worn almost exclusively outside the house and away from their meddlesome claws. I have cat-related workarounds for certain delicate items, but actual, factual tulle? Forget it. No amount of careful placement, barrier methods, or vigilance will save tulle from the loving snags of lap-cat talons.

P.S. You all told me this skirt would work with burgundy, and you were right!
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  • Oh, I just love this piece paired with the burgundy accents! Oooh la la, lady!

  • nadia

    i love your outfit and am so jealous of that skirt 🙂 those colors look great on you!

  • Oh, I love this color combination. And that skirt is just fabulous.

  • Such a cute outfit!

  • Great color combination… that never would have occurred to me :).

  • nestra

    Love this outfit – simple but romantic! You look great.

  • Oh, wow, I just love love LOVE this with burgundy! So pretty – I am now jonesing for a dusky pink floofy skirt.

    I hear you about the cats – my little kitten is a beast for aglets, so I have to keep all shoelaces tucked inside all shoes or he will chew the ends right off. He’s also chewed (and, I suspect, eaten) fringe off my suede skirt.

  • I seriously love burgundy on you! 😀 Also, it really goes great with the skirt!

  • D

    This outfit has so much awesome in it! I particularly adore that bracelet. You as always look lovely 🙂

  • Aw, that skirt is so adorable.

  • Kat

    The skirt looks perfect with burgundy! I love tulle; I have a hard time not going too far into ballet-inspired outfits with it on…

    You might like gray/gunmetal/pewter accents next time too, one of my favorite mixes with burgundy–maybe in a necklace and tights or boots?

  • l

    Wow! LOVE this!

  • Ohwow! Love these colors together. Also I know what you mean about kitty claws. I only wear my most durable and “cat-safe” clothes to my Mom’s. I love the little fur-butts but their claws can destroy!

  • Jenny

    Fabulous! Love how the colors work together.

    Yea with the weather today, I decided dressing down for work was acceptable and went with jeans and snowboots. Worked out ok since there wasn’t very many people there.

  • Carmen

    I love the skirt, you look gorgeous as always!!! I thrift all the time and haven’t found a tulle skirt like that yet!! I’ll keep looking though…love it!!

  • Who knew that there was a “Cat-Shunning” outfit category! You looked perfect for the task.

  • I think cat shunning should be a new Olympic sport.

  • Beautiful. Just beautiful.

  • Cat

    Oh Sal,
    That combo is just stunning.


  • Sonja

    Ooooh! Another outfit I would never be able to wear, but that looks beautiful on you! I love how the burgundy makes the tulle skirt look less girly, more sophisticated and grown up. A very nice look!

  • Eleanorjane

    I once had a button chewed off a cardigan by a kitten while I wearing it! It was so cute I didn’t mind…

    PS – love the outfit – yay matchy-matchy!

  • Elin

    oooh! You look comfortable and fancy at the same time! Not to mention romantic. I love the color combo, too! What an outfit!!

  • That skirt is gorgeous!! You look lovely my dear!

  • That skirt is gorgeous! I think this is the closest I’ve seen your style meet my style (and I love that we have such different styles but I can still pick up such great bits of wisdom here!), and now I completely need that skirt. Well, first I need a gathering foot for my sewing machines, because there’s no way I’m hand-gathering tulle again in this lifetime, lol. Such a great outfit, well done!

  • KM

    FYI – that skirt was originally sold at Anthropologie years and years and years ago (I know b/c I have it). Thought you’d be interested… 🙂