Dressed for: An Abundance of Pockets

Already Pretty outfit featuring gray leather motorcycle jacket, navy ponte dress, magenta belt, magenta suede pumps, chain drop earrings

Gray moto – thrifted – similar shapemore gray leather jackets
Dress – Land’s End
Belt – thrifted – similar
Pumps – Madewell via Shopbop
Earrings – self-made – similar

Don’t expect a sheath-style dress to have pockets, do ya? I know I didn’t. But as a firm believer that pockets make everything more fun, I was delighted by these. The thrifted moto is also pocket-tastic, although I’ve always found the multitudinous zipper pockets on this jacket style to be a little silly. Do I really want to keep my chap stick and keys in front of my shoulder? Probably not.


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  • D

    The hair, the sheath dress, the jacket…this outfit is perfect!

  • I have that same dress in black and love having the pockets. I’ll definitely be picking up more colors in that style.

  • Love this! I have this dress too, in 3/4 length sleeves. All dresses need pockets, imho : >

  • I love this look! I’m a big fan of pockets, too. And I love the fluffy hair, Sal!

  • Nadalie

    Holy wow, your hair looks incredible with a little poof and wave in it!

  • Wendalette

    OOOOOH! Fancy hair! I like it!

  • Jenny

    I love how this sheath dress looks on you!

  • Karoliina

    I have a similar ponte sheath dress, and it also has pockets. I wish more skirts and dresses had pockets, as I always feel a little lost when I’m pocketless.

  • Anna

    Lovely outfit, great combination. I too find pockets essential. My knit Lands’ End skirts used to have pockets, but alas no more. I am nursing them along and fear they are getting to look shabby, but I just can’t give up the pockets.

    Maybe this would be an insomnia pick—skirts of modest length (knee or just a little below) with pockets???

  • unmitigated me

    Cute jacket, yes…but the hair! LOVE IT styled that way.

  • I just love this look on you, you look fabulous! I love the way you added that leather jacket and purple shoes. They are the perfect additions to your overall look. Your outfit screams trendy, relaxed, outgoing, fun and flirty! Those little, cute tattoos on your feet blend well with your shoes. Overall, I think you look amazing! Keep workin’ it girl, you’re glowing!

  • Chapstick in your shoulder pocket…that would be a little strange. LOL Pretty shoes!

  • Jessica

    Ooooo….I like this!!! Lots!!!

  • S

    Your photo makes thedress color look much different than the one on the Lands End site. Is it more purpley in real life?

    • Hmm, that could be a screen thing. The dress is a bright-ish navy blue in real life. I don’t see a lot of purple in it myself.