Dressed for: A Ringer

Already Pretty outfit featuring leopard print tee, pink tulle skirt, Tsubo Acrea, smoky topaz necklace

Leopard print top, thrifted – similar
Tulle skirt, thrifted – similar items
Pumps – Tsubo Acrea courtesy Tsubo
Necklace, The Pudding Store
Earrings, Sundance Catalog (a gift) – similar
Bracelets, thrifted and gifted – similar look

I hit on this combination of pieces at least a month ago, but for some reason chose not to wear it the day I discovered it worked. No idea why. Maybe it was too cool that day for light layers or I didn’t want to do bare legs. Whatever the reason, I popped it onto my outfit list and was delighted to come across it on a day when I was struggling to find a fun ensemble.

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  • Leopard tee shirt? Yes, please!

  • Lovely and flowy. I love this skirt so much.

  • Kaitlin

    LOVE THIS OUTFIT! I would wear that skirt everyday.

  • Love the skirt! What a great piece to have in your wardrobe!

  • I just adore that skirt, Sal! You look so pretty. 🙂

  • Love the bright lipstick! And an outfit list is such a good idea…

  • Juli

    I believe the next skirt I make will be made of tulle… maybe. It’s a horribly difficult fabric to work with.

  • Because of you and Allie at Wardrobe Oxygen, I troll the Internet rather often looking for a tulle skirt. Still not having found one I can wear to work, I try to console myself by picturing it with our new kitten dangling from it. Doesn’t work, still want this skirt!

  • That skirt is always so much fun. It can turn any outfit into a swishy romantic look.

  • ParisGrrl

    I covet that skirt as well, but the thing that really strikes me in this pic is how well the taupe in the top complements your skin tone.

  • willow

    This outfit is fab!! I need a tulle skirt in my life

  • Just came across your blog. Enjoyed so much reading about color blocking. And this outfit is just adorable!! You look great!


  • zora

    mmmmrrrooowwww……. ;o)

    and i have to tell you, i have adored you in this skirt for so long that i searched and searched and searched obsessively for one JUST LIKE IT, and I found one!!! In a second-hand store, of course… but I can’t wait to wear it and look just like you! :o)

    • Sal

      WOOHOO! So glad you found one for yourself, zora!