Dressed for: A Mixer

Already Pretty outfit featuring black and white duster, black and white dress, Coclico black boots, Keith Haring handbag

Duster, thrifted – similar
Dress via eBaysimilar
Boots, Coclico via eBay – more Coclico boots
Bag, Keith Haring via the MCAthis is the one
Wrap bracelet, Quince – similar
Earrings, courtesy Metalicious

How could I NOT do a mixed print outfit today? Here we have the prints with shared “colors” technique in action, although the only actual color is coming from my bag! (Which is printed, too, though you can’t quite see the details.)

And yes, it’s technically a lunch bag. But it’s cute and it’s just the right size and I can sling it over my shoulder like a bowler. So this will stay our little secret, right?

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  • I like the mixed prints here, and I’m especially fond of red and black (school colors). This looks so put together and professional, Sal.

  • Ellen

    I love this one; you look amazing!

  • never would have thought it was a lunch bag!
    Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge

  • I love the color combo of black/white/red. It is unstoppable.

  • I admire your ability to pull off those mixed prints so well! I know that had I seen each item of clothing separately it would have never occurred to me to put them together, but then I see them on you and it’s like, oh DUH, of course!

  • I’m loving the red . . lunch bag! So cute, and a great option for the budget!

  • This is a fantastic outfit, Sally!

  • Yes for mixed prints and repurposed lunch bags!!

  • That’s a great pairing and nice pop of color.

  • Elise

    Wow, I looooove that bag. I think I need one of my own.

  • Veronica

    After looking at several other fashion bloggers, I realized that I like your photos so much because you look open and confident and direct. Your photos have none of the coy, “you want to take my picture?” vibe of so many other fashion photos. Love it!