Daily Outfit: 8/10/11

Already Pretty outfit featuring blue floral shirt

Blue floral shirt, thrifted – similar (same brand and fiber)
Khaki skirt, thrifted – Pleated khaki skirt – similariconmore pleated khaki skirts
Turquoise pumps, Dolce Vita Skye (no longer available) – similar
Bracelet, thrifted – similar
Necklace, Clemoon
Earrings, repurposed vintage – similar

This skirt has proven to be absolutely ideal for the knotted-shirt look.ย  Since I need to knot fairly high on my torso, I need to wear a skirt that has a nice, high waistline or risk exposing an ab or two. I like my abs, but prefer to keep them covered at the office. And, really, just about everywhere else, too.

Have I mentioned how blissfully happy skirt pockets make me? It’s not like I carry loose change or gum or spare socks in ’em, although I suppose I could. I’m the kind of gal who fidgets, and is self-conscious about fidgeting, and LOVES to have something natural-looking to do with her hands. Pockets save the day every time.

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27 Responses to “Daily Outfit: 8/10/11”

  1. CarolN

    How are you liking the short hair now that you have had it a while? I must say that it really suits you and brings out your beautiful facial features, especially that sparkling smile. And I love pockets in my skirts too! Just something about having a place to hide things even if you don’t always use them.

  2. Allie

    Gorgeous look!

    I am a pocket gal as well – hardly ever store anything in them (other than my farecard for the subway while on my commute) but they just make me happy!

  3. Gracey at Fashion For Giants

    I rant about the lack of pockets in skirts and dresses all the time, so I’m totally with you. I love the tied top – I’ll have to try this with some of my higher-waisted skirts for sure. You look fabulous (and I covet your blues shoes truly, madly and deeply).

  4. Laurinda

    Such a happy look!

    I love pockets too, and have even slitted a side seam or two to sew in new ones (or change the pocket lining from slippery nylon to warm fleece in a jacket).

  5. Megan Mae

    What a cute top! I think I’m the same way about pockets. I don’t carry stuff in them, but the fact that they’re there just elevates the piece to happy-inducing.

  6. Rachel W.

    Hooray for pockets! I’m a fidgeter, too, and they’re a lifesaver. This weekend, I have very real plans to take a seam ripper to my non-pocketed skirts and dresses so I can slit the side seams and put pockets in.

    The turquoise pumps and necklace look great together! Something about how both the shoes and necklace are of a similar visual ‘weight’ (not chunky– perhaps ‘substantial’?) strikes me as brilliant.

  7. Marie

    I understand about having somewhere to put your hands! I don’t really like carrying a purse, but it gives me something to hold and fiddle with – otherwise I can easily feel awkward and not know where to put my hands. I got a pair of jeans recently that has really deep pockets, and depending what situation I’m in, I have to remind myself not to shove my hands in the whole way, cause the pockets are so tempting…

  8. AsianCajuns (Cath)

    Perfect proportions for an outfit! I feel like whenever I knot a shirt, I look like I’m from 1989, but you make it look current AND professional! Pockets in skirts and dresses are probably one of my all time favorite things in the world. I really don’t understand why all dresses/skirts don’t have pockets – including evening dresses!

  9. Amber

    I have that same shirt (same pattern, different color), so here I am thinking, “Heck, I could try the knotted shirt thing…” But I lack the higher waisted skirt. But I’m gonna try tomorrow anyway, just for kicks.

  10. Elizabeth

    I absolutely love your accessories in this outfit! I have trouble balancing good-sized earrings like the ones you’re wearing with a necklace, but the combination here looks lovely on you.

  11. lyrebirdgully

    Another tattoo styling win, Sal! Love how the blue-and-green on your calf and feet relates to the blue-and-green of the shirt — so embracing!.

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