Daily Outfit: 7/27/11

Already Pretty outfit featuring multicolored vintage dress

Dress, vintage via Mighty Swellsimilar patternsimilar colors
Belt, thrifted – similar style
Sandals, John Fluevog Haight (no longer available) – similar
Hoops, Patina – similar

Another dress from the weekend’s Mighty Swell haul! This fab frock reinforces my assertions about pattern from today’s post: Any patterned dress will energize me, but a dress that boasts a raucous, blazingly bright, nutball floral like this one? The sartorial equivalent of espresso with a Red Bull chaser.

I actually love the dress sans belt – it creates the most adorable bell shape and is marvelously comfy. But unbelted it also looks considerably more like a muu muu, so I’ll save that look for a weekend.

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  • buzibu

    I feel like you may have been wearing neutral shoes (as opposed to color) more often than you used to.

    Just curious – is this a conscious style evolution and choice, a mirroring of trend (seems natural/neutral/nude is the color for footwear this season) or just chance?

    I am curious, as browns in footwear have always been difficult for me. With a generally cool color palette, black, white, silver and colors have always seemed much easier, and I wonder how others with a colorful wardrobe use warm neutrals. My brown boots and sandals tend to languish unworn.

    • Sal

      It is a conscious choice, actually! In this case, there is some brown in the pattern that you can’t really see in these photos. Also that pattern is so wild that I felt like neutral shoes would ground the outfit a bit.

      I’ve struggled with brown footwear and accessories in the past, too. I gravitated toward chocolate browns for years, and find ruddier, more cognac-like browns are far more versatile.

  • Amy

    NICE! I could NEVER pull that dress off.

  • Valerie

    Sally, I love, LOVE the raucous, nutball print! It is very Boden-esque, whose prints I often find hypnotizing. And on shoes, I am the opposite, I suppose- almost all of my extensive shoe collection is in some shade of brown (not even very much black- don’t wear a lot of cool colors). I have only recently begun to branch out.

  • Ellie

    Your blog has completely and totally inspired me to be more intentional in putting my outfits together. I have some nice things, but don’t ever really manage to pull together great shoes, clothes, accessories all at the same time.

    Thank you!!!

  • Tia

    That pattern is just amazing. I’m utterly enamored of it.

  • Marsha Calhoun

    Must say, the pattern of this dress at first reminded me of the ones I detested but felt obliged to try to like in the sixties – so why do I think it looks refreshing and fetching and fun on you, now? I need to think about this . . .

  • Besides the print, what appeals most to me are the sleeves. It’s rare to find sleeves like these anymore, most manufactures just save on fabric and make cap sleeves.

  • slightly jealous

    That dress wouldn’t suit many people but you look wonderful in it, pastels suits you well!

  • Great dress! I love the colours. Also, those shoes are fantastic.

  • Cel

    Holy amazing dress! Oh I love it! Crazy bright colourful fun patterns like that are something I adore from the 60’s and 70’s, and this is one in particular is amazing! I am using way too many exclamation marks! Haha… But that’s just how much I think this dress is killer.

  • I love love love that dress. It’s wonderful. Great shape, great pattern.

  • Love that dress on you, Sally!! So colorful, so bright – it makes me want to do a happy dance just looking at it. And you look gorgeous as usual!

  • Isn’t Mighty Swell Ah-Mazing!? I wasn’t able to make this time and feel like I really missed out – boo. This dress is fab and so perfect on you!

    It was SO nice meeting you on Saturday. You are even more awesome in person! Let’s go thrifting together sometime!

  • Lisa W.

    You look GREAT in this amazing dress. Can’t believe you didn’t wear those Cobalt blue shoes with it, but I’m a huge fan of those shoes, so it might just be me!

  • Love this dress!
    And so nice meeting you Saturday! đŸ˜‰

  • ADORABLE. That belt is perfect with the dress…. fashion kismet … but you probably already knew that.