Daily Outfit: 7/27/10

White tee, Amazon
Khaki skirt, eBay
Platforms, Nine West
Black necklace pile, various sources

If my mom were here, she’d say that it’s, “hot as blue blazes.” I’m not sure if other temperatures merit other colors of blazes, but it is, in fact, HORRIFYINGLY hot and humid here today. As in heat index of 105 degrees and staggering humidity. So I dressed lightly and simply. And in a machine-washable top to accommodate the excessive sweating.


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30 Responses to “Daily Outfit: 7/27/10”

  1. Frances Joy

    There's something about white, khaki, and black together that just makes me happy. It looks so fresh and classic.

  2. Kat

    I hate dressing for those hot, humid days–I know I am going to sweat all over everything so I don't want to wear anything too nice…

    Great necklaces!

  3. Almost 40

    ABSOLUTELY Great shoes! Yummo Sweet Sal! Nine West shoes worked great for me for so many years and then I got into the clogs. But I'm making a return to Nine West – cute and affordable.


  4. Emma at Daily Clothes Fix

    Love the layering of your necklaces. For that. I will overlook the too much information of the post. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. stacy

    Classic outfit. I'm always a huge fan of the white tee. And the shoes… love! Nine West is really kicking some shoe butt lately.

  6. Melissa

    Those shoes really are fantastic! I love the contrast of the black accessories against the lighter skirt and tee.

    I live in Orlando where the heat index has been close to 110 all summer.

    It's ick. But I have to admit, I'd much rather be hot than cold!

  7. Aya Smith

    The necklace is a perfect accompaniment for the simplicity of of outfit! Everything comes together as a smooth, easy-on-the-eyes combination that is simply lovely :)))

    Aya of Strawberry Koi

  8. fashionflirt

    Yeah, it's pretty brutal hot here, as well. Definitely a challenge to dress and be comfortable and still manage to look nice.

    And nice and comfortable you do look!

  9. Sam from Hundy and Undy

    I love this outfit. The simple white and khaki with the in-your-face necklace and fantastic black shoes is just really great. I also love the silhouette and pleating of that skirt.


  10. Caroline

    I REALLY love this outfit. I just started reading your blog on a daily basis, and I think this could be my favorite outfit of yours yet! Khaki seems so stodgy and uncool to me, but here you make it seem so fresh and chic and edgy! You are amazing!

  11. Nadine

    It's winter here . . and you're complaining abut heat and humidity, which I don't mind at all and could really use right now! (Not sure what 'heat index' means.)

    But you look very lovely ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. Missa

    I love how the necklaces stand out against the simple white tee ๐Ÿ™‚

    Man, I wish it would heat up some around here, it's been all foggy and gray and cold, boo.

  13. angie

    I love how simple and to the point is the outfit today. For me this is real style.I've browsed throught your blog a lot the last few days and I can see how much your style has evolved.You do lots of super stuff lately…

  14. Anonymous

    I've been dying for a skirt similar to that one….hmmmm I need one now!! Also, I live in the midwest too… well I never pay attn to the weather stats…nice to know why I've been sweating buckets while running at night – ha!!

  15. Future Lint

    You look so elegant! I love the accessories and shoes! I refuse to turn on the a/c so I spent the whole day reading a book in my pool!

  16. Audi

    I love that you took a couple of basic garments and snazzed them up with those amazing shoes and big ol' pile of necklaces. Accessorizing is key in weather like yours!

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