Daily Outfit: 6/8/11

Red bolero, Optizmore red sweater shrugs
Dress, courtesy Karina Dresses
Snakeskin pumps, Vince Camuto (no longer available) – similar
Bangles, thrifted – similar
Earrings, Swirly Keen courtesy April Kawaoka

That’s right, it’s Karina dress number two. Get a load of that fabulous pattern, would ya? And, once again, I’m stunned to find that I own a bolero that is the EXACT shade of subdued red in the print. Its like my wardrobe is a living being with predictive powers.

You may notice that the dress neckline is both high and slanted. Why? I’ll show you:

It’s actually a one-shoulder style dress! Far too sexy for work on its own, but easily made office-appropriate with a top layer. I’ll have to manufacture a reason to wear this dress in its full, one-shouldered glory …

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  • Ha! I was with ya until that one shoulder thing. But the print is awesome. Bodenesque, even.

  • Emily

    My favorite thing about these pictures? You are looking right at the camera, and you look just as pretty as when you look over your left shoulder.

  • Mel

    Love the outfit today, and the face you’re making in the last picture is so adorable. You’re wonderful.

  • Um, Ms. Wasp Waist: You look fantastic in this! I love the contrast of colours.

  • Love the print on that dress. You made me giggle with the one shoulder thing.

    I just thrifted a one shoulder top and I’m trying psych myself up enough to wear it.

  • Haha, I LOVE bringing home a new thing and finding something in my wardrobe that matches perfectly with it! That right there is justification to have a vast array of clothing, is it not?

  • I’d never have known that was a one shouldered dress!

  • Ha! You’re too cute. I love the pattern of this dress!

  • Oh, I LOVE that it’s one-shoulder! I wore a one-shoulder sequined top for work some months ago (with a blazer over it) – amazing what a good cover piece will do.

    Your face in that last picture is priceless!

  • Love the bold print of this dress. And pairing it with snakeskin pumps was so smart and unexpected. Love this.

  • Yes! One-shouldered glory! I want to see that.

  • loveing the colors. i never would have thought to mix red and purple, but i think it really works. i am so gonna try that

  • You look ravishing in that shade of red. Love the print — and your face in the last photo! I’d love to see you style it as a one-shoulder piece someday.

  • I also forgot: I really like those snakeskin pumps. I could see those going with everything.

  • Great outfit… BUT THE SHOES…. **salivating**.. Nice tatoos btw.

  • Tab

    That dress is gorgeous! The first thing I thought was, the skirt of that is perfect for swing dance!

  • Anna

    heehee! I love the pictures today – and that dress is super cute!

  • Julia Greenwood

    I love your face in that picture! You are so funny. I love your sense of humor AND that outfit too! I wonder, why do we think one bare shoulder is risque? A low-cut top shows a great deal more, of partses which are really more, you know…potentially naughteh. Shoulder concealment’s almost like a (to us) illogical Victorian sentiment–“bosoms are fine! but OMG NO ANKLES!” heehee. Gorgeous dress!!!

  • Gorgeous print! I think a dress like this on its own is perfect for a day of lunching, shopping and generally good time.

  • Love the snakeskin shoes! That dress is too fun…perfect for you! Your last photo made me smile. Thanks!

  • Cel

    Heehee, you are adorable Sal, that face is priceless. Part of why I love your blog… you can joke around and be cool! That dress’s print is fantastic though, oh my goodness.

  • Awesome way to make the one-shoulder work appropriate! I’m in love with those shoes!

  • Jessie

    Love the shoes with your tattoos–I got one late in life and it’s moments of synergy like this that make me so happy, for me, for you!

  • Fel

    The print is fabulous and you look so beautiful! đŸ™‚

  • The last picture is priceless! such a classic pinup face.

  • JG

    teehee @ that last picture. you are too cute.

  • – Tessa

    Psst – DSW has those pumps in store, but not online. They don’t fit me right and seeing them on you makes me want them even MORE!

  • Bee

    I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS DRESS! I need to make my work wardrobe look like yours, I’m always in awe!

  • Your face in that last photo made my whole afternoon. You are downright adorable!