Daily Outfit: 6/2/11

Already Pretty Daily Outfit 6/2/11 featuring black & white printed vintage dress

Dress, vintage – similar shape and patternsimilar pattern
Boots, Indigo by Clarks – Proctor
Watch, Skagen Ceramic
Earrings, Bibelotsimilar

I generally pair this starkly patterned dress with bright colors, but today I just wanted something simple, clean, and subdued. I also wanted to wear flat boots. So out came the cognac Clarks, the white watch, and the enormous hoops.

Also, I liked how the slightly futuristic shape of the boots played off the mod pattern of the dress.

Also, I was really tired when I got dressed this morning.

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  • lesliele

    Cute dress!! 🙂

    And Sal, I would just like to say that I LOVE that you smile in your pictures! I’m so over all the “fashiony” websites where no one smiles. You have a really great smile. 🙂

  • Nadine

    Awesome! I’m really digging this “simple, clean, and subdued” phase you’re going through. 😉

  • Sal, you look dynamite. Love the pattern on that dress.

  • Sometimes all neutrals is the right choice, and this is one of those cases. Looks great.

  • Angela

    I love that look too, you look great. I love that dress

  • Love the print on this dress!

  • Kristina

    Cute smile, Lieutenant Ohura. (Love the Star Trek vibe).

  • Oh, Sal, that dress is just perfect on you. I love the graphic print and think the cognac boots are the perfect pairing. You look beautiful.

  • Love all your daily outfit posts! You have a way of putting together colours that I had never imagined before.

  • marie

    Sally, I opened your page this morning and was thrilled to see this inspiring outfit ! There is something very appealing to it, I think it’s the unexpected boots, the whole effect is lovely, fun and I`m sure a pleasure to wear. You look like a million $.

  • Oops! I commented on the wrong post! Feel free to edit/delete freely please!

    I do love how you’re breaking another style rule in this one–cognac boots, black dress? It looks great though. (Silly rules!)

  • Lisa W.

    If I were thrifting and I saw this dress on a hanger, I think I’d pass it right up, thinking it too busy or bold or something. But you look SO great in it and I so love how you accessorized it (love those perfect boots!) that I’m thinking I have to be a little more open-minded concerning patterns. Thanks for the inspiration!

  • That dress is so cool and it fits you perfectly!

  • That is a gorgeous print. I love a monochrome look.