Daily Outfit: 6/16/11

Dress, vintage – similar collar and cutmore houndstooth dresses
Belt, thrifted – similar stylesimilar color
Teal pumps, Dolce Vita Skye (no longer available) – similar
Cuff bracelet, a shop in Madison – similar

The print on this dress makes me so happy. How could it not? Teal and purple in a wild geometric that I now realize is less “houndstooth” and more “throwing stars interspersed with chessboards.” Still a pretty joyful pattern, though.

And dig that hilariously over-sized collar. Hah!

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  • I can’t unsee it! They do look like throwing stars. To me, actual houndstooth looks like the little guys from space invaders.

  • Kookoo

    Love it! Thanks for throwing in the unconventional.

  • That is a fabulous cut and length! So great!

    Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge

  • I really like this~ the length, cut and color! Cute!

  • GingerR

    I like how you’ve gone all tonal.

    I have a black/white dress kind of like that and I like to put a crazy multi-colored pin on it. The all overpattern is almost a neutral so the contrasting pin holds itself against the pattern nicely.

  • Throwing stars rock my socks…. This dress rocks them more!

  • I love the print of the dress, but it makes me dizzy!

  • I like the color. Is the dress a knit?

    • Sal

      It is! A spongy polyester knit.

  • Completely, wildly, cute.

  • What a great outfit; it’s perfect.

  • This reminds me so much of a dress my grandmother had. Except hers tied with a sash made from the same fabric. That belt you’ve paired it with sets it off perfectly!!

  • The throwing stars dress! It is so much fun!

  • Anna

    I thought houndstooth was supposed to be a winter-only fabric?

    • Sal

      I’ve never heard that. Houndstooth is a pattern, not a fabric, so it can be printed on any type of material and worn year-round.

      Also, we’re not big rule followers around here. 😉

  • haha! Ninja stars. I totally see it.

  • I am pretty impressed that you have shoes and a belt to match that dress!

  • Too cute! Watch out, I just might come over and snag this one, it would be totally worth the plain fare to Minnessota 😉

  • What a great dress! On the wrong person, it could easily have been frumpy. But you’ve styled it so well, it’s super fabulous.

  • Seeing you in vintage just made my day, Sal – saw this as I was sipping my first cup of coffee and it really made me smile 🙂 I love how the whole outfit works! Had to share it on my facebook page immediately, of course!

  • Elin

    I actually gasped when I saw this outfit! The dress and shoes are AMAZING. Well done!

  • Cel

    Oversized collars for the win! I have a blouse with a collar like that. This is one of those prints I don’t think I’d want to stare at whilst tipsy haha… Cute shoes :3

  • Sandra

    Madame Mayor, we the denizens of Matchy-matchy town salute you! What a sleek execution of the shoes + belt 50s aesthetic with that 70s dress and the contemporary cuff! Please, tell me you carried a bag in that same rich turquoise.

    • Sal

      Hahaha, Sandra, you rock. Perhaps I’ll make you a Deputy.

      I biked yesterday, so I didn’t carry a bag at all, sadly! Just my saddlebags.

  • That is a cool pattern! It reminds me of an Escher print.

  • Irene

    The pattern looks like pinwheels to me. A lovely joyful Monday look!

    • Irene

      Or any day, jeez I’m so behind on my blog reading.