Daily Outfit: 6/16/10

Gray shirt dress, Land’s End
Scarf as belt, thrifted
Orange pumps, Perlina Celebrity
Orange necklace, thrifted

Today, I had my annual performance review at my day job so the above-the-knee, leopard-print wrap dress I’d been planning to wear felt a little … wrong. Went with this instead.

This outfit contains color cheating. That scarf is coral, taupe, red, gray, and white. There isn’t a speck of orange in it. But the orange shoes and accessories make it skew orange, and help those warm tones pop. Or so I’m telling myself.

I had a lovely lunch with the lovely Fabuliss today. That gal is a dynamo, and we had a great time chatting away and noshing on Punch Pizza!

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  • La Historiadora de Moda

    I love the orange pumps!

  • closet365

    Beautiful outfits. So classy and with all that orange? I'm in love.

  • Nicole

    That dress looks so lovely on you! I also love the little pops of coral and red in the accessories. 🙂

  • Erin

    Very cute!

  • Rosie Unknown

    The colours in this outfit are lovely! I never would have thought that grey and orange could look so great together.

  • Fifth Sparrow

    This is so pretty and elegant, I love the touches of orange!

  • WendyB

    I think you should have gone for the leopard. You might have gotten the review of a lifetime! nudge nudge wink wink

  • eek

    Great dress! I love the touches of orange you wore with it. Really you could wear any color accessories with it and it would look great – a very versatile piece!

  • enc

    A conservative route, no doubt! I love the color.

  • A-C

    so NOT cheating! Lovely combination of scarf, jewelry and heels. The dress is a perfect backdrop for all that color.

  • Deja Pseu

    Fabulous use of the scarf!

  • daisymay
  • megan at Transmission Me

    Wow I love the simple and chic color palette!! It looks so fabulous on you! I hope your review went well! Mine usually last 5 minutes. I just want to see the numbers 🙂

  • Sidewalk Chalk

    I think you went with the right outfit today! Love your color cheating — the mix of colors is just beautiful on you.

  • Rebecca

    Those are great shoes. Punch is the best!

  • La Belette Rouge

    Beyond your adorable outfit, you look absolutely lovely and just so very you. Love that picture!!

  • Aury

    You look really nice! The colours most definitely suit you 🙂

  • Megan

    Cute accessories! Of course I love the dress, it's the perfect piece for any color. I think grey can handle the bold orange, coral and reds you're doing here better than black for summer.

  • Elissa

    Beautiful outfit! A great way to dress "conservative" without sacrificing style and your personal aesthetic! I wish I could join you on your black out mission… it's just that I normally never wear black except for the past 6 months I am experiencing an irresistible attraction to it…

  • Elena S.

    love the pop of color
    great blog btw ! lovely pics
    id love for you to check my blog out
    and dont forget to enter in my giveaway

  • Fabuliss

    Your outfit was divine! You looked put together and professional and you never compromise personal style.

    It was SUCH a lovely lunch…hope to do it again soon!


    P.S. That necklace is UNBELIEVABLE. I must start antique/vintage shopping.

  • Daisy Dukes

    Love it! Shoes are awesome!

  • jenny

    Great outfit! Funny, I was practically across the street from you at Panera during lunch.

  • Clare

    Olive and orange? I LOVE it!

  • ambika

    You look lovely. I hope the review went well.