Daily Outfit: 6/1/10

Red cotton dress, courtesy eShakti
Woven belt, thrifted
Yellow platform peeptoes, Aldo
Yellow spotty bangle, Rice and Beans Vintage

My pulled leg muscle is finally un-pulled, so I braved a pair of towering heels today and did just fine. Whew!

Pulling yellow in through the woven belt and shoes meant that I could finally wear this adorable polka-dot bangle, too. I’ve had it for ages, but the perfect spotty bangle outfit had not yet presented itself.

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  • Jane W.

    Hola Chica! You look muy bonita.

  • Jean

    Great color, Sal. Biking to work pays BIG dividends; your calves are slamming gorgeous!

  • Kristin

    Amen! Bright yellow shoes! You look sizzlin' :o)

  • MarieBayArea

    the red dress/towering yellow heels/polka dot yellow bangle combo rocks!

  • Weesha

    I love this outfit! The dress & the belt are so pretty and those shoes are freakin' HOT! You look awesome <3

  • Jenni

    You look AMAZING! Love it.

  • (Hard G) Gillian


  • Anonymous

    Did you know that you are on the eShakti website in this dress? Go to the homepage and in the right hand sidebar there is a montage of 6 different women in 6 different outfits!

  • Daily Joy

    Great! I love how you matched your bracelet and shoes. 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Lovely you just gave me an idea on what to wear my yellow bangle with.

  • Julie

    What a beautiful dress!!

  • FashionTheorist

    Wow – you look amazing! I love how the red dress and yellow heels play off the greens in your tattoo.

  • Oksana

    This is so ridiculously gorgeous that I want to run out and buy everything. Good thing you aren't in advertising, or I'd be poor.

  • Healthy and Homemade

    Gorgeous color combo!

  • Heather Feather

    I love the dress!

  • Diana

    Red and yellow make such a fantastic color combo, and those are some serious heels!

  • Londyn

    I adore this! It's vintage, but still has a modern feel.

  • fleur_delicious

    gah! perfection! this is one of my all-time favorite looks!

  • Rachel

    Awesome dress!

  • eek

    Fantabulous look! I adore your yellow peeptoes!

  • Sal

    Anonymous(1): I know! Those guys contacted me last week to ask if they could use the photo. I should send them this one instead since there's SNOW on the ground in the other!

  • Chelsea

    damn Sal! Your calves are AMAZING! Is that all from biking?!

  • Kendi Lea

    If there was a way to whistle at you through comments, I would. You look fantastic! I love all of the bright colors on you!

  • Ecc3ntricCynic

    You look fantastic!! Those shoes are slamming. I love all the fantastic colors of this.

  • Corrine/Frock And Roll

    WHOA! Fire-engine red and mustard yellow? You look AMAZING! (This could just be my very favourite outfit of yours ever!)

  • Natalie

    Aww, cute polka dot bangle!

  • Emma Clark

    That belt is wonderful – have belt envy.

  • Sheila

    Oh, I really really like the red and yellow together! What a lovely dress, and those shoes…well, you know I love them.

    Glad to hear your pulled muscle is better.

  • ~Hurricane B~

    You look so cheery here. I love it.

  • dazzlingbetty

    love that dress! great colors. and thanks for turning me onto the eShakti site – am definitely going to be spending some money there.

  • Casey

    Oh wow! I adore this entire outfit–gorgeous!!!!

    ♥ Casey
    blog | elegantmusings.com

  • closet365

    Hooray for heels again!

    I really love this outfit. The boldness of the colors for summer is perfect. You look totally lovely.

  • lopi

    This is seriously one of your most amazing outfits so far! You should own this dress in every color… Ok, I stop cause HM will hunt me down for putting you in temptation.

  • Anonymous

    DAYUM girl you look mighty fine. All the aspects of the outfit are marvelous, love how colourful it is especially.

  • WendyB

    Love those shoes.

  • A-C

    This is one of my favorite dresses if not altogether favorite outfits. Between the red and the yellow and the shape of the dress—just plain wow!

  • fashionflirt

    HELLO CALF MUSCLES! Seriously, that's some impressive muscle definition. Calves are tough. Obviously your summer biking and Saturday boogying is paying off.

    Also, I'm loving this colour combo. And I covet those shoes. I saw those at my local Aldo a while back, and tried them on to no avail. Stupid specialty sized feet.

    Regardless of my foot angst. You look glorious.

  • Kelly

    Sal this is SUCH a cute outfit! I thought it was adorable when I just saw the dress but then I scrolled down and saw the shoes…too awesome!

  • Clare

    DAMN! Look at those heels! And those LEGS! And I love this color on you!

  • Frances Joy

    I love, love, love this whole look. The dress is beautiful, and those shoes? I swoon!

  • budget chic

    Girl, gimme those yellow pumps. I've been looking for the perfect yellow shoes for 2 years now! LOL

  • the freelancer’s fashionblog

    What a pretty outfit! Gives me a slight Mexican inspired feeling. Red and yeallow is not always easy to combine but this works great 🙂

  • enterrement vie de jeune fille Paris

    Lovely, you look gorgeous in red.