Daily Outfit: 6/1/10

Red cotton dress, courtesy eShakti
Woven belt, thrifted
Yellow platform peeptoes, Aldo
Yellow spotty bangle, Rice and Beans Vintage

My pulled leg muscle is finally un-pulled, so I braved a pair of towering heels today and did just fine. Whew!

Pulling yellow in through the woven belt and shoes meant that I could finally wear this adorable polka-dot bangle, too. I’ve had it for ages, but the perfect spotty bangle outfit had not yet presented itself.

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43 Responses to “Daily Outfit: 6/1/10”

  1. Anonymous

    Did you know that you are on the eShakti website in this dress? Go to the homepage and in the right hand sidebar there is a montage of 6 different women in 6 different outfits!

  2. FashionTheorist

    Wow – you look amazing! I love how the red dress and yellow heels play off the greens in your tattoo.

  3. Oksana

    This is so ridiculously gorgeous that I want to run out and buy everything. Good thing you aren't in advertising, or I'd be poor.

  4. Sal

    Anonymous(1): I know! Those guys contacted me last week to ask if they could use the photo. I should send them this one instead since there's SNOW on the ground in the other!

  5. Kendi Lea

    If there was a way to whistle at you through comments, I would. You look fantastic! I love all of the bright colors on you!

  6. Corrine/Frock And Roll

    WHOA! Fire-engine red and mustard yellow? You look AMAZING! (This could just be my very favourite outfit of yours ever!)

  7. Sheila

    Oh, I really really like the red and yellow together! What a lovely dress, and those shoes…well, you know I love them.

    Glad to hear your pulled muscle is better.

  8. dazzlingbetty

    love that dress! great colors. and thanks for turning me onto the eShakti site – am definitely going to be spending some money there.

  9. closet365

    Hooray for heels again!

    I really love this outfit. The boldness of the colors for summer is perfect. You look totally lovely.

  10. lopi

    This is seriously one of your most amazing outfits so far! You should own this dress in every color… Ok, I stop cause HM will hunt me down for putting you in temptation.

  11. Anonymous

    DAYUM girl you look mighty fine. All the aspects of the outfit are marvelous, love how colourful it is especially.

  12. A-C

    This is one of my favorite dresses if not altogether favorite outfits. Between the red and the yellow and the shape of the dress—just plain wow!

  13. fashionflirt

    HELLO CALF MUSCLES! Seriously, that's some impressive muscle definition. Calves are tough. Obviously your summer biking and Saturday boogying is paying off.

    Also, I'm loving this colour combo. And I covet those shoes. I saw those at my local Aldo a while back, and tried them on to no avail. Stupid specialty sized feet.

    Regardless of my foot angst. You look glorious.

  14. Kelly

    Sal this is SUCH a cute outfit! I thought it was adorable when I just saw the dress but then I scrolled down and saw the shoes…too awesome!

  15. the freelancer's fashionblog

    What a pretty outfit! Gives me a slight Mexican inspired feeling. Red and yeallow is not always easy to combine but this works great 🙂

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