Daily Outfit: 5/5/11

Already Pretty Daily Outfit 5/5/11 featuring shirt dress

Shirt Dress, Land’s End (sold out, apparently!) – similarmore full-skirted shirt dresses
Boots, Indigo by Clarks – Proctor
Necklace, Dana LeBlanc
Belt, a gift – similar

I had a slightly nerve-wracking meeting today, and I needed to look good. Also, since I knew I’d be sweating buckets, I needed to wear something absorbent and washable. Also it is raining. Also still living in the Flatlands. Gotta love it when a cute outfit is born of necessity.

Also, I’m employing two of my favorite secret fashion tricks, here: I’m using fashion tape to tack down my collar in a shape and configuration that I like, and I’m using a bobby pin to tack the end of my woven belt to the belt body. SNEAKY!

Already Pretty Daily Outfit 5/5/11 featuring shirt dress

The meeting went beautifully, but I stressed so hard. And not sure if anyone noticed, but Already Pretty got seriously funky for most of today due to server issues. And, therefore, here’s what I REALLY think about today:

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  • I would have never known you were hunkering down for such a stressful day, had I run into you in the hall- kudos! It’s so nice to see your lovely tutorials in action. Polished, lovely, and washable- who knew?

  • LOVE this look, Sal! The neutral + neutral pairing is tres chic 🙂

  • *very* pulled together. Love it.

  • Cute photos. I like the colour combination here. I think I needed the pin trick today, but my belt was thick leather and I assume it only works on thinner or woven belts.

  • I love dresses like this…they are easy but look great! I would have several shirt dress styles if I could!!

  • Tiffany

    You look absolutely gorgeous in that outfit.

  • Your necklace is beautiful! And the whole look is very quietly chic. Looks like you had to bust out in that last pic : >

  • Oh dude. I had a day like that, too. I feel a bit like I”m going to fall apart. Nothing a good hunk of cheese and strong glass of red wine can’t fix.

    I adore that shirt-dress, and paired with the boots and accessories, it’s just phenomenal.

  • A. You look perfect! Seriously.
    B. Dude. Scary meetings are, well, SCARY!!!! Sorry about that.
    C. I think it is now Wine O’Clock. Let’s raise a glass, shall we? I’m liking Robert Mondovi Fume right now 🙂

  • Rachel K

    I love a good shirtdress, and that necklace! So pretty.

    Sal, is there a brand of fashion tape that you would recommend? I bought some cheap fashion tape on eBay last week and it’s not what I expected. It has a very minimal hold and I have to use 2-3 strips just to hold down a collar – and that only lasts for a few hours. Are my expectations for all day hold overblown or did I buy the wrong brand?

    • Sal

      Really? Bah, how frustrating! I use the Hollywood Fashion Secrets brand and it does a GREAT job. You can nab it on Amazon!

  • Laurel

    I am always drawn to delicate jewelry but you make the chunky stuff look so beautiful! You make me reconsider my jewelry senses.

  • I love all your looks, especially how you pair boots (one of my weaknesses) with dresses and skirts. I also love your use of jewellery and belts. I am inspired to accessorize my ubiquitous t-shirt-jeans-cropped jacket look by observing your daily outfits! Thank-you Sal!

  • Marsha Calhoun

    I like the last picture best.

  • carina

    re: your last picture – this human reflection and acknowledgement that nobody is perfect and composed 24/7 is what sets the style side of your blog apart from so many others and explains why I enjoy reading it so much. x

  • Gorgeous and perfect, no wonder the meeting went well!!!

  • Cel

    Oh that necklace is lovely. I love natural stones.

  • This is way conservative for you, but I really like it. The necklace is perfect with it.

  • You know I’m a sucker for shirt dresses. I wish I could wear mine with such simple elegance!

  • Melis

    Woven belt + bobby pin = GENIUS! The floppy end of my favorite summer belt drives me crazy. Thank you, Sal!!

  • Amy

    Awww, you look lovely, Sal. Darling outfit, and darling face. 😀

  • JG

    That last photo of you caused me to stop short in my google reader scrolling. LOL!