Daily Outfit: 5/26/10

Jersey dress, Tulle
Black bangle, Electric Foetus in Duluth
Onyx necklace, Puffluna
Black sandals, Dansko

I TOLD you I scored big at that Tulle sale. This dress is actually my favorite of the haul. It’s comfy, cute, and one of my all-time favorite colors. And it was $3. Also great for shoving into my bike bag – it’s practically a ready-made outfit! Far less colorful than yesterday’s ensemble, I know, but still within the black-out rules. More daring combos to come, I swear …

My necklace was actually a bit long for the available space and closes with an open hook clasp, so I used a hairband to shorten it up. You won’t often see me in a choker, but it seemed to work best much closer to my throat.

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  • Laura

    I got that dress too! So cute!!

  • Bridget

    wait…how did you use a hairband to close it? I'm confused. (or maybe it has just been a long day…)

  • K.Line

    You crazy rule-breaker! I love the length of the dress, particularly. Long enough to be demure but short enough to be cool.

  • …love Maegan

    WHATTT!?!??!? 3$!??!?! …amazing! Those colors look ravishing on you!!!

  • maralenenok

    Oh, this dress is so cute! Is it all gone? What a shame.

  • Marie

    That is a really pretty dress. i love the color and the classic/vintagey silhouette. i just adore your Dansko sandals. They have the most comfy and cute sandals for spring/summer. thanks for sharing your incredible finds.

  • Ashley

    Love that dress! What a steal. I almost bought a pair of those sandals on eBay but ended up going with a different brand. Do they feel nice? They look so cute on you! I'm wishing I got them now. πŸ™‚

  • Nadine

    Love this! So simple and pretty!

  • Kelly

    This dress is SO PRETTY I cannot believe you got it for $3! I've always been a little afraid of the Tulle sales, with the idea that if I pay $5 for it sight unseen, it might turn out to be a big pile of unreturnable crap.

  • Sal

    Bridget: Hee. So, I unclasped it and wound the hairband around the two loose ends in place of a clasp. That way, I could shorten it up a bit. Does that make sense? I totally should've taken a pic.

    K.Line: Noooooo, I'm totally playing by the rules! Just lazily so far. πŸ˜‰

    maralenenok: Yep, most of the Tulle sale stuff gets snapped up quick.

    Ashley: Yes, these sandals are heavenly. I've been having trouble wearing heels this week due to a pulled muscle in my leg, and I did just as well with these today as I did with flats the rest of the week!

    Kelly: For the record, some of the Tulle stuff IS total crap. Design is their strong suit, quality is not. But for $3 – which is less than I pay for dresses I thrift – I figured it was worth the risk. I just launder carefully.

  • WendyB

    Love love love.

  • eek

    Incredible dress and deal! You look fabulous!

  • Darcie

    DAMN! i am so jealous of that dress. please don't ever wear it when i see you, because i will steal it and i can't be responsible for my actions. πŸ˜‰ you're adorable!

  • Beth Blair

    I just love your daily outfit pics – this one is especially cute!

  • Sidewalk Chalk

    That dress is stunning, lady. And what a steal for $3. Love the modifications to the necklace too!

  • Ecc3ntricCynic

    Amaaazing. That dress really works for your frame. ^_~ I love how you're using black accessories. Still following the rules!

  • Kat

    That is a kick-ass dress and you are wearing the heck out of it. πŸ™‚

  • Jenniferocious

    I have quite a few things from Tulle, and haven't had any problems with quality. Though a button fell off a shirt I loved in the wash (and of course disappeared), and I misplaced the replacement button. Fortunately the exact same shirt was in this last massive sale, so I got a whole new shirt for cheaper than it would have been to replace the buttons!

    Also, I got that exact same dress! I really love it, only thing is the neckline is a little wide for me, and my boobs don't fill out the top. I think I'm going to have my mother take a dart under each arm and that'll solve the problem, as I am no seamstress myself! Until then, it looks really lovely with a white short-sleeved cropped cardigan over it. πŸ™‚

    I got a huge haul at this sale… lots of sweaters that will be hiding in my closet until cool weather comes around again. But I'm sure they'll get a lot of wear on cool days!

  • Christiana

    So Lovely!
    $3.00 WOW!! Colour is perfect for you.


  • Branka

    I adore the print on this fabric!

  • GB

    ONLY $3????? Looks like a million bucks! You've got quite an eye, lady.

  • orchidsinbuttonholes

    That dress fits you perfectly, Sal! The colors and print are so fun and summery, too. Great idea to shorten the necklace – I love how it sits just inside the neckline (and sometimes it's little details like that that change the whole look).

  • Charlotte

    I went to Tulle's website but I didn't see ANYTHING that was $3. You scored big with this one, Sal–what a great dress!!

  • Laura

    I have the same issue as Jenniferocious. Either way its a great score and you look fantastic in it Sally!

  • Future Lint

    Wow, only $3 and made of jersey – the best and most comfy fabric ever?!? Score!

  • sarahC

    the dress is truly fabulous!

    Can I ask a personal question? What size did you get?

    I ask because the size charts for a lot of the stuff on the Tulle website are ridiculous (and very inconsistent from one item to the next). A 32" bust was an XL for one dress I liked.

    I think you said recently that you normally wear a size 8 dress, and I do too, so I figure we might be similar sized for Tulle garments.


  • Sal

    sarahC: Of course! Tulle sizing is bjonkers, very small-running. I am a dress size 8 and this dress is a Tulle XL. I wear a 34B bra, and it's a bit loose in the bust area, but otherwise fits great. I'm not sure how accurate the charts are, but I can say for sure that I have never worn anything smaller than a L in their dresses.

  • Kimberly

    Shut the front door – – that dress was $3?! Awesome and you look gorg!

  • Audi

    What a great cut and fit that dress has; it balances your figure perfectly. Gotta love those crazy Tulle sales!

  • All Women Stalker

    Only $3? Great find. Love love the color πŸ™‚

  • Kyla

    Great post! I've always thought that disengaging from fashion & beauty for "feminist" reasons sort of defeated the purpose. Isn't the idea to own our bodies and beauty? What better way than to express it?