Daily Outfit: 5/12/10

White sweater, CK via Marshalls
Floral dress, Liberty of London for Target
Gray heels, Tsubo Acrea
Blue goldstone necklace, margaritasjewels

Today was yet another installment in the ongoing series, Meetings with Bigwigs, so I went for something easy and safe. I had to do my Forrest Gump impression several times, sprinting from the board room to my desk and back. Apparently I CAN run in heels, but they have to be shorties.

When I first showed this dress to HM, he dubbed the decorative ruffle a “windsock.” I’m sure it’d flow nicely in the breeze, but for now, I’ma just let it decorate my skirt.

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  • Jane W.

    I so j'adore that ruffle! It makes the dress.

  • K.Line

    That ruffle is gorgeous. I think you look perfect for loving-up the big wigs.

  • Anna M

    Those shoes are absolutely amazing! They look quite comfortable as well. That's my kind of shoe!

  • Sidewalk Chalk

    Those shoes look way comfortable and are so stylish. Loving the pretty pattern of your dress too! Hope the meetings went well.

  • Lemondrop Marie

    Dang it! how did I miss that dress? Gorgeous!
    Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge

  • Frances Joy

    Meanwhile, my husband loves that ruffle. Also, I almost wore that same dress today.

  • Sonja

    I love the ruffle! I agree with Jane. I think the ruffle makes the dress. Lovely!

  • Kat

    I tried on that dress and thought it was so pretty except that it was not particularly well-fitted to the large of chest; I love the print and the ruffle and am still wondering if I should have bought it anyway…

  • Mother of Style

    I would totally hire you!

  • Breanne at Bella Vita

    Yep, I agree: the ruffle is wonderful!

    And so is your smile. You just always seem so infectiously happy! That's my kind of lady.

  • WendyB

    LOL @ "windsock."

  • Peggy

    I loved that dress! you look fab!

  • Michael McGraw Photography

    I like the ruffle, too, but I also appreciate a good windsock.

  • Sara

    That ruffle is fantastic, as is the print of that dress. My favorite part of this look is the shoes – I love their details, like that red seam above the heel.

  • Fashion Court

    i bought that dress but unfortunately returned it 🙁 it didn't look as nice on me as it does on you!

  • Robo

    That is a gorgeous dress and love the ruffle! Just found your blog today via La Belette Rouge 🙂