Daily Outfit: 3/9/11

Already Pretty Daily Outfit 3/9/11 featuring Lida Baday houndstooth skirt

3/4 sleeve black tee, thrifted – similar
Asymmetric houndstooth skirt, Lida Baday via Saks – more houndstooth skirts
Black opaque tights, SPANX High-waisted Tight-End Tights
Black pumps, Tsubo Acrea
Belt, thrifted – similaryou could also try this
Bracelet, J.Crew (no longer available) – similar
Onyx earrings, lulidesigns

This skirt is another New York purchase. Sara, Audi and I hit the top floor of Saks to check out the sale goodies and probably spent an hour and a half browsing before heading to the dressing rooms. Audi and I tried on a handful of garments apiece, and most of them fit laughably. This skirt was buried under my other picks and I’d almost forgotten to try it on. It fit perfectly, and left us all speechless.

From afar it mostly just looks like a full skirt, but it has a wonderfully subtle asymmetry. And, even better, the pattern is a gradient from tiny houndstooth to pixelated houndstooth to a larger houndstooth. Plus there’s a sexy front slit. All in the details, my friends.

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  • What a totally cool skirt!

  • Great look!

  • I’d forgotten about that skirt! Now I need to go look up more of that designer’s stuff; you’re right, the details are amazing. Remember those bizarro cropped pants I tried on, with the random hole in the back of the leg? They could have been so cute! WTF, Junya Watanabe?

  • I adore the simplicity of this outfit, and the asymmetrical hemline is divine!

  • That is gorgeous! It looks so carefully crafted, the pleats, the slightly asymmetrical hem, it all pulls together so beautifully!

  • The way you tied the bow is genius. I love that and you look mahvelous in this skirt. Great score at Saks! Woohoo!


  • Oh my GOSH, Sal, that skirt is amazing! I love it. The whole outfit is fantastic, actually. Awesome. Amazing. Speechless.

  • Yeah, that skirt is definitely fantastic. The pattern especially is really intriguing!

  • I’m so sorry I missed that! And it’s just beautiful. Lida Baday is Canadian…

  • Tiffany

    That skirt is genius.

  • Eee! I love all the little details of that skirt!!

  • Green with envy 😉 What a gorgeous find. Love how you styled it with the belt. And knotting it on the asymetric side of the skirt to visually enhance that detail.

  • Kat

    Oh, that skirt is great–the asymmetry really makes it stand out.

  • I love love love this outfit! Way to make that skirt the focal point (and it’s such a beautiful skirt!). You look so great in this!

  • I love it! Beautiful and very interesting!

  • I totally agree – the details are everything! What a lovely skirt – and it does look awesome on you. The graduation of the patter and the uneven hem makes my heart sing!

  • mira

    Canadian designer!

  • I really like the details of this skirt! The belt is the perfect topper for it.

  • I consider myself an expert on houndstooth skirts (I have two) and this if the most awesome skirt ever. The gradient houndstooth and the asymmetry are just the most awesome details.

  • eek

    Gorgeous skirt! One thing about buying stuff from Saks, Neimans, etc is that clothes often are more unique and well made.

  • Sal, this outfit is simply gorgeous! I literally said, “Wow!” when it popped up on my screen.

  • Bubu

    absolutely love the skirt!

  • Love this outfit. On the surface simple but oh the details!

  • this skirt is all kinds of AWESOME 🙂

  • OMG that skirt is AMAZING!! I need to dust my sewing machine off and make something similar!!

  • Oh my! That skirt is so cool! I love the gradient pattern!

  • great find with that skirt, sal! and the lipstick adds such a great pop of redding pink (or pinkish red?). you’re gorgeous and uniquely stylish as usual 🙂

  • That skirt is incredible, Sal! The print is such an awesome detail, and I love the asymmetric length. Plus, it fits you like a dream. Love it with the black top and tights!

  • Jane

    Love the skirt so much!

    I would not suggest trying to use a martial arts belt as a regular belt though, or at least not to recreate the look you’ve got here. They’re typically very long (well over six feet) and also very stiff.

    • Sal

      Yoiks! Thanks for pointing that out, Jane. I threw that in because my belt is silk and stitched, and I have such a hard time finding something even remotely similar …