Daily Outfit: 3/1/11

Already Pretty Daily Outfit 3/1/11 featuring John Fleuvog Heidi boots

Plaid shirt dress, Land’s End Canvas
Belt, a shop in SF – similar
Black tights, SPANX High-waisted Tight-End Tights
Black moto boots, John Fluevog Heidi
Bracelet, self-made – similar
Marcasite hoops, gift – similar

Since this particular plaid may be a bit dark for spring and summer wear, I opted to squeeze it in today. And, as is often the case, I couldn’t resist punking it up. Black Watch tartan is especially susceptible to my fits of Vivienne Westwood for some reason.

Already Pretty Daily Outfit 3/1/11 featuring John Fleuvog Heidi boots

Off to see “Shirley Valentine” at the Jungle tonight!

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  • I love the punky spiked belt with that dress, and I agree with you β€” the combination of that tough edge with the (awesome and pocketed) tartan shirtdress feels very Vivienne to me, too. Such a great look, Sal!

  • You look lovely Sal! I love how you toughened it up with a boots and studded belt.

    I have the exact same dress. I love it so much, and will be borrowing this girly tough look from you.

  • LOVE that dress. I am totally obsessed with plaid of all kinds and I especially love that the dress has a full skirt instead of the typical straight skirt you usually see on shirtdresses.

  • Jen

    Love, love, love it!

  • Kristina

    Ha ha, Vivienne Westwood fit! What a visual. I love the dress.

  • This dress is fantastic, and like Simone, I love that it’s full-skirted and not straight-skirted. I’m a fan of the full skirt and think this belt is perfect with these boots and the belt.


  • Awesome, love the punk elements!

  • Would never think to combine such a rockin belt with Land’s End plaid. You are awesome.

  • This may be my favourite outfit EVER on you Sal – I just LOVE IT! The tartan, the cupcake silhouette, the boots and the studs – sheer perfection!

    Sarah xxx

  • that dress looks awesome on you!

    xxx Charlie
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    I love to hear from new people and adore your blog.
    This dress is kick-@ss and it is very appropriate for spring!
    ( I am the black/dark colors super-hero………
    what can i say, love a challenge………)
    Plus I noticed in Targei’ that darker florals are back, Yipee!
    This dress would look so great mixed with a baby pink tee or dress underneath maybe with a tiny floral print as well, plus flats, then you could have bad mixed with lighter girlie πŸ˜‰
    it looks great with the bad girl boots, too.
    I love my Harley boots and don them with girlie stuff a lot.

  • What a gorgeous dress, I do love a bit of plaid myself x

  • I love the shape of the dress! And the combination with toughness, of course πŸ˜‰ It is always fascinating to me how clothes and people need to match to look good… I’ve tried on dresses like this one approximately a thousand times – and they NEVER FAIL to make me look like 100% milkmaid. On you, on the other hand, it looks really pretty and not milkmaid-y at all!! Oh well. Must be my Easter European genes. You should see me in braids… *shudder*

  • I love Shirley Valentine; one of my favorite movies.

    Love that dress!

  • Becky

    I love this dress! And the rocker accents…fabulous!!!

  • Oh I totally love this outfit on you! You accessorized perfectly. I wish shirt dresses looked good on me because I would totally snap that dress up and copy you!

  • PS can I ask, do you have a crinoline on or something? In your pictures the skirt looks a lot more full than on the site.

    (yeah yeah I know I just said it wouldn’t work on me, but then I saw the price and thought it might be worth ordering just to see…)

    • Sal

      Hahaha. I own a crinoline, but am not wearing it. That photo just shows the fullness of the skirt. Probably a little exaggerated because I’d just removed my hands from the pockets!

  • Ooh, that dress is a perfect, perfect cut. I’m too excited to type properly, I love it that much. And it suits you so well. Gotta love some Westwood too.

  • Love how you “punked it up!” The plaid really looks great with the black accessories.

  • Anonymous

    You are not punk. You are the opposite of punk, and the opposite of rocker, and the opposite of edgy. Embrace it. Be as supposedly okay with yourself as you like and trumpet it all you want, but let’s call a spade a spade. You are as wholesome and bland as Wonder Bread. Not. Punk.

    • Sal

      I never said I was punk, sweetheart. Only that I enjoy punk-influenced aesthetics. And that’s a spade.

  • I am a sucker for any dress with some volume πŸ™‚ I like this because the plaid print isn’t what one would expect on a full skirt. Very pretty

  • Keke

    Hi Sal,
    You look fantastic! Your dress is a different color than the 2 on the website. How did you get so lucky? I love this dress and got it in the sapphire plaid. I want another but the chili pepper plaid seems too similar…This black watch plaid is just different enough!

    • Sal

      Hey Keke! Yeah, this dress has been for sale since early fall, so what’s on the website is the last of the leftovers. Sorry to hear they’re out of the Black Watch!

  • This one is my favorite, thank you for sharing!!! πŸ™‚ Heather