Daily Outfit: 2/24/10

Pink bolero, eBay

Black tee, Banana Republic outlet
Black wool asymmetric kilt/skirt, Garnet Hill
Fishnet tights, CK via Nordstrom Rack
Pink tights (underneath), Target
Black boots, Fluevog Heidi
Bracelet, Karin Jacobson
Necklace, scorpienna
Onyx, earrings, lulidesigns

My first foray into tights layering! I must say that I didn’t jiggle even once today due to the girdling effect, but since both pairs were the same height, I did end up with a bit of a divet cut into my upper abs. Ow.

Check out the details on this skirt: Asymmetric hem, side pleat, and kilt buckles. Too bad it’s a lint-and-cathair magnet and that the buckles fall so high I can ONLY wear it with a shirt tucked in. Ahhh, limited application garments … no wonder it gets worn twice a year at best.

Speaking of, I love this necklace, but it’s a problematic length for me and has no clasp. So check out my newly dreamt-up solution:

This would work better on a day when I’ve got my hair down to cover the mismatched chain, but oh well.

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33 Responses to “Daily Outfit: 2/24/10”

  1. Style Artisan

    That's an ingenious way to fix a short necklace. I'm going to have to try that!

    And congrats on getting your taxes finished. I'm going to have to try that, too!

  2. Julia

    I love this, especially the fishnet tights over the pink! It's such a pretty effect.

    I've tried the layered tights only once, but the pair underneath were too dark for the fishnets on top that they looked black unless you looked VERY closely.

    I'll have to try something like this with brighter tights because it looks great!

  3. Sheila

    Totally ingenious solution on the necklace! Love the layered tights. Ugh, don't you hate those hair/lint magnet fabrics? Who dreams those up?

  4. Vanessa

    I love this outfit, Sal! I do have a wee question, though: how do you make it so you can't tell you (likely) are suffering what I believe you called segmented worm syndrome? The garments look so close-fitting that I can't believe I can't see the divet you speak of. Was this luck or do you have a secret?

  5. Kelly

    I can see how that skirt would be a pain, but I love the buckle on the hip. I love it enough that now I am trying to think of which one of my skirts I would like to mutilate trying to do a DIY version of that.

    And your stockings! I used to layer fishnets and bright colors in high school, I haven't even thought of that in so long. I'll have to do it again 🙂

    (p.s. super crafty necklace trick, missy)

  6. Rebecca

    I don't think I've ever tried an asymmetrical hem – but it was the first thing that attracted my eye here!

    As usual, you wear it all with ease & cheerful flair. I look; I learn; I like!

  7. mysterycreature

    The asymetrical hem of this skirt is gorgeous! I am also impressed by how good the layered tights look, I shall have to try that myself soon.

  8. La Historiadora de Moda

    This is gorgeous! I attempted to layer fishnets over another pair of tights the other day, but in my zeal and excitement ripped a huge, huge hole in my fishnets. 🙁

  9. orchidsinbuttonholes

    I love this look! The layered tights add a wonderful detail and shot of color. And I love the pops of pink against the black.

    Doesn't it feel wonderful to get the taxes done and out of the way? Ahhhhh!

  10. Ranjita

    I usually just lurk around here, but your sheer genius is making me comment today! I just got THREE inspirations/tips from a single outfit.
    – I'm totally going to steal the necklace extender idea and instantly make some double stranded necklaces!
    – I have a skirt with the double buckles in the center and I'm going to wear it by rotating the skirt, so the buckles are on the side 🙂
    – I've tried fishnets over regular gray tights but the pair underneath was too dark to really showcase the fishnets, so I am going to try with a brighter pair of tights underneath!

  11. Chelsea

    Okay you get an A+ on your first foray into tights layering… they look perfect and add a fun pattern to your ensemble! And that skirt is awesome, but the lint/cat hair attraction thing would drive me nuts… seeing as I have a huge fluffy white kitty at home!

  12. Red

    I have that same skirt! I got it for a STEAL (~$15) at the Garnet Hill outlet about an hour north of where I used to live in NH. I fell in love with the asymmetric hemline, but you are right – the buckles are silly high and the fabric is a magnet for lint/hair. I still love to wear it though, and I really like how the pink in your layered tights echos the color of your bolero. Plus, I'm just ridiculously exited that I have the same skirt as the inimitable stylish Sal!

  13. All Women Stalker

    My my, your boots are incredibly lovely. I have a similar pair but they have pointy toes that I find bothersome sometimes.

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