Daily Outfit: 2/17/10

Leopard wrap, courtesy chickdowntown
Red long-sleeved tee, Target
Black obi, Spiegel
Vintage black leather skirt, gracevintage
Black boots, Diesel Go-go

Man, do I love this long leather skirt. So dramatic, but also incredibly practical for the long Minnesota winter. Pair it with boots and my silk longjohns, I am WINDPROOF!

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38 Responses to “Daily Outfit: 2/17/10”

  1. The Waves

    Wow. That skirt is amazing. So bold and modern, yet feminine. Love the scarf too, and don't even get me started on those shoes!

  2. Casey

    I am loving this outfit, Sal! That scarf is fierce with the rest of the outfit–such a fantastic touch!

    โ™ฅ Casey
    blog | elegantmusings.com

  3. Lauren

    Beautiful! I love outfits when you wear the scarf like that, but I've always meant to ask: do you have it secured in some way? If so, how? If not, why does it not fall off your shoulder? It's beautifully draped, but I just don't think I could wear this without the scarf driving me nuts from falling off or shifting!

  4. K.Line

    I wanna know how you are managing outside with that wisp of a sweater and a little scarf! And I do love the scarf!

  5. Rebecca

    The skirt makes a statement without any words. I "hear" it loud and clear & it's all feminine and strong!

  6. Sal

    Lauren: SO funny you should ask. Generally, I do secure my wraps with a brooch, or even a hidden safety pin. But today, I didn't, and I spent all damned day throwing the loose end back over my shoulder!

  7. Jamie Cattanach

    While I don't always look at your style and think, "ooh, I'd wear that," I pretty much always think you look good… but sometimes I think you look just INCREDIBLE. Like really, really pretty and put-together. This outfit? One of those times. ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Toby Wollin

    Wow – you are right about that skirt making your windproof – and I'll bet it weighs enough that you couldn't be blown away in a hurricane either!! But definitely a major 'warrior woman' fashion statement. Quick – find a sword.

  9. Barry Wright, III

    Extraordinary color combinations; you'd think the shade of the skirt would make the top pop (and it does), but it has a surprising vibrancy of it's own!

  10. Ecc3ntricCynic

    The leather skirt slays me. I have an unhealthy love for all things leather. You've taken something rough 'n' tough and turned it into a very classy piece.

  11. Charlotte

    The word "elegant" keeps coming up. The long skirt creates that feeling, so different from a mini-skirt, which is more flippy and fun. And yet, I keep reading that long skirts are "frumpy." This doesn't look frumpy. It looks…well, elegant.

  12. Missa

    I love how soft and feminine the lines are here with the tough girl leopard and leather, gorgeous contrast!

  13. Charlotte

    Sal, I found a beautiful forest green leather skirt much like this at the thrift store today. I kept thinking about your skirt, and how great it looked on you, and wondering if I could in any way, shape, or form, pass the green one off as "vegan." I figured not, so I passed.

  14. Sal

    Charlotte: Oh dear! "Recycled," sure … but you're right, probably couldn't do "vegan." ๐Ÿ˜‰

  15. Laikabear

    That is a rockin' outfit! You know what's funny, though? I was reading your archives where you say you just don't do the "fashion pouty face" very well…

    That first photo almost didn't look like YOU! I like the smiling ones much better. You have one of the best all-time smiles. ๐Ÿ™‚ But in that 1st photo you look kind of pissed! LOL

  16. Sal

    Laikabear: Just trying to mix it up. I get comments about how I look the same in every photo, too, so I've been trying to inject some variety in poses and facial expressions.

  17. Ekatherina

    ooh I am late on this one but you just look so vibrant. It's sort of like you're saying with this outfit.. "go screw, winter." ๐Ÿ™‚

    Love how you fight away the puffy-down-coat-syndrome of the depths of winter with this fiery little number!


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