Daily Outfit: 1/2/12

Already Pretty outfit featuring sweater coat, Paul Smith scarf, skinny jeans, Sorel Earhart boots

Scarf, Paul Smith – more Paul Smith scarves
Sweater coat, bought in Iceland – similar design, similar silhouette
Skinny jeans, courtesy Karen Kane
Boots – Sorelia Earhart courtesy Sorel
Dichroic glass studs, art fair – similar

I had hoped to wear something a bit less casual/utilitarian today, but was thwarted by the weather. For one thing, it was pretty damned cold. And for another, we had some bizarre snow/ice action over the weekend that left this un-shovel-able crust of slippery stuff all over the sidewalks. Behold:

And so it was snowboots with traction, and my Iceland-made sweater coat. Which is, without a doubt, the itchiest garment ever created by humans, even worn with two or more interior layers. But dang, it is WARM. Nothing like boiled Icelandic wool to keep a gal toasty.

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  • Well, you have a point, Sal — what *could* be warmer than boiled Icelandic wool? : > You look fab and toasty, and I do love that coat!

  • Laurel

    I love the little bit of color the scarf brings to the outfit—it’s especially flattering by your face.

  • You make snow boots look fabulous! And I just can’t say how much I love your short hair. I suits you.

  • Tohnia

    Hi Sal, I love your boots! I was looking for a similar pair, but I couldn’t find anything in my price range, so I went with a shorter style. If your sweater is itching, you can try washing it with 2 cups of distilled white vinegar (washing machine) or 2-3 TBSP of glycerin (hand wash). This website also shows another option: http://putthison.com/post/11951944431/how-to-soften-wool-if-you-happen-to-have-any-wool . Good luck and I love your new hair!

  • larenee10

    It’s been forever since I have come out of RSS feed isolation to come out and play with others, but I had to today! Sal, you are looking MARVELOUS! I am not sure what makes this photo so magic, but it just is.

  • Love the touch of the scarf…it is just the right touch and “warms” up the outfit!!

  • This silhouette is fantastic on you; awesome coat. Happy New Year!

  • camille

    Whoa! That outfit is so cute that I misread your first sentence without the less.