Daily Outfit: 11/30/10

Bedspread, Garnet Hill (no longer available)
Asian Wrap PJs, Garnet Hill (this print no longer available)
Simon Kitty, via Petfinder.com
Rowan Kitty, thrifted*
Pile of used snotrags, self-made

Guess what I did today, you guys. You’ll never guess.

I’m pretty sure I started reading HM‘s college copy of The Fountainhead when I was bedridden with the flu in March. Wonder if I’ll finally finish it …

*Rowan was five years old when I adopted her!

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46 Responses to “Daily Outfit: 11/30/10”

  1. nestra

    The Fountainhead, maybe… Atlas Shrugged, no way!! I hit the radio speech towards the end and it kills me every time. Feel better.

  2. Stefka

    Your "outfit" notes – LOL! And kitties!!! Hope their sweet love is helping speed your recovery….

    (aka mom to Milo, another thrifted kitty – it's amazing what treasures some people discard!)

  3. tinyjunco

    i'm reading Isabell Allende's Daughter of Fortune. it's great for when you're not feeling well, as the writing is beautiful but not hard to follow. but not boring at all! more rollicking – that all too rare easy yet rewarding read!

    feel better, steph

  4. Cynthia

    I highly recommend Robertson Davies for when you're feeling sickly.

    I've just been through a cold that took almost two weeks to really get over, all told. I hope you kick it faster than that!

  5. Kat

    I am happy to see I am not the only person who uses toilet paper rolls as snotrags (and leaves them on the bed in a pile too–clearly we are very classy ladies!).

  6. Kate

    Sorry to hear you're feeling under the weather, but thanks for the wonderful LOL about your "thrifted" cat! As I currently have two thrifted cats on my lap and one clearance-bin (that is to say, last chance at the humane society) dog next to me, I can empathize πŸ˜›

  7. madam0wl, a.k.a Sandra

    Ooo, I've read The Fountainhead twice I think, though I think I was healthy both times. Might be a stretch when under the weather! Hope you feel better before the end of your vacation. Cute kitties!

  8. Peter

    You look great in blues, Sal — and cats.

    Treat yourself to a box of Puffs with the lanolin that keeps your nose from drying out. Toilet paper = sore nostrils.

  9. Sal

    Kat: Oh yeah, baby. I mean really, with this volume of snot, who can afford facial tissues?

    Peter: This is TP with Aloe! Best invention EVER.

    I can't believe I'm discussing the intimate details of my nose-blowing on my style and body image blog …

  10. Sue

    Hi Sal, Feel better soon. I have noticed that several bloggers have cats as accessories. LOL. They are beautiful and such a comfort when sick, aren't they? Have you considered stockpiling old-fashioned ladies' handkerchiefs?

    Sue, with her own ethical fur accessory beside her, also thrifted and a gorgeous mustard color that goes with simply everything

  11. Faith J.

    I love seeing photos with your kitties! Cats are always so good at comforting the sick. I hope you recover soon, and I hope The Fountainhead will keep your mind off your illness. It is amazing.

  12. La Belette Rouge

    I hope you are better before Ellsworth Monkton Toohey causes all the trouble. Take good care of your self.
    p.s. You are the Howard Roark of fashion. Can you tell I am a Rand fan?

  13. IrishRedRose

    You're so funny! πŸ˜€

    I love Garnet Hill bedding and sleepwear too. SO worth it. Yum.

    All my kitties have been thrifted, come to think of it. Or, they thrifted me!

    I can tell Simon and Rowan are doing a good job of kitty nursing. Our Nurse Womulus helped my husband through three leg operations, even. Hope you feel better soon–and yeah, stay away from Atlas Shrugged. The Fountainhead gets more engrossing the further you go, I thought.

  14. Hotsy Malone

    What a Pro you are and funny thru your illness! I love that you did this post and put what your bedcovers, pajamas, etc were and I must say sick or not you look adorable!

    Hope you are up and at em' soon.


  15. Cynthia

    Can you bear advice from someone almost old enough to be your mom? (that is if I hadn't waited to have babies till I was 32 and stopped at 38) Chicken soup, crackers, rest, bad TV, any books, Vit D3 x 6000 IUS, double up on Vit C, liquids, plenty of cats.,

  16. orchidsinbuttonholes

    Aw Sal! You poor thing! It looks like you've got the best recipe for getting better right there, though – long book, cozy bedding, and kitties!

    Hope you're better soon!

  17. Donna

    Hope you feel better soon, tho you look comfy with the bitty-kitties and your book (and your aloe infused tp). If I didn't live so far from you, I would bring you some of my extra-strength homemade chicken soup. Guaranteed to make you all well!

  18. Kylara7

    Kitties! They are the best company for a cold πŸ™‚ And they just know when you need a snuggle or some company to help hold down the bed!

  19. Cathi

    Oh Man I am so jealous that someone can be so funny when they're sick and I'm not half that funny when I'm well. Great post. I love the idea of thrifted animals. LOL

  20. Shoe

    Hahaha so funny! I look exactly like this, right down to the toilet roll. Get well soon Sal!!




  21. Sadaf

    I don’t know what is says about me that the first thing I noticed about this picture is the book you were reading. Clearly, this is why I need more fashion advice.

    Feel better soon!!! BTW, I adore “The Fountainhead” and have read it cover to cover countless times.. My favorite from Rand though is Atlas Shrugged. Even better. Powerful characters, politically thought provoking ideology. Makes one ponder.


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