Daily Outfit: 10/18/10

Drapey zebra cardigan, Express

Pink dress, thrifted
Black boots, Kork-Ease Alva
Hoop earrings, a shop in SF

I’ve got a bad case of “grass is always greener” syndrome. It’s finally cooling off enough for tights, and now I don’t want to wear ’em. Eesh!

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15 Responses to “Daily Outfit: 10/18/10”

  1. no more frump

    I LOVE the zebra cardigan. I found your blog over at Style Underdog's. I look forward to doing some back reading of your blog.

  2. Sidewalk Chalk

    Ack, I think I accidentally posted part of another comment in my previous comment. Sorry, Sal, for any confusion!

  3. Rosie Unknown

    You look lovely!

    When I first saw the picture, and just saw the hot pink with zebra stripe, the first thing I though was "That's so Sal!"


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