Daily Outfit: 10/11/11

Already Pretty outfit featuring mustard skirt, cobalt button-down shirt, red suede pumps, Tsubo Amset, mesh bracelet, love knot earrings

Blue button-down, thrifted – similar
Skirt, Anthropologie Field Skirt (no longer available at Anthro) – a few on eBay
Belt, from a pair of shorts – similar
Pumps, Tsubo Amset courtesy Tsubo (no longer available) – similar
Bracelet, thrifted – similar
Necklace, self-made – similar
Earrings, thrifted – similar

I have to credit Franca for inspiring this outfit. I’ve seen her do all primary colors many times, and always LOVED how bright, bold, and cheery it looked. With this recently-thrifted shirt now in my possession, I thought I’d try a red-yellow-blue look for myself. Picking a muted mustard instead of a bright yellow helped me feel a little more sophisticated, as did adding the neutral belt.

These earrings are from my Hopkins Antique Mall haul, and I love how incredibly bright they are. That brilliant silver plays off all this color quite nicely, I think.

Already Pretty outfit featuring mustard skirt, cobalt button-down shirt, red suede pumps, Tsubo Amset, mesh bracelet, love knot earrings

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  • Tia

    Oh man. This is wonderful. I love that you’re doing the tricolor thing.

    • E.


  • this look and those colors are so great on you.. Love the fitted outfits on you!!!
    oxo J

  • Oh yes – three bold colors and some lips! Fantastic.

  • This is brilliant! Such a sophisticated and editorial, dare I say, spin on primary colors. LOVE!

  • Ok, now add a red cape blowing in the wind and a half mask and you’ve got “The Feisty Fashionista!” (or any other superhero name you think better suits you.)

    • Sal

      Maybe the Mayor of Matchy-matchytown has an alter ego!

  • ‘Looking gorgeous, as always, Sal! And thanks for the hints about upping the sophistication factor with bright colour combos. Once again, I am taking notes.

    Also, I don’t think I’ve said so as yet, but your new short haircut is beautiful. I love how perfectly it frames your delicate features.

  • Fruitful

    When I saw the thumbnail of this in my “top sites” I just HAD to click!

    These are colours I crave in a silhouette I covet. I need a bright blue shirt, stat! 🙂

  • Love your mix of colors! Thanks for the tip on the Hopkins Antique Mall; if I have time I’m going to check it out for possible hat heaven.

  • Hiya! This looks cheery and fabulous. It deserves a finger snap.

  • Amy

    LOVE IT! I have the exact same skirt and I wore it today too–with a white button down, brown leather belt, and brown boots 🙂 I got so many compliments and I’m sure you did too!

  • Eleanorjane

    Looks great! Strangely loving the mustard (unusual for me).

  • You are the queen of super cute a-line dirndl style skirts! I love this primary color blocking look!! Mustard is one of my favorite Fall colors.

  • At the last photo it suddenly dawned on me that you look like Snow White! It’s definitely not a bad thing (in my opinion); I actually love looking up fashion inspired by movies I love, but a lot of them get super literal. But you look sassy and chic! Definitely trying this!

  • Yeah, I am glad you wore this! Thanks for the shout out my dear!

  • Mandy Clarke

    Hey Sal!
    I just wanted to tell you I LOVE the shirt/ skirt combo on you. I think the whole thing works really well, with the higher waist and the length and all.
    It reminds me of the pink/ red shirt/ skirt combo you used to illustrate the effect of different waist heights.
    The pink/ red outfit is easy my all time favourite!
    I will have to try it someday. I have a looooong waist so it would probably make my legs go forever, awesome!
    Thanks again for the inspiration!

  • anne

    You’re channeling the romanian flag today. Love this colourblocking!

  • C’est Chic!

    FANTASTIC, Sal! Possibly the best look I’ve ever seen on you — though with all the choices you give us it’s impossible to pick! Did love the lace skirt/chambray shirt/Frye boots combo too, for instance! But this sophisticated colour blocking is STUNNING!

  • Cel

    Great oufit! That skirt is awesome, and I really love the blue of the shirt. This looks great on you.

  • Meg

    I’m really into the idea of mixing primary colours lately, but I haven’t been brave enough to just go for it, for fear of looking silly. Thanks for the inspiration, Sally (and for proving me wrong!).

  • This is SO cute! I love the shoes!

  • Lovely color combination. The goldenrod plus plum plus cranberry looks so festive for fall.

  • These colours are fantastic! You look stunning 🙂 o

  • Color blocking at its finest. Great use of mustard yellow too. It is for me, an unsung hero on the color wheel. xo -Bella Q

  • Oooh, you’re like a sophisticated and classy Wonder Woman! Or Snow White! (Primary color outfits always make me think of those two!)

    • Sal

      Oh my gosh! TOTAL Snow White!

  • Oh Miss Sal. You look gorgeous!

  • Sally, I know this is ancient history, but I just wanted to tell you how much I LOVE this outfit! Fabulous.