Daily Outfit: 10/11/10

Navy dress, Liza Reitz
Kimono silk pumps, Faryl Robin Suzu
Bangles, Fringe Boutique

Still too warm for true autumnal dressing. I wonder if all the kiddies are going to be schvitzing in their Halloween costumes this year …

So I’ve got origami-like folds on my dress, cherry blossom cut-out earrings, and kimono-style silk pumps. Does that mean I’ve developed a whole new category of matchy-matchy?

I’ve belted this dress in the past, but I liked it plain in this mix. It lets the shoes and the earrings shine a little brighter!

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27 Responses to “Daily Outfit: 10/11/10”

  1. Angeline

    Oh wow, the details on that dress are divine! How darling! While I could see it working with the belt, I think it looks awesome without.

  2. Esti

    Sal, this has made me curious for ages: how do the colors and styles of your tattoos factor into your sartorial choices? I know you've posted on the tats a bit before, but I can't remember you ever talking about how they work in your style (which they definitely do).

    Additionally, I'd love to see you post on how to incorporate constant pieces (be they ink, wedding bands, or friendship bracelets) into personal style.

    P.S. this look is gorgeous.

  3. Sal

    Esti: You know, I've had people ask that before and honestly? My tattoos are lost to familiarity. I don't dress around them or consciously think about matching them to my outfits. Since I adore bright, colorful ink and one-color-themed designs, it would be SO limiting to dress to my tattoos. So I don't. When they match what I'm wearing, BONUS! When they don't, I don't worry. The green one is most visible, and since it's a leafy-green design I suppose I think of it like a stem and the rest of my outfit like a flower. (Cheesy, I know!)

    I'll put your suggestion of how to incorporate constant pieces into personal style into the queue! That's a great one.

  4. orchidsinbuttonholes

    I love the dress unbelted – it really made me notice the details of its design. And you're right – it definitely lets those amazing shoes shine!

  5. Audi

    Well you ARE the mayer of Matchy-Matchytown, after all. I'm glad your matchy repertoire is not limited only to colors!

    And orchidsinbuttonholes is right, going beltless places more emphasis on the detailing of the dress, which is really gorgeous.

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