Expertise, diversity, and inclusion are all important within the context of this blog. To help foster a community that embraces a variety of viewpoints and welcomes all ideas, these amazing women have agreed to contribute topical and outfit posts to Already Pretty!

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Luanne D’Souza aka Weesha is a plus size fashion blogger, body image warrior, foster mom at her local animal shelter, and an online marketing professional. Originally from Goa, India, she has lived her whole life in multicultural Dubai. Through her blog, Weesha’s World, Luanne shares her passion for style at every size and budget, and promotes fashion as a tool for self-expression and creativity, not a mold to adapt to.

Having struggled with negative body image all her life, from eating disorders to self-harm, Luanne blogs both to improve herself and to help others like her combat the daily bombardment of negativity towards women who aren’t “perfect.”. She hopes that her outfit posts, style inspiration, and personal experiences as a fat girl help break the incorrect idea that fat equals unhappy or ugly.

Contributing to Already Pretty is kind of a huge deal for Luanne. Not only is it a wonderful learning experience, but she also gets to be a part of a wonderful team that shares and promotes the same message, “Love Yourself”.


I started my blog, Fashion for Giants, in January 2011 for a couple of reasons. One, I’ve always enjoyed the process of getting dressed in the morning. I think everything that goes into determining what I’m going to wear, to work or otherwise, is pretty fascinating. I take my body image for the day, the image I want to project to others, the weather, my destination and a myriad of other things into account when deciding what to leave the house in. And I like that. I like thinking about it and, being a little bit nerdy, figured I’d like writing about it too.

The other reason I started my blog is that while I can, and do, get inspiration from bloggers who are the polar opposite of me size-wise, it’s nice to see bloggers built like me too. When a blogger is tall and broad-shouldered, like I am, I don’t have to do as much guesswork about how a look might work on my body. And I thought if I liked reading blogs where the bloggers were built like me, then others might as well.

Now, I don’t claim to be an expert on fashion or personal style. No, my areas of expertise are limited to reading, dealing with rebellious thighs and subversive hips, and smiling. But, I know my body and I know what I like to put on it. And I know how to take pictures of what I put on my body (not good pictures, just pictures). And I know how to write some (often nonsensical) words to accompany those pictures.

Given my particular skills and the two reasons above, I figure personal style blogging was practically my destiny, so here I am!


cassie_smallThe author of Reluctant Femme, Cassie is a queer thirty something Australian who thinks too much, reads too much, talks too much, and collect way too many pretty things.

She is enormously nerdy by nature – sci-fi, roleplaying, video games, comics, the whole deal. She even wears glasses! Her nerdiness largely manifests as an obsessive need to research the crap out of anything she gets even a passing interest in, which has resulted in her brain being jam packed full of totally useless information on a ridiculously wide variety of topics. Want to know about wolf symbolism in Croatian folklore? Want to know how to get the edges of your nail polish all crisp and perfect? Want to know more about sex positive, pro-sex worker, intersectional feminism? Cassie can (and has been known to) talk about all of these things in the same breath.

Her writing revolves around an exploration of femme concepts, beauty products, feminism, and how they intersect with being a queer, poly, cisgender woman. She lives for comments, so if you’re reading by all means speak up! Even if you think she’s full of crap, she always likes to hear feedback.


lilyLily A. Zehner is a sex therapist, blogger, and doctoral student at the Institute for the Advanced Study of Human Sexuality in San Francisco. Her private practice, The Center for Authentic Intimacy, is located in Wheat Ridge, Colorado.

She is passionate about living authentically and helping clients do the same. She believes that letting our real selves shine is the key to self-love and finding true intimacy with others. She believes all bodies are good, beautiful, and perfectly imperfect. At times she struggles with this about her own body, but self acceptance can be a challenging road and it’s one she’s willingly chosen.

It’s taken time, but Lily has found her voice and she’s not afraid to use it! Her loud voice and boisterous laugh have become two of her most distinctive features. She’s also proud of her sizable, lovable rump, which grows ever larger as a result of CrossFit. She loves skinny jeans … so long as they have LOTS of stretch!

Lily’s definition of style is anything that makes the wearer feel sexy, comfortable, and confident.


IMJ_AP_HdshtI’m Joi and I blog my personal style via In My Joi. I’ve always enjoyed dressing up, yet notably, my personal style took on new dimensions when I hit my 30’s. You’ll find me saturated in bright colors, draped in vintage, and topped in hats. Occasionally I venture off to black and white combinations or take a playful dabble in mixed prints. It has been said that style is a way to express who you are, without having to speak. I wholeheartedly concur. Each day of life offers up a blank canvas, a fresh opportunity to use style to express different dimensions of my authentic self. Join my style adventures via Instagram, Tumblr, or Facebook!



aartiHaving struggled with ‘weighty’ issues most of my life, I made the decision to stop hating my body and to embrace it when I turned 30. Curves Become Her is where I talk about plus size fashion, being body positive, encourage female empowerment, and share personal anecdotes. This is a body hate free zone. Irregardless of my plus sized body, I embrace readers of all shapes and sizes. I endeavour to remind you that style and self love is sizeless.

I am a first generation Singaporean with Indian origins. My academic background is in psychology and psychotherapy. I consider myself a writer, feminist, and activist aside from being a plus size blogger.

I am extremely passionate about animal welfare, being the proud owner of 5 rescue pets – 3 dogs 2 cats.

I hope to connect with like-minded people from all the globe and aspire to be a compassionate citizen of the world. And have some fun while I’m at it.


kristine rose I’m Kristine Rose. I’m a make-up artist, esthetician, and writer. My credits include XOJane, The Frisky, The Good Men Project, Gothic Beauty Magazine, and Luna Luna Magazine. Beauty writing is my one true passion and I intend to revel in it until my untimely death, crushed under the weight of my own jewelry.

My passion for make-up started when I sang in a grade school talent show. I applied blue glitter to my eyes and gold lipstick to my lips and decided this would be a great daily look for the remainder of the 4th grade. I’ve never shied away from a beauty risk since.

I believe strongly in each individual’s right to create their best self, whatever shape that takes for them. If make-up is a part of that process for you, I would love nothing more than to share tips, tricks, and reviews to help you find the perfect routine.

I’ve been following Already Pretty for years. I love Sally’s “to each their own” gentle approach to style and her focus on the preferences of each individual. I also appreciate the intelligent and supportive discussions from the comments section. I am so excited and honored to be a part of this blog and can’t wait to interact with all of you!

Feel free to email me with any comments or questions, or connect with me on Instagram at @swansaredead or my style-focused account @_partoftheproblem_

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