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Already Prettypoll: Signature Pieces

As a longtime style-dabbler who has only recently settled into a single genre, I’ve often wondered what it’s like to have signature pieces. I mean, a minor turning point in my own style evolution came when my tailor friend Gigi stopped by the boutique a few months back. I showed her a fit-and-flare dress that had just arrived, and she said, “Well of course you love that one. That’s your dress shape.” So I suppose for a while there, fit-and-flare dresses were my signature … but I never identified them as such. I don’t have a scarf or ring or even scent that is with me always, and my guess is that signatures cannot be forced but must instead become touchstones organically and over a long period of time. So there’ll be no picking out a signature piece and forcing it into constant rotation …

Do you have any signature pieces? Are they specific items like watches or handbags, or genres like wide leg pants or oversized scarves? How long have they been pillars of your style? What are their stories?

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Tech Troubles

Hi friends. Looks like some of you may be seeing a post from last week and NOT seeing several more recent ones if you’re coming directly to the site. I’m pushing this quick post through to see if it might clear up the trouble, but am also in touch with support. Not that it will make any difference if you’re unable to get access, but posts are still coming through RSS, Facebook, and Twitter. Sorry for the inconvenience, and hope to have this handled shortly.

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A Thanksgiving Break


Friends, I’m going to take a few much-needed days off of blogging to spend time with family and friends for the Thanksgiving holiday. If you celebrate this holiday, too, I hope you’re able to rest and relax with your loved ones as well!

Image courtesy Marufish

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