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Reader Request: Making Blazers Fun

How to make sure your blazer outfits look fun instead of frumpy!

Reader Erin e-mailed me this request:

Every style blogger makes blazers look great, but I find them hard to style.  They seem so versatile on the rack, but then seem frumpy (I’m 24), too dressy/formal, or occasionally too equestrian when I try to create an outfit with them.  I’ve asked some stylish friends and several of them have run into the same issues.  Do you have any tips or suggestions for styling blazers well?

It took me a while to feel like I could make blazers work within the context of my style, so I can relate to Erin’s frustrations. Blazers get a lot of play in fashion mags and advice columns, but they CAN feel a bit challenging. Especially if you’re still exploring your own personal style while trying to embrace the flattering and eschew the formal.


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Reader Request: Stylish Interview Garb

how to dress for an interview

The lovely Kendra sent me this plea:

I was wondering if you could provide some ideas for interview wear beyond the basic suit and button down. I know alot of it has to do with what industry/field and what level you are interviewing for, but either way it can be hard to pump some creativity and personality into interview attire.

Well, Kendra, lemme tell ya. I actually tend to err on the side of conservatism when interviewing, as I believe that the best time to express your personal style and fashionable creativity is AFTER you’ve landed the job. I understand that showing up in a suit when you’re not a suit-wearing girl may seem dishonest, but you ought to be able to express yourself through what you say, your accomplishments, your humor and smarts. Interview clothes should establish your ethos, not your personality. In an interview, you want to present the most mature, impressive, hire-able version of yourself. You can slowly introduce your visual personality after you’ve been hired or your reputation has been established.


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Reader Request: Easy Thrift Alterations

how to repair thrift store clothes

A few weeks ago, Gladys asked me this:

Have you or do you embellish your own thrift store or items in your closet to change them or make them more “current”? Would you mind showing us some of your tips?

When Husband Mike and I bought our house, we were SO EXCITED because it didn’t need any major repairs or cosmetic alterations. It was just what we wanted, as-is. When I shop, I generally buy an item if it’s just what I want, as-is, too. But thrifting does offer a wealth of almost-perfect options and, if you have an eye for embellishment and the right skill set, you can transform trash to treasure quickly and easily.


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