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Reader Request: Style Advice for the Lost

how to change your style

Juliet wrote in with this plea:

When I think of clothes I want to wear I think of how they feel against my skin and how warm I want to be, not anything about how they look like (except that I like certain colours). The only celebrities whose style I can even call to mind are men. I don’t have a non-celebrity whose dress style I would like to emulate either. I find these kinds of questions really bizarre (by which I mean it would never ever have occurred to me to think about that).


How to Hone and Develop Your Personal Style

how to develop personal style

I’ve pored over dozens of style books, many of which outline what they consider to be the fundamental style categories – bombshell, American classic, Bohemian, rock & roll – and suggest essential pieces to procure if you’d like to try these looks out for yourself. Although I often disagree with their requisite item suggestions (Are bright yellow zippered sandals essential to nailing the “mod” look? I think not.), I’m fascinated by how tidily they appear to distill each style into a handful of staples. Making these iconic styles work suddenly seems so simple, laid out there in neatly organized rows of clothing, shoes, and accessories.


What Belting Can Do For You

I’ve begun updating some of my greatest hits posts so they’re more current. This is one of them!

how to wear a belt

If you’re looking for a tutorial on the nuts and bolts of choosing belts for your outfits, I will quite happily refer you to Audi’s fabulous guest post on how to break into belting for a comprehensive guide to wearing these amazingly versatile accessories. It’s gospel, as far as I’m concerned.

But a refresher on how belts can be worn and how they affect your proportions couldn’t hurt, right? And I’m such a visual learner myself, I figured some photographic examples might help!