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How to Donate Your Clothes Like a Champ

How to donate clothes properly

Although we generally focus on the shopping part of the thrift chain, I want to take a moment to talk about donation. If you want to rack up some good thrift karma, learning to be a great clothing donor is a fantastic place to start. Most of these tips are pretty self-explanatory, but since thrift stores can end up as dumping grounds for closet castoffs it’s worth discussing the basics.

Don’t donate ruined stuff

A snag here or small stain there isn’t the end of the world, but clothing that is truly and completely ruined? The thrift store can’t re-sell that any more than you can wear it. Large rips or tears, obvious stains, overwhelming smells, holes, broken and hard to replace closures can be deal-breakers. READ MORE

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Reader Request: Easy Thrift Alterations

how to repair thrift store clothes

A few weeks ago, Gladys asked me this:

Have you or do you embellish your own thrift store or items in your closet to change them or make them more “current”? Would you mind showing us some of your tips?

When Husband Mike and I bought our house, we were SO EXCITED because it didn’t need any major repairs or cosmetic alterations. It was just what we wanted, as-is. When I shop, I generally buy an item if it’s just what I want, as-is, too. But thrifting does offer a wealth of almost-perfect options and, if you have an eye for embellishment and the right skill set, you can transform trash to treasure quickly and easily. READ MORE

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Thrifting for Trends: Fall/Winter 2016 Edition

It’s time, once again, to examine the hot “new” trends for the season, and remind ourselves that fashion recycles EVERYTHING! Here are just a few of the garments, colors, and styles that are trending for spring and summer that you can easily track down at your local thrift and consignment shops. (Note that all of the on-trend items I’m wearing below have been thrifted. Already.)

Monochrome Outfits

Fall 2016 fashion trend, monochrome outfits

This isn’t a specific thriftable piece, of course, but it’s a dressing technique that was incredibly prevalent in the RTW shows that’s easily re-created using thrifted pieces. Combining several shades of the same color into your layers and accessories is bold, to be sure, but you don’t have to go with oranges and purples if you’d rather keep things subdued. Try riffing on navy or burgundy for monochrome outfits that are both seasonal and on-trend. How does thrifting figure in? If you’ve got a dominant color in your closet, add a few thrifted pieces in related shades to craft your looks. READ MORE