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This Week I Love …


… chartreuse.

This greeny-yellow has been an obsession of mine for over a year now. There’s something about the bright, unexpected, sour-tart look of it that just thrills me. And I’m surprised by how versatile chartreuse can be: It pairs well with neutrals like tan and gray, but also with jewel tones like magenta and purple, and even brights like cobalt. A little tough to find at times – I’m still on the hunt for chartreuse pumps – but worth the effort. Here are some chartreuse items I’m lusting after right now:

chartreuse silk blouse

Anthropologie Silk Top - $59.95

Mmmm, I can imagine this with slouchy boyfriend jeans and chunky sandals or tucked into a structured navy skirt. Love that it’s got a V-neck for easy necklace wearing, and it sounds like it runs pretty generous, size-wise. Definitely on my wishlist.

karen millen pleat lace skirt
Karen Millen Pleat Lace Skirt
 - $99

I saw this lovely skirt on a fellow blogger – and am now blanking on who it was – and was instantly smitten. The lace is denser toward the hem so there’s a very subtle ombre effect. Plus I’m a fool for a pleated skirt, especially one with a nice, wide waistband. And it’s now 50% off. Tempting!

asos chartreuse pants
ASOS Curve Hammered Crepe Pant – $66.69

Just a basic cropped pant, fabulous for summer, and in a nice rich chartreuse. But the clincher for me? They’re high rise. A rarity for ASOS. And this link will take you to size 14 – 28, but they also come in sizes 1-14 regular and 00 -12 petite.

chartreuse sandals

ASOS HANSEL Wedges – $76.22

Fun, bright, summery, and with that chunky platform the incline won’t feel so severe. These guys look like suede, but they’re textile so vegan-friendly! Did you notice this is the second pick from ASOS? They’ve got lots of fun offerings in chartreuse right now including jumpsuits, dresses, and these marvelous pointy-toe pumps.

chartreuse handbag

Alberta Di Canio Handbag - $137

What a gorgeous shape. This color verges on kiwi/apple green a bit, but it’s still in the family. And at 7″ x 11″ x 15″ it’s nice and roomy. Chartreuse can be a very bright, bold color but in a bag with this classic design, it seems more subdued and wearable. Use code HAPPYOOX to get an addtional 20% off through June 19.


Banana Republic Factory Cardigan – $38.49

I didn’t know you could shop the BR Factory stores online until I stumbled across this cardigan. It’s a lightweight linen blend, so even though it’s long it should still work for warmer temps. Love it with white and gray, as shown here.

copertina pump

Kristin Cavallari Copertina Pump – $129.95

Now THESE pumps actually are suede, and a gorgeous rich chartreuse suede at that. D’Orsay detailing is very trendy right now but also eternally elegant, so these will have an of-the-moment feel, but staying power, too. Not a fan of monster wedges or heels? Check out these darling flats in a golden chartreuse.

Do you wear chartreuse? What other colors do you mix with this yellow-green shade? It can be a tricky color to wear – anyone love it, but keep it away from your complexion? Any of these citron and chartreuse items tickle your fancy?

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This Week I Love …

watercolor prints

… watercolor prints.

My two favorite styles of print are opposite from one another: I love a great black and white geometric, but I also swoon over blurry, abstract, organic watercolor prints. And the latter just seems like such a natural choice for the warm, lazy days of summer. Here are some gorgeous watercolor print items that have caught my eye:


Land’s End Slub Jersey Floral Art Tee$29

I’ve been ogling this tee for MONTHS, since I just love the rich colors and simple design. It would be so fun with shorts for summer wear, but will also pair nicely with sweaters and slacks for fall and winter. And, as always with LE, it comes in regular, petite, tall, and plus sizes.

Kate Spade Merit Pencil Skirt

Kate Spade Marit Pencil Skirt - $147.20

Such elegant muted tones. Many of which do horrible things to my own complexion, but could certainly be worn away from my face in a skirt. Also love the little pops of turquoise, which would make a teal blouse or sweater look marvelous with this pencil skirt. Size 10 available. More sizes available here for $184.99. Kate Spade also did this print in a mixed media top and pointed-toe pumps.

old navy watercolor scarf
Old Navy Watercolor Print Scarf

Get a load of those lush blue chrysanthemums. This 50″ x 50″ square scarf will look gorgeous with greens and blues but also pair perfectly with magenta, purple, and tan. A great bet for lightweight summer scarf wearing. Also love this watercolor floral scarf from Vince Camuto, in pink/orange, blue/green, and ivory/tan variations.

watercolor plus size skinny jean

Levi’s Plus Size Legging$47.99

Not for the shy and retiring, to be sure, but imagine these with an untucked white tee and jean jacket. Or rolled-sleeve chambray shirt. A gorgeous print, perfectly summery, and great for statement-making. In sizes 16W – 24W.

ivy and blu watercolor dress

Ivy & Blu Multi Color Dot Print Dress$148

Although many watercolors are florals, some are more abstract like this multicolor dot print. With so much white it might be harder to transition this dress to fall or winter wear, but it will brighten up your spring and summer, to be sure. This frock is on the short side at 34.5″ inches in length which may make it ideal for petites or long-waisted figures. In sizes 0 – 16.

jones new york watercolor blouse

Jones New York Petite Cowl Neck Blouse$24.99

And even more abstract but still watercolor-y in nature is this drapey sleeveless top. In addition to being floral, many watercolor prints also feature pale, washed-out colors but this print shows how rich, bold shades can be utilized, too. Only 14P left, and such a bargain! For the flip side, check out this high-contrast watercolor floral from J.Crew – sleeveless silk for $98, and comes in petites and talls.

steven anibel sandal

Steven Anibell$109

“Edgy” and “watercolor” don’t often go hand-in-hand, but with these sandals you can have both. Just add a white tee, distressed boyfriend jeans, and a chunky necklace for a killer summer outfit. Or pair with a Little Black Dress for a night on the town. In US sizes 6 – 10. Couldn’t find many flats but these watercolor rose print ballet flats are cute.

She's Something Else Dress

Modcloth She’s Something Else Dress$157.99

Wouldn’t have expected a longer hemline at Modcloth, but this one runs between 38″ and 42″ in length. That’s a pretty deep V, but could be worked around with a zippy yellow camisole or a few quick stitches to bring the neckline up a bit. I love the idea of pulling the gray from this pattern for a handbag or shoes, but it would also pair well with bold red or a saturated pastel. In sizes 2 – 14.  Modcloth has many other watercolor print dresses and clothes, including several in plus sizes.

Are you a watercolor print aficionado? Any other sources to check? (I expected to find a few at Anthropologie, but struck out.) Do you love watercolor florals or prefer the abstracts?

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This Week I Love …


… Yoko Ono.

When I met Husband Mike I was 25 years old. I had been an avid Beatles fan since the 6th grade and accepted without question the notion that Yoko Ono single-handedly destroyed the best rock band ever to have existed.* I have no idea why I just went with this and never really investigated for myself, but when HM found me out he pushed me. He said, “Have you seen her art?” He told me about Painting to Shake Hands and Ceiling Painting, the latter being the piece that essentially made John Lennon fall in love with her. He explained that she was an experimental and avant-garde artist whose work was deceptively simple and consistently evoked strong emotional responses in the people who experienced it. And he said that although he didn’t adore her music, he admired her rawness, fearlessness, and relentless desire to push and experiment. I was astonished, and began to explore her work a little on my own. I don’t love it all, but I love a lot of it. And I’ve found that my admiration for Ono has grown steadily over the years.

Despite her tireless work for good causes – world peace and disarmament, raising awareness about AIDS and money for research, and disaster relief for multiple events and countries – Ono remains one of the most reviled figures in music and pop culture history. And yet she has maintained serenity and focus through the years, making music and art tirelessly and originally while the acid critiques roll off her back. (Or so it seems.) She’s nearly 81 now, and in the past ten years or so has started releasing dance tracks. Last year she had two consecutive #1 hits on the Billboard Dance Club Play Charts. Did I mention she’s 81? And that droves of people loathe her? I cannot help but admire her dedication to creating music and art, and doing so with unique vision and authentic passion. My impression? Yoko Ono really couldn’t care less what anyone thinks of her. In the best possible way.

And this woman has amazing style to boot. Although sunglasses indoors can seem a little affected, I think she totally pulls it off. Once famous for her long, wild hair, she now wears a chic, short crop and a rotating cast of fabulous hats. Her uniform of gorgeously tailored suits – most of them black but with eye-catching details – gives her the air of a chic, worldly stateswoman. She’ll occasionally swap in some patent leather and wears it with the panache of an inherently stylish human being. And seriously, that McQueen skull scarf she’s sporting in the image up top? You know that hits me right where I live.

Anyone else a Yoko Ono fan? Music, art, or both? Did you know she was cranking out dance hits? Anyone seen her visual pieces in person? (I’m yet to myself, but will someday, I’m sure of it.) Love her sleek, chic, tailored style?

*Want proof she didn’t? Here ya go.

Image via Chart Attack.

**Disclosure: Actions you take from the hyperlinks within this blog post may yield commissions for See Already Pretty’s disclosure statement for more details.

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