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This Week I Love …


… seeing more and more vendors offering tall clothing styles.

It’s true that short inseams are a fit challenge for tall women, but as the Ann Taylor graphic above notes, it’s not all about the legs. In many cases, tall women have longer torsos, longer arms, AND longer legs so the proportions of regular sizes just don’t work on their frames. And it’s great to see more and more brands dipping into the world of tall sizes. Still frustrating to find that most of these options are online only – which is also the case for many plus size lines within certain brands – but at least the selection is broadening. Here’s an abbreviated list of tall resources, including a few that have hopped on the bandwagon fairly recently:

Amazon – You’ll need to do some weeding, but the left rail can help you narrow down the field. Pant options abound.

Ann Taylor – 0T – 18T in some styles. A great resource for tall work wear.

Anthropologie – Pants only, but includes a variety from palazzos to crops to gauchos to boyfriend jeans.

ASOS – A fabulous place to look for edgy and trendy items. They’ve got jumpsuits, leggings, skirts, dresses, and more.

Avenue – This plus retailer only offers pants in tall sizes, but they’ve typically got five or six classy pairs available.

Banana Republic – Great for office staples like button-front shirts and wrap dresses.

Boden – Dresses, skirts, and pants are generally available in “long” lengths, though I’m guessing it really is just an inseam/hem length adjustment since Boden calls out its petite sizes. Up to 18L.

Eddie Bauer – A great resource for activewear and outerwear. Also stocks dozens of tops and pants proportioned for tall frames.

Elle Mayers – An activewear line that focuses exclusively on tall women!

Gap – Tops are cut with longer sleeves and length and a lower waistline, pants have a longer inseam and lower knee position.

J.C. Penney – Affordable basics and work wear from house brands as well as Liz Claiborne and St. John’s Bay.

J.Jill – Relaxed casual wear from 4T – 18T.

J.Crew – Blazers and suiting, shirts, skirts, and dresses. Sadly, no sweaters.

Land’s End – Everything from jeans and tops to swimwear. Also offers tall plus swimwear.

LOFT – Basics and trends mixed together, and a slightly younger vibe which means shorter hemlines despite tall lengths.

Long Elegant Legs – A pretty comprehensive resource, stocking everything from workwear and casualwear to PJs, jackets, shapewear, and activewear.

Mommy Long Legs – Tall maternity clothing. A small selection, but the pieces look versatile.

Old Navy – Affordable tops, dresses, and super cute sweaters. Surprisingly few pants, but they do stock a handful of jeans, cords, and leggings.

One Stop Plus – Mostly a fairly plain selection of pants with a few skirts, dresses, and jackets sprinkled in.

Simply Tall – Lots of options, including two great name brands: Tribal and Pendleton

* * * * *

Pretty Tall Style is one of my regular reads, and I very much miss Thirty-five Inch Inseam. Anyone else follow style blogs run by tall women? What other tall shopping resources can you share? I’d especially love to hear any reviews of Long Tall Sally, which seemed like the only game in town for AGES.

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This Week I Love …

… mixed metal jewelry.

After DECADES of wearing nothing but silver, I am softening toward non-silver metals. But I have to admit that doing an all-gold accessory mix still feels … odd to me, so I’m easing in with mixed metal pieces. Here are a few I’m loving these days:


Mixed Metal Chain Earrings, $17.50

These are incredibly similar to a pair I got at Corset. (They’re here and here, though it seems I don’t have a close-up posted yet.) I’m also gaga for draped chain details right now, so these are doubly fabulous in my opinion. My pair is super versatile and looks equally lovely with tough mixes or softer ones.


Bonnie Jonas Mixed Chain Necklace, $38

At 17″ this is a little short for my taste, but could be adjusted with a necklace extender. Mixed metals and mixed chains often go hand-in-hand, and I love how this piece blends chunky links with more delicate ones.


Jenny Bird Sunray Cuff - $95

I drool. Two brassy chain styles, a chunky silver strand, and the black beaded edging. This would look amazing with jeans and a sweater or a dressier mix. It’ll add a dose of edginess to any outfit, that’s for sure.


Long Mixed Metal Necklace – $132

My love for long pendants has been well-documented here, and this little love has been in my Etsy faves for months. I love the combination of metal tones and also textures – the disc is hammered. Such an elegant touch.

kensie necklace

Kensie Chain Reaction Mixed Metal Necklace – $38

Slightly similar to the first necklace pick, but longer, looser, and with gunmetal in the mix instead of silver. This one clocks in at 19″ and would look so funky over a graphic tee.


Lucky Brand Organic Pave Drop Earrings – $29

Lucky Brand has been churning out some stellar jewelry these days, and these two-tone pave hoops are no exception. They’ve got some subtle sparkle, but the irregular shape makes them more versatile than straight-up sparkly rhinestones.

Mixed metals are also great if you’ve got everyday, non-negotiable jewelry pieces but want to wear others in non-matching tones. (Some people don’t care, others are SUPER annoyed when their metals clash. Mixed pieces can bridge.) How about you? Would you or do you wear mixed metal jewelry? Any favorite resources?

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This Week I Love …

static guard

Static Guard.

My relationship with Static Guard is parallel to my relationship with The Simpsons. The Simpsons were first seen as shorts on the Tracey Ullman show, and they were moderately amusing, but nothing that rocked my world. Then the actual show was created and began to air, and the entire world had t-shirts featuring Bart telling me not to have a cow, man. And I ignored the show because catchphrases irritate me. And it stuck around, and really smart, really funny people in my life started telling me it was a quality show. But I wasn’t having it. How could the “don’t have a cow, man” show be any good? People kept telling me, I kept ignoring them. And then I married HM and watched a few episodes and was all, “YOU MEAN I’VE BEEN MISSING OUT ON THIS FOR DECADES???!??”

I’ve been asked for my input on static remedies and responded with an articulate and helpful, “Hell if I know.” But back in the spring, my tights and skirts began having daily, epic battles atop my thighs. I got desperate. And we had a bottle of Static Guard in the boutique. And I tried it. Angels sang, shafts of light illuminated my thighs, and I was all, “YOU MEAN I’VE BEEN MISSING OUT ON THIS FOR DECADES???!??”

Sometimes I have to spray on quite a bit of this stuff to keep the static in check for several hours running, but it doesn’t stink and it doesn’t seem to add any residue to my garments and it really does kill off the cling. In fact, it’s the only thing I’ve found that does.

Disclaimers: It makes me feel very strange to spray this substance on anything delicate or prone to marking. So I just don’t. I reserve Static Guard for fairly robust materials and items that I know won’t be damaged. A very cursory search led me to this entry on the hazards of this product, which are mostly of concern only after prolonged exposure. But that means don’t use gobs of it every day all winter long. And finally, there are other, more natural ways to reduce static cling. But if you’re about to interview for a job and can’t get your pants unstuck from your calves, stop into a drug store for a can of Static Guard. It’ll fix you right up.

Anyone else a fan? Have other portable static remedies? I’ve tried spraying my clothes with water, but in the dead of winter the static returns within minutes. How do you cope with static cling in your clothes?

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