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Reader Request: Dressing a Post-mastectomy Figure

Dressing post-mastectomy

Reader Allison e-mailed me this question:

I am a 37 year old petite woman who loves clothing and style and am quite healthy and in excellent shape. I have enjoyed reading your blog because you seem to be able to address style issues for a variety of body types. I was diagnosed with breast cancer at the beginning of the month and will soon be undergoing single mastectomy with reconstruction. There will be a period of time for several months where I will have an asymmetric bust while the plastic surgeon is working on increasing the size of the tissue expander that will ultimately be exchanged for an implant that matches the healthy side. READ MORE

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Building Your Style Through Basics

Why you should build your wardrobe using classic and basic pieces.

Once upon a time, anĀ online makeover client came to me feeling a bit lost. She’d been an adventurous dresser in college, experimenting with punky/alternative looks and really embracing her quirkier side, but had fallen into a self-described Ann Taylor rut in recent years. She was bored of looking in the mirror and feeling bored with her clothes.

So we corresponded a bit, and she sent me links to tons of TOTALLY FANTASTIC dresses from Modcloth and Trashy Diva that were inspiring her at the time. Stuff with fun silhouettes and retro flair, gorgeous prints and fantastic detailing. I drooled over these dresses and skirts myself, and was excited for her to try ’em all. READ MORE

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Lately, I’ve been pondering coolness. Noting how outfits that are unbearably chic on women in magazines look like misguided games of dress-up on me. Acknowledging that certain of my blogging peers can don outlandish clothing, shoes, and accessories and make them appear artfully amazing. Seeing how some garments that exude coolness on their own suddenly become awkward and strange when worn by a person with a less-than-cool personality. Such a strange and elusive beastie, this coolness. READ MORE

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