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How to Hone and Develop Your Personal Style

how to develop personal style

I’ve pored over dozens of style books, many of which outline what they consider to be the fundamental style categories – bombshell, American classic, Bohemian, rock & roll – and suggest essential pieces to procure if you’d like to try these looks out for yourself. Although I often disagree with their requisite item suggestions (Are bright yellow zippered sandals essential to nailing the “mod” look? I think not.), I’m fascinated by how tidily they appear to distill each style into a handful of staples. Making these iconic styles work suddenly seems so simple, laid out there in neatly organized rows of clothing, shoes, and accessories.


Style Icons: Sarah Manning and Abbie Mills

Over the years, dozens of people have asked me to cite TV shows and movies that feature characters whose personal style I admire. And I’ve always struggled. For a while I was dressing in the Zoe Deschanel vein, but never really identified with her specific brand of retro-girly. I was hard-pressed to reel off the names of any contemporary characters whose wardrobes I wanted to raid.

But now? Two of my current favorite shows feature leads whose closets I covet endlessly.


How to Be Intentional With White

I’ve begun updating some of my greatest hits posts so they’re more current. This is one of them!

how to wear white

White, like black, is considered by many to be a tone that “goes with everything.” But in my humble opinion, neither white nor black goes with everything! And just as you should consider how you incorporate black into your outfits, it will help your style seem more refined and sophisticated if you learn to utilize white not as a fallback plan, but as an active color.