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The REAL Wardrobe Must Haves

wardrobe must haves

I love fashion magazines. I do. Despite their multitudinous flaws and tendency to assume that everyone everywhere is Scrooge-McDuck-rich and longing to be slim, I love that my monthly style rags tell me about new brands, test out beauty products I’d never even think to explore, and offer styling tips and advice. I find the seasonal digests of clothing trends particularly helpful.

BUT. I loathe the tendency among fashion magazines to create utterly outlandish must-have lists. I mean, universal must-have lists are bad enough, making women who loathe button-front shirts feel left out and women who hate heels feel fashionably frustrated. But the seasonal ones? They’re the worst. “This season’s must-haves” articles inevitably include trends that many women cannot afford or reasonably work into their lifestyles. And although I’m sure many people skim over them with nary a twinge, others may feel subtly chastised. If you’re someone who adores trends and enjoys experimenting with new looks, being presented with a mandatory list of items that includes precisely zero things you’ll ever be able to buy or wear can feel … deflating, at the least.


Reader Request: Looking Professional in the Summer Heat

how to dress professionally in hot weather

Reader Heather sent me this question:

I’m a music teacher in rural Southeast Missouri, and when I’m doing an August band camp, it is ridiculously hot (think 95+ degrees with 100% humidity for 7 hours, no AC). A lot of blogs have articles on how to dress professionally during the summer, but they are almost all geared towards people who work in an (overly) air conditioned office. I think there’s a tendency to assume that people who need to dress professionally work indoors, while outdoor workers need to dress in a less polished way. I also look very young, so shorts, flip flops and tank tops just don’t work, and are against dress code anyway.


Fight Back: Wear the Same Things Frequently

Why it is important to wear the same outfits over and over

So last week we chatted about saving the world be doing less laundry. THIS week let’s examine another facet of the same subject: Wearing the same clothes over and over again.

I believe I linked to this article when it first came out. It points out that some women have adopted a “wear it once” mindset because they fear being seen in the same outfits multiple times on social media. They are either donating or actually throwing away clothing that has only been worn on a couple of occasions, especially if that clothing has been photographed and tagged. I cannot overstate how disturbed I am by this revelation. Especially since fashion bloggers posting entirely new outfits on the daily – often showcasing items they’ve been paid to wear and therefore don’t own and will never wear again – are undoubtedly contributing to this problem. Big time.