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Being Brave in the Bedroom: Part 3


By Lily, Already Pretty Contributor

Hello again! I hope thus far your journey has been enlightening and I hope that you are feeling more connected and grounded in your body. As you are able to embody what you desire, you may be ready to share it with others. Typically when people want to be brave in the bedroom, it is because ultimately they want to be brave in their bodies while sharing the experience with others. Part three will explore this through communication, non-sex sex (NSS), and partner exploration. READ MORE

Reader Request: Bodies and Decency

Reader Leah sent me this question via email:

Views on body hair seem to me like part of a larger trend of regarding certain secondary sexual characteristics of women as obscene or inappropriate. Here are several examples:

“Bikini area” – The top 6″ of my inner thighs grow pubic hair rather than leg hair. I don’t think I’m allowed to wear a bathing suit that shows this hair. Showing leg hair might be seen as icky or unconventional, but I’d be concerned about being reported for indecent exposure if I showed pubic hair. I’ve never seen a woman wearing a bathing suit that showed this type of hair in this location. (Incidentally, shaving gives me terrible ingrown hairs, so I eventually started wearing board shorts when I swim. I’m quite satisfied with that solution, but it makes me “weird” and people ask why I don’t wear a standard bathing suit.) READ MORE

Being Brave in the Bedroom: part 1


By Lily
AP contributor

I recently gave a talk to a group of mothers on being brave in the bedroom. This is something I can talk about with anyone for hours on end. It is something I have talked about at length with my clients, with friends, and it’s something I am constantly working on myself.

I know this is a very common goal and yet, it isn’t always seen as obtainable. I believe it absolutely is. There isn’t a perfect or easy formula, there isn’t even just one way to do it, but it is possible. READ MORE