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Lovely Links: 4/8/16

SO excited to announce that I’m going to be interviewed for Pretty Girl at the Bryant Lake Bowl & Theater show this coming Saturday night! The cast is doing an improv sendup of women’s magazines and the havoc they wreak on the psyches of actual women – which will be HILARIOUS, guaranteed – and then they’re gonna talk to me (sans improv, I’ve been promised) about my career and experience in the industry. Tix are $10 in advance, $12 at the door. Would love to see you there!


Lovely Links: 4/1/16

Weekly Kitty:


Harriet is ready to be donated to ARC.

J.Petite reviews the Bling Brush, a multi-purpose jewelry-cleaning tool. Sounds promising …

Danielle’s plaid, double-breasted power suit is simply splendid.

“It is so dated to label models based on size, but I don’t believe dropping the tag ‘plus-size’ will eliminate the problem. Women need to support each other and stop comparing and criticizing. That’s what I’m really all about; I don’t think it should be one versus the other. It is so important for the next generation to see a variety of body types, looks, and sizes represented in fashion.”


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Lovely Links: 3/25/16

Weekly Kitty:


Looks like he’s howling. But really, Simon just opens his mouth whenever he’s play-aggravated.

With this outfit, Alice shows how prints and patterns can be tied together with a single unifying element – in this case, everything except her skirt includes a bit of black.

Loved reading this interview with amazing plus-sized cosplayer Brichibi.

If my body is only worthy of love if I alter it to meet whatever arbitrary standards I — or the people and things around me — have set, can I call my love genuine? Is it capitalism from which the loathing is born? Media? Misogyny? What is the origin of these feelings? Are these feelings wrong?”