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Lovely Links: 6/27/14

The June 28 event at Eat My Words IS CANCELLED. Info on rescheduling when I have it!

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Weekly Kitten:


Angie of You Look Fab shares her top 10 style tips from the past eight years of blogging, and many years of stylist work before that!

Do you have a go-to outfit that you can just “throw on” and feel fabulous?

Power to the Older Ladies, courtesy singer-songwriter Donnalou Stevens. (Via Suzanne Carillo)

Thanks to Dressed Her Days Vintage for including me in this fascinating read that explores why bloggers pose in certain ways.

For me and many others, Zumba is about and feeling good about our bodies as they are rather than about altering them to fit in (pun intended). Students can shake and twist and roll as much or as little as they are comfortable with, and I always hope that if they are comfortable enough to give it their all, they feel confidence, pride, and love for their bodies.”

Yoiks. Check out the seven deadliest fashion trends of all time. (Via Skepchick)

Grechen really is the master of chic, minimalist layering.

“Understanding the myths that we’ve been taught about women and appearance makes it easier to be critical when we are exposed to yet another false idea or image. It makes it easier, though still difficult, to begin rejecting these ideas and to see ourselves and other women in a less judgmental light.”

Wondering how to style cascading and waterfall-front layers? This post shows 13 outfits and different ways to style a cascading vest that create interesting silhouettes.

I’m currently a bit obsessed with draped chain earrings. My own are from Corset, but I’ve also been eyeing these gorgeous gold ones and this splurge-worthy Alexis Bittar pair.

Or if you prefer chain drops, check out Gracey’s, paired with a vintage top and adorable speckled flats.

As if we needed a reason NOT to create body-image related Internet hoaxes: The “Bikini Bridge” thing has taken off. And gained steam with eating disorder-related hashtags.

No time to blow dry? Check out these seven easy hairstyle tutorials for wet hair.

Although I do use a store-bought product for mascara, grapeseed oil removes all other makeup for me. Check out these five all-natural makeup removers and see if one might work for you.

Bonus outfit over on Facebook this week, featuring Elvis.

Gifted writer and body image blogger Kate Fridkis is going to shut down Eat the Damn Cake. Her views on how important beauty really is have shifted, and she wants to move on. Hope she’ll continue contributing to the conversation, as hers is an insightful and valuable voice.

Ela looks classically chic in her floral swing dress and patent pumps.

I’ve recently had two makeup artists tell me to smile and apply at the apples then swirl back, but also liked this visual guide to blush application from The Beauty Department.

Love, love, LOVE Anna’s suggestions for talking about body image issues with friends and family.

I spotted these flat sandals with a funky studded footbed while in Chicago, and promptly added them to my wishlist.

“The simple fact is that unless you go around introducing yourself as such, ‘Hello, my name is Glenda and I’m 48,’ no one will really know just how old you are. Here is another fact, not all 48 year old women are cut from the same cloth. We each have our own style, essence, lifestyle, body types, etc, etc. So why on earth should we allow age to shackle us into some type of grid that tells us YES on one side and NO on the other?

A fascinating exploration of aging, anatomy, breast shapes, and sag probability by my girl K.Line.

Try styling your super-long skinny belt in a pretzel knot. Will likely work best with very supple belts.

Recently activist and author Mikki Kendall created the #NotJustHello hashtag to talk about how women experience street harassment. Geek Feminism added this wiki page due to the high level of “I can’t believe that happens” responses, mostly by men.

Chastity is absolutely radiant in her printed dress and retro updo.

“Your clothes should flatter your personal architecture, not what current fashion may dictate. Fashion is a tool in your style toolbox, nothing more.”

If you missed out on Kjerstin’s excellent book, Mirror, Mirror Off the Wall when it was released, you can nab a paperback copy on July 1!

Holy cats, Beth has THE COOLEST vintage wicker handbag I’ve ever seen. I would totally carry Harriet around in that.

Kerry Washington has contributed to design ideas for a line of clothes for The Limited inspired by her Scandal character, Olivia Pope. And we all squeeeeeeed in delight.

And from the Department of Random: Baby Leon discovers his eyebrows.

**Disclosure: Actions you take from the hyperlinks within this blog post may yield commissions for See Already Pretty’s disclosure statement for more details.

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Lovely Links: 6/20/14

On June 28 I’ll be doing a reading and signing at Eat My Words in Northeast Minneapolis! Join me at 2 p.m., won’t you?

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Weekly Kitten:

fridge cat

Every time I open the fridge. EVERY TIME. (First seen on Facebook.)

I’m thrilled to have been featured in Minnesota Monthly’s piece on Twin Cities style bloggers!

“‘Orange Is the New Black’ enters a landscape that labels non-thin bodies, at best, unattractive and, at worst, diseased, and inverts the resulting stereotypes with a slew of counterexamples … [The show offers] dozens of three-dimensional portrayals of women with bodies that fall outside the cultural norm. They all have complicated inner lives and diverse wants, goals and desires — both romantic and otherwise.”

Perhaps your luxury fiber of choice should be alpaca, not cashmere. Interesting points. (Thanks, Garrett!)

Fabulous and classy use of multiple neons. Kudos, Grown and Curvy Woman!

Brilliant on so many levels: 15 Lesser-Known Things To Say To A Dress

Yet another personal story highlighting how inappropriate it is to tell skinny and small people to eat more and/or judge them for their bodies.

Suzanne touches on the challenges of dressing when you have fibromyalgia, and also wonders why some bras look great on their own and awkward under clothing.

Here’s how the NYT describes the blog ladypockets:”This ‘ain’t it ridiculous we care about what power women wear, not what they do’ attitude is, as it happens, also being parodied in a new blog called that uses the tropes of women’s mags to mock both the forms themselves and the idea that anyone should pay attention to such things.” (Cheers, Alison)

Two classic combos that never fail: Black and white polka dots with bold red shoes and gorgeous white blouse and stately black pants.

This week the U.S. Senate launched a panel on weight loss consumer fraud. Missouri Democrat Claire McCaskill is heading the investigation, and has already publicly scolded Dr. Oz for supporting “miracle in a bottle”-style weight loss remedies. Will be interested to see how this unfolds.

Kellie previews the Fall offerings from plus size line Carmakoma, and they are a fabulous mix of trendy and classic.

A woman who truly does not hate her own body explains three steps she took to growing into a positive body image. They might not work for you, but her journey is fascinating.

Great tips for picking sleeve style based on your own figure flattery priorities.

Thanks to Corporette for inviting me to guest post about what to wear for a presentation or TV appearance.

“Dawn Nadeau and Julie Kerwin are teaming up to offer boys and girls a play alternative that looks like a woman but not an object. Last month, they launched their own action figure company, IAmElemental, and have since raised over $160,000 on Kickstarter to jump-start a line of female action figures inspired by everyday “superpowers” like bravery, honesty, persistence, and fear.” (Cheers, Rachel!)

Totally stealing this outfit idea: Gingham shirt with tulle skirt and sparkly necklace. What a fun combo.

Color dictionaries were designed to give people around the world a common vocabulary to describe the colors of everything from rocks and flowers to stars, birds, and postage stamps.”

Erica looks utterly smashing in her cobalt blue short suit.

Wonderful advice on self-care and asking for what you need.

I would very much like to hang out with Grace Choi, who has built a 3D “printer” for makeup because she’s sick to death of the inherent racism of the cosmetics industry.

Reminder: It’s OK to wear fancy clothes for no reason.

Why do we insist on defining ourselves at the expense of another person or group? Is it a weird power dynamic or rather a pack mentality approach to dealing with a person or a group not the same as us? Maybe it’s just an inevitable consequence of all the media images we consume on a daily basis, which emphasize the ‘perfect’ body (which as we know doesn’t exist, see my previous post) that leads us to feel this need to defend ourselves by throwing one another under the proverbial bus.”

Adele is a hand model. She is also hilarious. Loved reading this interview with her about her profession.

It would make me unspeakably happy if Mia would lend me her Tom Waits necklace. Just sayin.

On the Fox 9 Morning Buzz this week we chatted about various ways to make the nautical look work for your tastes and figure.

I stumbled across Print All Over Me, this week, an online shop that provides simple white garments and accessories and allows you to upload your own images that will be digitally printed on them. You can also create your own fabric or buy items using prints that others have uploaded.

An all gray outfit is the perfect backdrop for punchy orange accessories.

A sobering reminder that pre-distressed denim is pretty awful for the environment. Consider thrifting some pre-loved jeans instead!

This one made my head spin: Reimagining Barbie: Villain or Victim?

“… we need to stop pretending that such-and-such is a feminist choice because feminism is about choice and if I’m a feminist then everything I do is automatically feminist. No. That’s not how it works. Wear dresses if you want to. Wear cute shoes and earrings and bright red lipstick. Shave off every hair on your body if that’s what feels right. But please recognize that you don’t do any of those things because you just happen to like doing them. ”

Queen Michelle reminds us that while it’s technically summer in Glasgow, that doesn’t mean it’s warm. Love her sheer black layers.

I fall on the side of being bold and brash in your self-declarations, but this take is interesting: Exactly how confident are you “allowed” to be?

Sad to say, but I agree: More strong female characters are showing up in Hollywood story lines, but they’re becoming tokens. And it’s aggravating.

Could writing help you move away from self-hatred and toward self-love and acceptance? It certainly helped Alex.

Watching Korean culture converge on a single ideal of beauty, Professor C.N. Le shows a process at work around the world. Sobering.

And from the brilliant team that brought you HelloFlo (Cheers Sarah):

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Lovely Links: 6/13/14

I am able to take clients in Milwaukee or Madison on June 21 and June 25
I have availability on in Chicago and surrounding areas June 22, 23, and 24.
If you’re in the Chicagoland area and interested in working with me, please drop me an e-mail.

On June 28 I’ll be doing a reading and signing at Eat My Words in Northeast Minneapolis! Join me at 2 p.m., won’t you?

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Weekly Kitten:


A little mid-afternoon spooning and grooming.

The world of comics is fascinating and renowned to be lousy with sexism. Which makes this examination of why the character She-Hulk actually has some feminist leanings all the more fascinating. (Cheers, Sewing Faille!)

This article explains why alpha sizing (small, medium, large vs. numerical) may be great for retailers, but not as helpful for shoppers. (Via YLF)

A glorious tribute to Solange Knowles, whose personal style is colorful, bold, and truly original.

Such a fun and unexpected mix of colors: Black, blush, and red on the gorgeous Ashley Rose.

Thanks to Danielle Dowling for interviewing me for her Making Magic Happen series!

If you’re still a little intimidated by the world of online shopping, take a peek at this post offering solid advice for making online shopping a snap.

“I don’t think anyone’s self image is perfect all the time, and improvements are not perfectly linear. There’s going to be ups and downs in your journey, especially as you go through big life changes, like falling in love, having a baby, getting fired from a job, etc. During your journey, don’t put pressure on yourself to never, ever think a negative thought about your body – focus instead on how you cope with those thoughts and how easily you can let them go. Remember – as with so many things in life – the goal of developing body confidence is PROGRESS, not perfection.”

Audrey’s accessories are stellar, from her cheeky yellow hat and satchel to her side-tied belt and multi-colored Mary Janes.

Patti shares a photo essay that illustrates the many reasons she loves secondhand shopping. And, in many cases, finds it more rewarding than buying new.

My latest piece for the Huffington Post provides a gentle reminder that everyone has bad hair days. Really. Everyone.

Loved reading these 25 points that Rosie does her best to impress upon her body image students each semester.

File under “Gorgeous Gals in Fabulous Frocks”: Psyche in her tomato red shift and Jean in her floral fit-and-flare.

“… by shopping local places, we vote ‘yes’ on the neighborhoods we love and frequent. By shopping at small businesses, we vote ‘yes’ on supporting small artisans, entrepreneurs, industry professionals, and consultants. By shopping for ethically-produced and ecologically-friendly clothing, accessories, and goods, we vote ‘yes’ on these practices.”

Let’s geek out, shall we? How Tolkien Characters Would Introduce Themselves in a Matriarchal Society.

This guide to analyzing garment quality is outstanding, and uses a thrifted wool coat as its example. Check the comments, too, for some great reader-submitted suggestions.

Summer brings out my inner cowgirl, so I’m swooning over Katha’s denim jacket, ditsy floral, and boots ensemble.

After tearing up my feet walking around SF, I was thinking I’d better stick to sneaks and socks in the future. But maybe I just need some of Angie’s standby, Bodyglide.

My most recent article for the StarTribune is an interview with the founders of Kidizen, an app that allows you to sell and buy kids clothes on consignment quickly and easily.

Hilarious and unexpected clothing tags. Always wash your butt! (Via Yes and Yes)

Typically, we dudes have a hellacious time confronting our role in sexism. We defensively backpedal all over ourselves, mewling like this is the sort of conversation that only happens among overly sensitive types worthy of oh-so-manly mockery, or mistakenly write off ‘sexism’ as something bigger than all of us—I, personally, am not the one refusing to pay women equally, after all!—when it’s actually all around us in not only obvious ways (like unequal pay), but in tougher-to-spot, more insidious ways, too.”

Never one to shy away from color, Thamarr pulls out the vibrant yellow from her multicolored dress and highlights it in her accessories.

Remixing inspiration galore in this post offering four ways to wear a classic navy sheath dress.

Imogen created a video that shows quite clearly how various top lengths impact your overall silhouette.

Boyfriend jeans and strappy sandals are a great warm-weather pairing.

This week on the Fox 9 Buzz, I offered some tips for wearing scarves in the summertime.

Here’s an innovative new way to cover your dark under-eye circles. Hee hee.

Additional giggles: Western Art History: 500 Years of Women Ignoring Men

Not so sure about the leg warmers suggestion, but these other tips for dressing professionally in a frigid, air-conditioned office are helpful. My own thoughts on the subject here.

“I’ve been blogging about food for 5 years, today. One thing I’ve learned on this journey is that there is no ‘common standard’ when it comes to diet. Between all the chefs, farmers, recovering anorexics, actors, food writers, and all that are in between who I talk to on a regular basis – nobody does it the same. And every body is vastly different. And the way we all feel about our bodies changes, daily, depending on what we eat. AND THERE IS NO NORMAL. So why give that word power?”

As someone who is unwilling to be a “fashion omnivore,” Rebecca outlines the challenges of seeking items that fit her needs and criteria.

And from the Department of Random: Relatively new news to me, Fleetwood Mac was a blues band before Stevie and Lindsey came on the scene. This is a super-slowed-down cover of an early song, done beautifully by Billy Gibbons. (AKA Angela’s dad.)

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