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Lovely Links: 9/11/15

Weekly Kitty:


I’m a total pushover for this cat. Can you see why?

The feminism of culottes

It may be September, but summer dresses like Megan’s teal and navy halter-neck will have staying power into the fall.

On I rounded up some stylish denim skirts and dresses for fall, and offered advice for curbing impulse buys.

Rose McGowan is making waves by quitting acting and calling out the rampant sexism in Hollywood.

I had never considered the possibility that drag might be offensive to some people, but this post explains how a practice that exists primarily to bend and break heteronormative ideas of identity and performance can also veer off into phobia and privilege abuse.

A truly uplifting read: 29 Lessons I’ve Learned About My Body in 29 Years

H&M is one of the worst perpetrators of the fast fashion model, but they are desperately trying to combat their toxic reputation with moves like this: Offering a massive prize for ideas that will help to effectively recycle clothing and textiles.

Related: Where do your old clothes go?

Ranti’s steel blue dress and snake print heels work together beautifully in this minimalist outfit.

Minnie Mélange blogger Sinéad Burke writes about the challenges of being a fashionista who stands at 3’5″. (Cheers Leysia)

“Melissa McCarthy, everyone’s favorite comedic actress-turned-fashion designer, has become an outspoken advocate for plus-size shoppers, calling out the industry for neglecting shoppers and keeping the clothes ‘hidden by the tire section.’ Now, McCarthy has rightly taken a jab at the term “plus size” altogether, saying it’s an inherently problematic concept that devalues women. The actress, who recently debuted her own line, told Refinery 29: ‘You’re taking your biggest category of people and telling them, “You’re not really worthy.”‘”

Loads of yes to this skirt-purchasing guideline from Angie

26 Women Who Expertly Shut Down Their Body Shamers

“Oftentimes I feel as though I am playing a balancing act, always attempting to find the sweet spot between my desires. It is easy to find the time to be male, but I often struggle to find the time to be female. And for most of my life the balance of power is in favor of my maleness. When I don’t get enough time for femininity is when I become worried.”

These chain-embellished ankle boots have been a summer staple for me, and now I’m coveting them in moss.

Currently swooning over absolutely EVERYTHING Margot Meanie wears

Underutilized feminist secret weapon for creating instant personal space: Farting.

Dazed asks: Is disability fashion’s forgotten diversity frontier?

Related: The Fashion Spot’s advertising diversity study is always a fascinating, if disheartening, read.

The publication Business of Fashion will soon be offering free online fashion courses.

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Lovely Links: 9/4/15

Weekly Kitty:


Harriet says, “No pictures, please. I need my privacy.” (First seen on Instagram)

This minimalist take on the front-back pearl earring is so graceful.

On I gave some tips for leather jacket shopping and advice for shopping locally and stylishly.

Cathy shows off a chic denim mini dress, and also talks frankly about her anxiety about her knees and neck.

Gorgeous local blogger Amanda Williams of Bella Moxie will be hosting a plus-sized pop-up shop in St. Louis Park later this month – details here!

Why Affirming the Beauty of Blackness Is Not Same as Putting White People Down. Also a general reminder that people asserting that they deserve something doesn’t imply that others don’t deserve it, too.

The Budget Babe offers her picks for stylish maternity pieces that are budget-friendly.

What top fashion designers wore as high schoolers. Most are marvelously normal, a few are already fashionable fierce in their teen years.

These earrings have been on my wishlist for about three years. I should just pony up and buy ’em already …

Great suggestions for working the burgundy-blush combo in late summer

“As my skills grew, I started making clothes that actually fitted me well for the first time in my life, and my body image started shifting in parallel. As I shrugged off set clothes sizes and started making garments that precisely fit my dimensions, the feeling of abnormality and exclusion began to lift.”

I still love the look of a statement necklace worn in place of a tie over a button-front shirt.

If you dealt with body shaming as a child, this post may resonate with you.

There’s a treasure trove of an eBay shop called Linda’s Stuff, and it’s currently having a Labor Day sale with breathtaking deals. 25% off when you spend $100 or more. I’ve got my eye on this arty cardigan and this amazing blazer.

10 tips for making denim work at the office

Thanks so much to Beth from Style at a Certain Age for interviewing me as part of her Over | Under series!

It’s infuriating to note that anti-aging products are marketed to women exclusively. Ever seen a company try to sell neck cream to a dude? (Maybe this happens outside the U.S. … would love to know about it if so!)

Shop Adorn has the new fall Prairie Underground line, and it is spectacular.

Another woman learning to love her pale skin and resist the pressure to tan

The latest in her Literary Stylings series has Gracey wearing a chambray blouse and landscape-print skirt.

Everlane’s silk tank dress looks so perfect for late summer wear. And it’s sustainably made.

This week on the Fox 9 Buzz – at the Fair! – I offered tips for creating jewelry balance.

Yes, but which shade of pink?

“I love the ability to transform my face in 30 minutes, and emerge from my bedroom looking as if I have had way more hours of beauty sleep than I actually did. My obsession is often questioned, by feminists and non-feminists alike. Yet people rarely ask me why I love doing my makeup.”

I know it’s barely September, but I’m already scoping winter coats. This asymmetric closure one is a dream, and available in custom sizes!

6 annoying things you hear when you’re a tall girl

And from the Department of Random: See my MN State Fair photos over on Instagram. Including a very brave woman wearing a bee beard. ACK!

Also: In other bee news, Torch Songs Where The Word “Me” Has Been Replaced By “Bees”

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Lovely Links: 8/21/15

Weekly Kitty:


Simon and his human. First seen on Instagram

Have you checked out Melissa McCarthy’s Seven7 line yet? There are some incredibly original pieces in there. A few are also available at Nordstrom.

Anyone else going to the Riveter-sponsored book event on Monday with Rachel Hills and Kate Harding? I’ll be there!

On, I highlighted some resources for buying tunics and suggested a few fall accessories that will update your look.

“In many ways, it’s great that women are no longer restricted to nineteenth-century ankle-length skirts, but do we just keep pushing toward a world with no boundary of what’s acceptable to show? Will women always be encouraged to become more and more naked for others’ regular judgment?

How to wear white jeans without being a a stain magnet

The Washington Post illustrates the absurdity of women’s clothing sizes with a couple of simple charts.

Joi shows us a vibrant print mix with pops of summery turquoise.

I am dreading the end of summer and the onset of cold weather … but at least cooler temps will allow me to wear this fun, flattering, unbearably chic Neon Buddha Zip Car Jacket from Lissa the Shop. Quite possibly the coolest piece of clothing I currently own.

What a fun way to style cropped, summery kick flares.

“Men can pay women compliments. People can appreciate things about others and let them know. This kind of interaction does not come from moving vehicles, isn’t shouted, and doesn’t make anyone feel unsafe.”

Phenomenally talented “Orphan Black” star Tatiana Maslany talks about her experiences with sexism in Hollywood and how she pushes back by leaving her lady moustache in tact.

A great breakdown of what fat shaming is and why it’s harmful and misguided

I own the small version of this handmade waxed canvas messenger bag, and can say for certain that this sale price is a GREAT deal.

“Having an older woman in a fashion campaign is the new having an overweight pop star appear in your fashion show, which was a very popular schtick about five years ago. It doesn’t mean the fashion industry actually thinks older women, or bigger women, are attractive, a point underscored by the fact that all the models on the runway are still themselves notably young and thin.” (Via YLF)

Design Crush rounds up some sleek, modern, and decidedly arty backpacks. This post pointed me to Accompany, a site full of artisan-made fair trade styles.

I adore everything about Allison’s outfit, from the hat to the tasseled loafers to the Bambi clutch.

14 outlet stores you can shop online – including Desigual! I had no idea! (The link doesn’t work – access the Desigual outlet through the dropdowns at the top.)

“Studies have shown that around age 10 girls begin to decrease their assertiveness in the classroom. It’s important to note that this behavior does not occur in a vacuum. A lack of role models, gender bias exhibited by adults, media messages and the hypersexualization and pinkification of girlhood greatly impact a girl’s sense of self and agency.”

I tried out the Born Crown Sabrina this week, and it is a dream to wear – soft, comfortable, and a sturdy walkable heel.

On Mad Mimi, I talked about ways to make your online writing voice quirky and fun.

Amber mixes dot prints artfully in this retro summer ensemble.

I totally love Smart Girls at the Party, but will admit to being a little perplexed by the site’s new series Experimenting with Megan Amram. Absurdist satire about STEM … aimed at tween girls? I’m all for critiquing the rampant sexism in the sciences, but wonder if this is the most effective way to do that.

I so wish I could’ve attended the Rosie Rally.

The print on Kellie’s skirt is simultaneously bright and watercolor-y. Love it with that pale blue slouchy top.

Accepting an unhealthy body means that there is no such thing as an ideal anymore. I don’t bother comparing myself to models and actresses or even that fashionable woman walking down the street. Those people are like aliens, and in a way my decline has removed many of the body image pressures of my youth.”

These gray cropped jeans are a new favorite – comfy, cute, versatile, and made in the U.S.

Carmen Miranda was a fascinating woman.

In my Star Tribune column, I answered questions about print mixing, wedding attire, and bodycon clothing.

If you love black but worry about wearing it in the summer heat, take a page from The Directrice’s book and do black silk. Or try an outfit like this with a column of black and a floaty olive third piece.

And from the Department of Random: I don’t even care if this is staged. A man tortures his sister with endless lip synching on a 7-hour car ride. Including Enya. And Alanis. And Sisqo.

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