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Lovely Links: 11/17/17

Weekly Kitty, Special Edition:

This is Husband Mike’s new tattoo, done by the one, the only, Katie Kroeck at Jackalope Tattoo. (Why the bees, you ask? Because this.)

Sustainable Textiles Spotlight: The Truth Behind Bamboo Fabric

Hallie’s asymmetric ruffled midi skirt is right up my alley. Check out her pearl-embellished heels, too.

“We have lesbian friends that share pants, shirts, and um, underwear. Mixing outfits is a regular part of a relationship, they say. With us, though, that’s not the case. We don’t share clothes; we don’t share closets. You see, though we’re both women, we’re of distinctive backgrounds, families, and most notably, size. My partner is ‘plus size’ and I, by the working definition of the spectrum, ‘petite athletic.'” READ MORE

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Lovely Links: 11/10/17

Weekly Kitty:

Harriet vs. Giant Shoelace.

What’s on the MOMA’s list of iconic fashion items? The answer might surprise you. (Hint: Wonderbra.)

Danielle wore this stellar outfit to London Fashion Week, and I popped it into my Graphic Tee Outfit Ideas board for safekeeping.

Looking to simplify your life (or wardrobe)? Consider a packing party.

Inexpensive Boots: Favorites For Staying In Style & On Budget

“The demand from consumers seems to have previously fed the fast fashion beast, however, it can also slow it down in favour of ‘slow fashion.’ Thanks to innovative designers, campaigners and media, consumers seem to be losing interest in their love affair with fast fashion. Examples of this shift are suggested through the loss of profits for fast fashion giants Topshop (-16% 2017), H&M (-20% 2015) and French Connection (-6% 2017).” READ MORE

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Lovely Links: 11/3/17

Weekly Kitty:

Yin and yang.

What Makes a Great Magazine Editor? Ex-British Vogue editor Alexandra Shulman outlines what’s changed and what must stay the same about the business of editing a magazine in today’s digital age.

Nicole is a knockout in her gold velvet sheath dress. Love the addition of the moto jacket, too.

When You Fear Gaining Weight

Yes to this: “There are so many of these rules for how to best love yourself flying around the place, it’s impossible to keep track of them all, let alone follow any of them.” READ MORE

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